Another Batch, Persona 4 Batch, Busou Shinki Moon Angel Complete, Zero no Tsukaima Final 11/12 END, Symphogear 13 END, Maria†Holic Alive 5

Another 1-12 Batch
Torrent | Patches
New encodes for episodes 1 and 3

Persona 4 1-25 Batch
Torrent | Patches
True Ending OVA with the last BD in half a year
The correct CRC for episode 20v2 is [C271B41A]. Updated torrent/patches.

Busou Shinki Moon Angel Complete
1080p | 720p
Contains all 10 episodes of the OVA.

Zero no Tsukaima Final 11/12 END
Episode 11 Torrent
Episode 12 Torrent

Symphogear 13 END
Batch once all of the official songs come out.

Maria†Holic Alive 5
We’re not really doing Space Bros since it’s 48 episodes and none of us have an attention span that long, so have an episode of Maria as compensation.

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92 Responses to “Another Batch, Persona 4 Batch, Busou Shinki Moon Angel Complete, Zero no Tsukaima Final 11/12 END, Symphogear 13 END, Maria†Holic Alive 5”

  1. NoGoodTuna says:

    Thank the heaves for RHExcelion delivering the Symphogear goodness! Commie FTW. Thanks!

  2. ECho says:

    Maria? April fools was yesterday.

  3. starving /a/non says:

    Last Exile where?

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    What! i thought you’re already dropped MARIA

  6. random says:

    >Maria Holic

    Not falling for it.

  7. Noxshade says:

    Maria wheeeeeeere?

  8. nINJAkECIL says:

    Maria? Alive?

  9. CreeperFire says:

    Whould like to say thank you

  10. Kaligastia says:

    Thanks.. Really good work!!

  11. ­ says:

    >We’re not really doing Space Bros since it’s 48 episodes and none of us have an attention span that long, so have an episode of Maria as compensation.

    god damnit

  12. aria says:

    Thanks for Sympho!
    Show sucks, but at last I can finish it and forget about it.. for ever.

  13. Dexil says:


  14. Blitzz says:

    Thank GOD for Busou Shinki, for a second there I thought I had no other choice then Hadena

  15. Ippatsuman says:

    Any chance you guys would/could finish Maria Holic Alive since this is gonna be a slow season anyway?

  16. Progeusz says:

    >Maria episode
    Commie, you’re late for April Fools’ party.
    Bad joke.

  17. iocan says:

    Will these be added to the XDCC list soon?

  18. Suzume! says:

    Nooooooooooo I was counting on you guys for space bros T-T…

  19. Baka-chan says:

    Maria? what is this I don’t even…

  20. dingbat says:

    need to confirm CRC check ep20 persona v2 please

  21. |r says:

    you are, like, half a year early for maria ep5
    i was really looking forard to that 2038 maria release ;_;

  22. Pianoman11 says:

    I just have to say, Commie, thank you so much for all of your work with Symphogear. I, for one, really do appreciate it. Thank you so mcuh.

  23. MrBones says:

    After all this time we get one sole single Maria episode. I don’t care that April 1st was yesterday, I feel cheated

  24. dhsshdusah says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!!

  25. archivisth says:

    Confirming previous note… after patch, 20v2 has wrong CRC. Further, the patched file doesn’t match what’s in the master batch torrent either.

  26. Proud fapper says:

    Maria fucking dead.

  27. erejnion says:

    So we get one Maria Holic ep per dropped show?

    Please drop everything right now!

  28. croPath says:

    Im sure that by space bros they were reffering to Uchuu Kyoudai and not mouretsu pirates

  29. Shawn263241 says:

    It’s kind of sad the only thing from this post that interested me is Symphogear, lol. Thanks.

    • Shawn263241 says:

      Fuck that anime got weird fast. If the last episode and a half wasn’t so ridiculous, I would have really liked it more in the end. Oh well.

  30. Anon says:

    You have got to be kidding me about Maria after all this time. It’s not even a BD rip but HDTV. Commie is absolutely retarded beyond compare LOL .

  31. anon says:

    Sage for busu shitty pedo scum

  32. Alexy says:

    Thanks a lot Commie!!
    keep on the good work, we support you! :)

    and I’m still waiting for (Famo Fan Fan) ;)

  33. BiasedOtaku says:

    Sometimes I think Commie actually finished all of the episodes for Maria Holic Alive, but decided to troll us to this extent by releasing each one randomly.

    Then again, why does it matter? It’s Maria!

  34. Chortos-2 says:

    Lol Maria.

    In ZnT, as I’ve just learned (and checked), the spoken and echoed-by-back-vocals lines in the ending actually differ from episode to episode. Here are the corresponding track names from the limited edition ending single (for the sake of uniquely identifying each version if nothing else):

    01: no ending
    02: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓
    03: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓〜恋はKissから〜
    04: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓~恋はSから~
    05: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓
    06: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓~恋はSから~
    07: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓
    08: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓〜恋はKissから〜
    09: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓~恋はSから~
    10: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓〜恋はKissから〜
    11: キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓
    12: no spoken lines

    Also, fuck Akismet.

  35. Xaden says:

    Another Batch need moar seeders… :/

  36. Rex says:

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but the subs for symphogear after about the 20 minute mark are wonky. Have to skip back and forth a couple of times for it to reappear but still miss about a sentence. Otherwise it’s fine, thank you for subbing it.

    • Xythar says:

      There’s like 12 seconds of frame-by-frame typesetting to render the news monitor, so it may be causing your player to lag. It worked fine on my desktop during testing but lagged a little on my Atom-powered media PC.

      • ghli says:

        I encountered the same issue. I thought it was an encoding error, so is the rendering the problem? When I try to skip around those 12 seconds, it caused my player to crash. Well…it only happened once though. I’m using MPC.

        Also, it felt this episode is darker than the other episodes. Not talking about the mood. It’s as if the animation quality or raw quality went down?

        • Xythar says:

          Yep, it’s your sub renderer. As I mentioned, that whole part played with no issues on my desktop.

          If your PC’s relatively new and you’re still having issues, you could try xy-vsfilter or something.

          And yes, I noticed that too regarding the darker colours in some scenes. I assumed it was intentional, but I’m not sure.

      • Force Gaia says:

        The thing is that’s not good subbing, they should have just given it a block and not timed it for every bit of the trains movement. My laptop is powerful enough but it didn’t like that section, i actually had to go in and edit the script and re-mux it to work.
        that sort of typesetting should only be attempted for a hardsub as it plays havoc with subtitle renderers

        • herkz says:

          played fine for me

          i have no way to test if it wouldn’t playback correctly on some shitty laptop

          deal with it

    • Alesianduke says:

      Yeah, happened to me too. 19:50-20:00 for those 10 seconds the subs are appearing and disappearing… possible something to do with that sign (news monitor).

      • Xythar says:

        If you’re getting flickering subs when using the MPC-HC internal sub renderer, go to the Subtitles section of the options menu and make sure ‘Sub pictures to buffer’ is set to zero.

  37. choco says:

    Hey ppl hey ppl
    For releasing Maria today you must be a natural S.

    a 2nd heart attack after oreimo.

  38. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks for Symphogear :D

  39. Suzume! says:

    APPARENTLY space bros is listed to end on june 27…13 episodes perhaps…lol say something!!

  40. Petrushka says:


    See you next season with Maria 6!

  41. kniteowl says:

    Is there a link to download the patch for Persona 4 episodes 1-13. The Patch only fixes episodes 14-26

  42. DarkSlayer says:

    Wow finally Symphogear! Thanks so much commie for subbing it! I really appreciate it!!!!! ^^

    And that’s a lot of release in one post :|

    I hope you’ll somehow do symphogear BDs, though I don’t think you do BDs except for unaired episodes.

    One more time, thanks!!!!

  43. macxxx007 says:


    SO MUCH AWESOME… even an episode of Maria*Holic?! TOO AWESOME!

    Thanks for all these episodes!

    Can we expect more Maria, per chance? Just wondering…

    Thanks again!

    P.S. yeah… I had a gut feeling to avoid Uchuu Kyoudai… seems my gut was right to avoid! THANKS!

  44. ghli says:

    Are the patches for Persona 4 necessary? What does it fix exactly?

  45. skovacs1 says:

    Hey Commie. Thanks for all the shows and of course the effort that went into them. Great work as always.

    Right after the Aquarion moment near the end of Symphogear, I couldn’t shake the thought that for anything to hit the moon that fast, it would have to be moving pretty close to the speed of light and yeah, it pretty much would. Not that it’s relevant in a medium which so readily disregards physics, but I thought it interesting enough to point out.

  46. Santa-san says:

    Still waiting for Last Exile. Still, thanks for Symphogear! <3

  47. ~KANDA~ says:

    i think that they shoud make a season 2 for symphogear, because this shit is epic!!!