B★RS 2


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22 Responses to “B★RS 2”

  1. iosonoio says:

    Thanks for your subs.
    Please consider picking up Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2, that show really needs a reliable group subbing it.

  2. DarkBoySabata says:

    Bad Rock Shooter eh? Inu x Boku later on?


  3. Hayate says:

    Nice work guys, keep it up!

  4. IG-1 says:

    No idea why – but it’s not doing anything when I download it. It’s just sitting there in uTorrent with no download or upload speeds. I reset my internet, but it’s still doing it.

  5. Faggot says:

    Oh, you put the little star in it. That’s cute.

  6. Fag It says:

    B★RS + awesome battles in surreal environments = win.

  7. MrGiggleNutz says:

    Dumbass alert…… ummmm what is this?

  8. The Onimouse says:

    Still makes no frackin sense…

  9. RakkaKaze says:

    In this episode… More icing on cookies and macaroons… maybe.

  10. mascthemoney says:

    this show fucking sucks….

  11. Progeusz says:

    Why is Mato so fucking retarded? She was capable of forming valid sentences in OVA, now everything that’s left are: “Blue.”, “Orange.”, Purple.” etc. Autism much.
    At least backgrounds in alternative world are nice.
    6 episodes left, I’ll survive… Is it because GC got better so something had to take its place?

  12. poto says:

    The series are getting shorter and shorter. What are they going to do in 2015? 3 episodes per season or what? Well the BRS OVA was pretty impressive, but it has not that much to do with the seies.
    This girl was pretty before, and now she has to wear ugly glases.

  13. Oni Me no Link says:

    Thank you very much for the release!

    Just finished watching this episode, it’s ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Great series, i’m loving it. Can’t wait for next week’s episode! :)

  14. Serfius Styx says:

    Started this series during a lunch break – watched episodes one and two.
    I find it awesome, girls love and violence, yay!

    Hope they make the connection between Black Rock Shooter’s universe and Mato’s.