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  1. Cypriss says:

    I can help out in any position. I submitted the timer test, and i can also do typist. Typesetting I would need to learn. But i am familiar with Aegis sub already.

  2. UnAssisT says:

    I can type about 100 wpm pretty accurately please let me know if you need a typist.

  3. Nozomori says:

    Applying for typist position. GMT -4. Nozomori(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. Lyserg says:

    I am applying for the typist position. I can average around 60-80 WPM. I have provided my email and blog address

  5. Keionyan says:

    Damn it I could have applied for typist but I don’t live in America.

  6. marthaurion says:

    I type around 80 wpm and would be willing to try being a typist…also willing to learn timing and typesetting if needed

  7. Chris says:

    I can type around 90 wpm and I would like to apply for the typist slot. I live in the U.S. too. Please reply.

  8. Nanu says:

    Applying for translator position. I’m a native Japanese, but I graduated high school in US and currently studying at an university in US.
    I’ve recently did a speedsub for Carnival Phantasm Ep. 6 in few hours on a request from my friend, if that is of any help for my qualification.

  9. Pail says:

    I have a computer.

  10. Poster says:

    I’m willing to do timing or typing.
    Also doing nothing at the moment, lots of free time.

  11. MrEbert says:

    I live in the US and would be willing to do typing. I can do about 70 wpm. I also have a lot of free time and I really want to give something back to you awesome fansubbers.

  12. Anon says:

    Heyo, while I don’t have time to help out, I do have a server I can donate bandwidth off of. Seedbox, iroffer, DDL, whatever you need. 100Mbps pipe and I can offer several hundred GB of space. Contact me if you’re interested.

  13. Pet says:

    “You are seriously expected to be on IRC every minute of your waking day.” Is this no-pay work, or are people paid? To be expected to spend that much time on something, especially when one does not live with parents, and has a job, rent and bills to pay, this is a lot to require of someone. I can do any of the jobs listed above but, if not being able to be on here constantly is an issue because I do have to work to have an income… Then I guess this isn’t the place for me?

  14. i have read your recruitmen in that web, and i want to join as typestter in your fansub.

    I do not have experience in the fansub world, but I can use Aegisub

    • tgre says:

      Previously in scanlation for a long period, then went on a massive hiatus. Was a QC’er for a lot of HQ scanlation groups. Operative word; “was”

      Older and wiser now, but still in college and still romantically involved with my hand.

      Familiar with timing and ts’ing but would probably love a typist gig. Open to other roles though.

      But umm, yeah… if you like old warhero stories, I’m your guy.

  15. Andre says:

    i want to help, but am i must understand japanese language?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      If you’re a translator? Yeah. Anything else? Nah, not really.

    • Xythar says:

      Editors and timers (especially the latter) benefit from knowing a little bit of spoken Japanese, and typesetters benefit from at least knowing how to read kana, but it’s not essential in either case.

      • Andre says:

        ok2 tq, i think i need to learn how to read kana first, because im used to translate,editor,typeset from english to indonesia, if i already can read kana i will contact you again

      • Andre says:

        and sorry to answer now, beacuse yesterday im sick

  16. TedMk2 says:

    Hi, I’m applying for a translation position. I’m a native English speaker and recently graduated with a degree in Japanese. I don’t have any experience with any fansub or scanlation groups, but I’ve done translations for some HxH and Otoyomegatari chapters.

  17. EroMan says:

    I possess functional knowledge of gradeschool japanese. Where do I sign up?

  18. Laur says:


    If there are any request for encoders I can help, I have one year experience.

    Have a nice day.

  19. Roapa says:

    Still have openings? I’d be interested in joining the team

  20. fu says:

    >if (x.length >63) { alert(“Please shorten your location to less than 255 characters.”); return false; }

    The application form is bugged.

  21. JUonkiku says:

    Just after some clarification more than anything, but I’m assuiming an Editor is literally the quality checker (spellings, phrase correction, grammar etc) between translator and timer?

  22. Vegas says:

    I’ve applied before, so I can’t apply again, but please reconsider me.

    • herkz says:

      You failed, so no. You could pretend to be someone else and apply again and I’ll pretend to not notice. Try to not type like a retard this time.

  23. soloblast says:

    Would reapply for Editor but university has a blanket ban on P2P :/

  24. flipr says:

    applied for editor, but apparently my witty comebacks aren’t witty enough.

  25. RandomBS says:

    Can you help me with something?
    I’m a programmer (hmm, kind of, I’m in the 2nd semester of CS) and I wanted to help with that part, but I have no idea about what it needs to be done. If some Commie programmer is able to tell me what do you work with, I’ll try to help you guys or even some other group. Thanks
    *If you don’t want to answer here, please email me.

    • herkz says:

      showtimes, irc bot, that kind of stuff. but like, if you can come up with something novel that’s actually useful for fansubbing, then that would work too.

  26. Newuser says:

    Commie, I would like to enconde like you do, because I think your releases are the best. So, if you can teach how to, I’ll be grateful for it. I know the basics, I want to know which filter to use and so on.


    • herkz says:

      gradfun3 is a cool filter

      • Newuser says:

        How do I use it? I mean, which settings and values?

        • herkz says:

          it works pretty well with the default settings

          just put it at the end of your .avs script

          • Newuser says:

            Thank you very much.

            And will I get good encoding results with this?

            I’m asking because I want to be a very good encoder. Obvious, experience would speak, but asking I can learn more.

            • herkz says:

              it will certainly help a lot

              • Newuser says:

                Okay. Thanks a lot herkz, I’ll test it and see the results.

                • Newuser says:

                  I now encoded with the filter gradfun3, and I think that I made something wrong, ’cause it has more grain and artifacts than the source. I’m encoding from a HS/CR 1080p to 720p using Spline64Resize and gradfun3. Some help please! Like an example of a script or something.


                  • herkz says:

                    wat? literally all i do for cr shows is resized then gradfun3 with default settings. you must be doing something really weird.

                    • Newuser says:

                      My script, all by default in gradfun3:

                      DirectShowSource(“D:\Users\Edgar\Videos\Naruto Shippuden\[Crunchyroll] Naruto Shippuden – OP 14 (1080p) [7F598DBE].mkv”)
                      GradFun3(thr=0.35, radius=12, mask=2, mode=0, smode=0, debug=0, lsb=False, lsb_in=False, staticnoise=False, y=3, u=3, v=3)
                      Spline64Resize(1280, 720)

                      Tell me if it is fine like this. I don’t know if it’s my preset in x264, maybe.

                      P.D. The name of the video it is because I split it with mkvmerge and rename it later like a release, in short, is still a CR video. (I know how to rip CR videos, yay! :D)

                    • herkz says:

                      i usually do this

                      FFVideosource("[horriblesubs] whatever.mkv").assumefps(24000,1001)
                      crop (if needed)

                      and you x264 settings shouldn’t be adding grain unless you did something really weird

                    • Newuser says:


          • Newuser says:

            Also, I ask because on the internet it’s hard to find tutorials that teach the use of filter and that stuff.

  27. Newuser says:

    It’s a bit too late to thanks, but thanks herkz for your help.

  28. Newuser2 says:

    Commie, how can a group (a user) in nyaa be a trusted user?
    I was wondering since I can’t see how to in any place.

  29. Newuser2 says:

    A month or two is fine? And what you call good torrents?

  30. Newuser says:

    How can I encode a .ts to a vfr video, and a CR video to vfr (like One Piece which 29.97fps)?

  31. Newuser says:

    So if it is that, I suppose it’s vfr. But I’ve never seen a release of naruto in vfr. That means I have a new question, how to fix a vfr problem, and to encode it to cfr (since naruto it should have cfr)?

  32. Kamisame says:

    Can you hire me as a timer? I mean, if possible.

  33. newbie says:

    Hello guys. I’ve a problem, when I try to encode with x264 to 8-bit (no matters if it’s patched or vanilla builds) the video’s profile end up with Main instead of High. This doesn’t happen when I’m using a 10-bit x264 build. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, hope you can help me.

    • herkz says:

      The profile reflects what settings you use (or you can limit the settings if you select something lower than high).

  34. newbie says:

    Sorry again, that’s for 10-bit. This is for 8-bit:
    x264.exe –level 5 –preset ultrafast –ref 16 –cabac 1 –crf 18 –deblock -1:-1 –me umh –subme 11 –fade-compensate 0.80 –psy-rd=1.00:0.20 –mixed-ref 1 –merange 24 –trellis 2 –partitions all –chroma-qp-offset 0 –threads 3 –no-dct –fgo 0 –bframes 16 –b-pyramid 2 –b-adapt 2 –b-bias 0 –weightb 1 –weightp 2 –keyint 250 –min-keyint 23 –scenecut 40 –rc-lookahead 60 –qcomp 0.75 –qpmin 0 –qpmax 81 –qpstep 4 –ipratio 1.40 –pbratio 1.30 –aq-mode 3 –aq-strength 0.6 –mbtree 1 –direct auto –profile high –colormatrix bt709 –output “$video_output” “$video_input”

    • herkz says:

      what in the fuck are you doing

      • newbie says:

        Help me please, what I’m doing wrong? :(

        • herkz says:

          a lot of things

          i don’t even know what you’re trying to do here

          • newbie says:

            Huh. Well, I’m not that good encoding. Please, give me, at least, an example of how you encode.

            • herkz says:

              it’s completely different than encoding from 10-bit to 8-bit

              besides, if you want that, just download a re-encode from nyaa

              • newbie says:

                Is not that. It’s an HorribleSubs video, I encode it from 1080p to 720p at 10-bit, and I don’t have any problem. But when I encode the same source to 480p at 8-bit I don’t get the desired profile.

                I need your help, something like a tutorial, or examples that you would use. Anything could help.


                • herkz says:

                  sounds like you already know enough. like i said, the profile is just a reflection of the settings you use, not the other way around. if those are the x264 settings you want to use, then i don’t see the problem.

                  • newbie says:

                    Yikes. Look the MediaInfo, using the preset above, here

                    End up being Main, while the profile specified was High. I don’t understand what’s happening.

                    • herkz says:

                      i think it’s main because of 8 bit? but i dunno. like i said, it literally does not matter. just like level. the only reason to consider those is for hardware playback, and even then you may want to go lower, not higher.

                    • newbie says:

                      Yes, but when I see the MediaInfos of Hatsuyuki, peeps, Chyuu and others, I notice they are High profile. So that’s make me feel that I’m doing something wrong. That’s why I’m asking for your help.
                      :c :/

                    • herkz says:

                      well i have no idea because i never encode shit to 8 bit or 480p

                    • newbie says:

                      Damn. Well, thanks anyway for the support, I appreciate it.

                    • Fleppensteyn says:

                      Why are you setting that many setting for a simple reencode?
                      It looks like you went into mediainfo on some encode and decided to copy all settings 1:1 making your arguments pretty overkill.
                      And x264 automatically downgrades the profile based on the settings so if you specified –profile high and your settings fit in the main profile it will show that instead. There’s a –profile-force option in the build I’m using, but it’s purely cosmetic.
                      You’d be better off cleaning up the command too, because right now it’s ridiculous. Setting –preset ultrafast and then overwriting pretty much all of the related settings doesn’t seem all that useful to me.
                      A cleaner command line resulting in mostly the same settings would be
                      x264 –preset veryslow –tune animation –deblock -1:-1 –fade-compensate .8 –psy-rd 1:.2 –qcomp .75 –aq-mode 3 –aq-strength .6 –colormatrix bt709 –crf 18 –o “$video_output” “$video_input”

                    • newbie says:

                      Thanks Fleppensteyn, you are right it’s ridiculous. I found what my problem was, and it was the preset ultrafast that overwrites the profile. But I have a question, will I get the same results with your command?

                    • Fleppensteyn says:

                      Probably not exactly the same, but the differences are negligible anyway, hell even when comparing frame-by-frame it could visibly be the same.
                      You won’t be noticing it on playback and when you’re reencoding you’re generally throwing quality out of the window anyway.
                      You could actually just encode with only –preset veryslow –tune animation –crf 18(or lower) and not notice the difference.
                      The extra setting can matter a lot when tweaking for some sources, but for reencoding you should just not care as much.

                    • newbie says:

                      Well I would like a command that always give me the same settings, so if I want to change something I’ll know what to do.
                      If you can help I’ll appreciate it very much.

                    • Fleppensteyn says:

                      This command will give you the same settings every time you run it, just not exactly the same settings as the retarded long command line you posted earlier (with the utrafast fuckup).

                    • newbie says:

                      Yeah, it works for me. Thanks :D

                      The only difference was decimate=1, while with my command gave me no decimate. Also subme end up with 10, while my command is 11.

                      If you can give more suggestion, and also some filter for avs, I’m gonna be very grateful.


                    • Fleppensteyn says:

                      Yeah I didn’t read through all settings closely, I just picked out what you would generally set outside of the preset.
                      If you want subme 11 you could always use –preset placebo but it’s going to increase encoding speed a lot without too much of a difference.
                      As for the decimate=1, just add –no-dct-decimate to the command line to turn it off I guess.
                      As far as filtering goes, it’s heavily dependent on the source you’re using and should be experimented with on a per-show or per-episode basis if you’re serious (or per-scene if you’re scenefiltering).
                      In general it’d be debanding using gradfun3 and possibly anti-aliasing using something like maa2.
                      Not going to go into specifics here, but basically filtering needs research and fucking around to get right and even then it’s subjective.
                      If you’re just reencoding CR or something just a normal call to gradfun3 could get rid of most of the banding without killing too many details.
                      This should be enough to get you started, so I guess I’m done here.

                    • newbie says:

                      I’ve always used gradfun3 for CR.
                      Fleppensteyn you are awesome, thanks man. Btw, where can I learn about which filter to use on a per-shows and per-episodes basis, and maybe per-scene too?
                      Anyway, thank you very much for the help.

                    • herkz says:


                      other encoders

                      random shit on google

                      basically there isn’t really a good resource

                    • newbie says:

                      Ok, so basically it is just testing and testing, right?

                    • herkz says:

                      pretty much. and you’ll get better with experience.

                    • newbie says:

                      Yeah, I hope so.
                      I know I said it so many times already, but thanks. :D

  35. ChosenOne says:

    Hello guys, I’ve a question since they’re talking about encoding and that stuff here. To the question, when trimming a video, a .ts video or whatever source, which audio splitter do you suggest me, which is the most accurate audio splitter?

    • herkz says:

      im not really sure what you mean

      • ChosenOne says:

        Yeah, is that. I mean, I asked because the mkvmerge isn’t the most accurate cutting the audio, AFAIK.

        • torchlight says:

          It’s accurate enough.

          If you’re merging multiple sections of audio together, the drift can accumulate, but this drift is (probably) only significant if you have at least a hundred sections.

          Furthermore, if you’re encoding from a telecined source, the audio sync is already imprecise and cutting the audio accurately is a pointless endeavour.

  36. PointTaken says:

    I’m tired of editor work, so I’ve decided to apply for a Typesetter role, as it seems like a fun challenge. I already submitted the application (I think I fucked the order up).

  37. tansaku says:

    Hey guys! I applied for a translator position a little while ago and got your test earlier this week, but when I submitted my translated version by replying to your email it seems something in the cosmos exploded and I keep getting “Mail Delivery Error” notices so I assume it’s not going through. Just wanted to let you guys know I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. Is there any other way I can submit, to a different email address maybe? Thanks!

  38. gofur says:

    Got any Chyron spots? jk
    Need help with Carbon Coder settings? Profile specs?

  39. cow_co says:

    I filled out the editor form under this name. Should I expect an email with the result, or just no response if I’m rejected, or what?

  40. grimory233 says:

    any using megui here ???? Hoh can i do for 10 bit hi444pp using megui

  41. Chloe says:

    I sent an applicaiton form. I am willing to do translating, typesetting and karaoke.

  42. Mezoo-Sama says:

    I want join to you as timer
    do you agree?
    I am prof in timing…
    and everything

  43. Lypheo says:

    How do you guys feel about AFX typesetting?

  44. neal says:

    Is there some way I can help with translation? I would love to improve my translation skills- now that I’m satisfied with my Japanese comprehension.

    On a side note, I first found your subgroup after watching the monogatari series- Back then, I actually found your subs annoying and considered it “wrong” (as it wasn’t what I was hearing!)-
    Only after getting a wider grasp on the language and realizing how dumb directly translated subs actually sound was I able to appreciate them !

  45. Yorimori says:

    hello are you guys still hiring translators?. I’m native and I got a lot better in English but i want to further increase my skills as a translator.

  46. warm says:

    seems like irc isn’t working, i can provide content directly from netflix jp if you’re interested sir Herkz

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