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This is a translation project for Type-Moon’s newest game, Mahoutsukai no Yoru. Enjoy. (?)


Translation: Nanu
QC: DxuselesS, Kyhz
Hacking/Engineering: kingshriek, TinFoil
Image Editing: Vodka
Useless/Project Management: herkz
Expert Witness: Moogy



  1. Jun. 27th 2013 – 50% translated.
  2. Jun. 10th 2013 – Chapter 7 translated.
  3. May. 12th 2013 – Chapter 6 translated.
  4. Apr. 24th 2013 – Translated through Chapter 5. Not dead, see?
  5. Nov. 11th 2012 – Project announced



Chapter Translated (kb) Total (kb) Progress
Chapter 01 113.56 113.56 100.00%
Chapter 02 51.44 51.44 100.00%
Chapter 03 7.55 7.55 100.00%
Chapter 04 41.63 41.63 100.00%
Chapter 05 167.56 167.56 100.00%
Chapter 06 68.75 68.75 100.00%
Chapter 07 104.01 104.01 100.00%
Chapter 08 52.35 150.90 34.69%
Chapter 09 74.52 74.52 100.00%
Chapter 10 56.48 56.48 100.00%
Chapter 11 27.32 64.17 42.58%
Chapter 12 0.00 105.66 0.00%
Chapter 13 3.48 45.00 7.74%
Omake 61.54 169.77 36.25%
Total 830.20 1221.01 67.99%


What happened to the other people working on Mahoyo’s translation?
The dude that did the demo’s translation was bad/wrong and would need to be completely TLCed/redone. All the people from Amaterasu were busy and didn’t/couldn’t work on it at all.
Are you going to release any partial patches?
Probably not.
Are you recruiting?
Any ETA?


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  1. meianmaru says:


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  5. Rokitoru says:


  6. Wafflesama says:

    Wait a sec, Fuwanovel says this is in TLC and that everything is translated, but the page on Commie says there is translating to be done. WTF?

  7. Clueless says:

    Is it still in editing/testing phase after being fully translated?

  8. Aiga says:

    So did the editor make any progress ?

  9. Wafflesama says:

    Wait, Herkz confirmed progress? I might be able to play this in English at some point! YAY!

  10. Getso says:

    so can you guys at least give us a date for releasing the fully game

  11. 68% never says:

    Showing editing percentage would be cool…

  12. gustave154 says:

    Herkz thanks for the replies!! You could have ignored us lowly peasants…

  13. dio-sama says:

    This won’t be out before Donald Trump becomes president

  14. noodlesandrice says:

    Is the patch only going to be compatible with Windows OS?

  15. boggle says:

    Who wants to bet that this is all a ruse and Herkz cheeses really hard whenever he replies to anything
    I’m willing to bet a lot

  16. Anon-kun says:

    well, just passing to thank you guys for translating this game =D

  17. someone says:

    Mcjon is winning. You have 3 years to overtake him. Good luck. :3

    JK, I’ll be patiently waiting. Btw, do you guys keep the japanese honorifics when characters adress each other?

    • herkz says:

      Nope, no honorifics.

      • noodlesandrice says:

        But doesn’t the scene where Aoko introduces herself to Soujuurou make specific mention to honorifics?

        • herkz says:

          I don’t know, but so what? Even discussion of honorifics is possible to translate.

          • noodlesandrice says:

            I guess so; but if the small translation that I happened upon was correct, the scene went something like Soujuurou calling Aoko ‘Aozaki-san’, and Aoko asking him to drop the ‘-san’, so I was wondering how the translation was going to address that without adding any sort of weird title like ‘miss’, which you wouldn’t find highschoolers using to address each other anyway.

            • herkz says:

              People in Japan usually use -san at first just to be polite. Saying to drop it is basically the equivalent of saying “You don’t need to be polite” or maybe even that they consider the other person a friend now. It’s not like the kind of concepts honorifics relate to only exist in Japanese (although there are definitely a lot of other things about Japanese culture that are very hard to translate), so I don’t really understand why people are so stuck up on them. In fact, you should be more worried about Nasu’s writing style not really coming across in our (or any) translation, because stuff like that is way harder to translate than some discussion of honorifics.

              • noodlesandrice says:

                Ah, I guess that should’ve been pretty obvious from the get-go, my bad. I guess I was just uncomfortable with the translation having everyone refer to themselves in the Western manner after watching subs that always showed otherwise.

                I’m guessing this means that you’re not having the characters address each other with their last names as well?

                • herkz says:

                  We pretty much always have them address each other with the same name they normally use, just without the honorific. So it’ll still be him calling her Aozaki. I know the guy who did the other patch switched the names around or something, but we don’t do that since it’s silly and also hard to keep track of.

              • Thecielisblue says:

                Can you elaborate more on why Nasu’s prose is harder to translate than other authors?

                Also, I’ve read that Takashi Masada’s Dies Irae and other VNs are hard to translate because of his prose as well? What makes their usage of the japanese language difficult for an English translation?

                Please, try to explain to this to someone who has no knowledge of the Japanese language. Thank you :)

                • herkz says:

                  I didn’t mean it exactly like that. I just mean pretty much any writing style is going to be hard to replicate (and he’s definitely not as hard to translate as Masada). There are so many plain translations of Japanese fiction that people these days are “surprised” when a good one is released and it actually reads well. They think there’s no way it could actually sound that good and it must be a “memelation” or something. Anyway, my point was that translating honorifics is nothing compared to how hard it can be to translate a writer who has a very specific style.

  18. Typemoonfan says:

    Ty for translating this :D

  19. Aqua says:

    Expect a donation for booze and pizza once this is released. Thank you very much for this!

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