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This is a translation project for Type-Moon’s newest game, Mahoutsukai no Yoru. Enjoy. (?)


Translation: Nanu
QC: DxuselesS, Kyhz
Hacking/Engineering: kingshriek, TinFoil
Image Editing: Vodka
Useless/Project Management: herkz
Expert Witness: Moogy



  1. Jun. 27th 2013 – 50% translated.
  2. Jun. 10th 2013 – Chapter 7 translated.
  3. May. 12th 2013 – Chapter 6 translated.
  4. Apr. 24th 2013 – Translated through Chapter 5. Not dead, see?
  5. Nov. 11th 2012 – Project announced



Chapter Translated (kb) Total (kb) Progress
Chapter 01 113.56 113.56 100.00%
Chapter 02 51.44 51.44 100.00%
Chapter 03 7.55 7.55 100.00%
Chapter 04 41.63 41.63 100.00%
Chapter 05 167.56 167.56 100.00%
Chapter 06 68.75 68.75 100.00%
Chapter 07 104.01 104.01 100.00%
Chapter 08 52.35 150.90 34.69%
Chapter 09 74.52 74.52 100.00%
Chapter 10 56.48 56.48 100.00%
Chapter 11 27.32 64.17 42.58%
Chapter 12 0.00 105.66 0.00%
Chapter 13 3.48 45.00 7.74%
Omake 61.54 169.77 36.25%
Total 830.20 1221.01 67.99%


What happened to the other people working on Mahoyo’s translation?
The dude that did the demo’s translation was bad/wrong and would need to be completely TLCed/redone. All the people from Amaterasu were busy and didn’t/couldn’t work on it at all.
Are you going to release any partial patches?
Probably not.
Are you recruiting?
Any ETA?


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703 Responses to “VNs”

  1. Roac says:

    Keep up the good work, Commie fansubs.

    Won’t be long till the patch is released.

    Soujuurou is a badass.

  2. Jooji says:

    Thank you for the hard work. Just can’t wait too see this released!
    The first VN I’m seriously interested in.
    Ganbatte minasan!

  3. DarkHeart says:

    Is the patch going to be released anytime soon?

  4. uoyaho says:


  5. ComradeHX says:

    Keep up the good work.

  6. redpotato says:

    We really appreciate your hard work!
    You have the gratitude of us non-Japanese speaking/reading people!

  7. Jaht says:

    I can’t wait! Really, I’ll be quitting my minimum wage shitty job just to read this stuff straight through and enjoy my life for only however long this very anticipated VN for us losers that can’t read jap language lasts! Can’t wait!!! Type-Moon! Yes!

    • Jooji says:

      I like the way you think^^ I played with the demo while working at night shift, that old dual-core with little RAM couldn’t properly handle some dynamic scenesXD This VN will be awesome!

  8. Hikari says:

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting for the completion of this VN. And it’s almost done, keep up the great works guys.

  9. ganonlink says:

    I get that you’re not recruiting, but would it not be a good idea to try and get someone else to do the editing, even if just for this one particular project? All your staff seems to be preoccupied with something else and the translation is completely stopped. The type-moon stuff is pretty popular, so I’m sure there would be plenty of people willing to help.

    • herkz says:

      We tried recruiting an editor for Mahoyo before, and the only person that did decent on the editing test (which was extremely challenging) gave up on editing Mahoyo after a few months because it was just too hard.

      So yeah.

      • ganonlink says:

        Is the work this person did over a few months completely useless? Surely it’s better to recruit someone new every few months and make progress than having the project sit still.

  10. Anonymously Impateint says:

    If editing is stalled, please update the thing to tell everyone else that it is instead of giving us false hope since it’s painfully obvious it’s not going to be released anytime soon, if it even can be released by this year.

    OR release a partial patch. Or let someone else do it. While I know editing with multiple people often results in mistranslations, at least it’s completed sooner.

  11. some guy says:

    sweet, I can donate to this… and that picture link doesn’t work.

  12. DestinyZero says:

    How long is a “long time”?

  13. bog says:

    have patience guys

    from what i hear mahoyo is not an easy vn to translate

    this is an important type-moon work you can’t just half-ass the translation

  14. random says:

    any chance they will ever make the anime of this?

  15. Klomlk (@klomlk) says:

    We, French people, have our second partial patch out (chapters 1 to 5 included translated). And the translation is quite good!

  16. Your Favorite Demigod says:

    What are you lacking at this very moment that prevents you from finishing up the English translation process?

    Are you lacking money, bodies, or souls?

    Answer me quickly or by the power I vest in me you will receive nothing but my Celestial Wrath!

    Either way, I am :)

  17. heled says:

    Appreciate your guys efforts. I also would prefer you guys taking your time and doing a good job than rushing it and making the experience less enjoyable than it would have been. :) Do it justice. Although I probably couldn’t tell the difference any way. Lol

  18. Yuji says:

    Maybe you can try to get some editors working on beast lair for the fate hollow ataraxia translation to help you guys after they are done with FHA. Which is prolly by the end of this year. Those guys have been translating and editing FHA since the beginning so they prolly are good at editing for Type-Moon type of projects. Thanks for translating this game!!!

  19. Jooji says:

    How about seeking cooperation with the French team who did a nice amount of editing?

  20. Kira_52 says:

    I agree Jooji. If you are the only one working in something tha a lot of people want, you will be more popular than other fansubs. Also, if you release the VN, the only english translation of the VN will be yours because you are the ONLY one working on it.

  21. me says:

    You are absolutely correct.When you have a number such as zero, and you add one to it, it becomes one. Well done

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