Sonna koto…

Meanwhile johnny really wants you to watch this video for some strange reason.

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109 Responses to “☭☭☭Recruitment☭☭☭”

  1. Milfeulle says:


    Not amused.

  2. ._. says:

    Er…we will get results by next week…right?

  3. elitist.magi says:

    who broke the internetz?

  4. Derp says:

    They must have made that comic with having you guys in mind (even if your group didn’t exist at that time, lol)!
    A real fundus of commie superman pics for you guys!

  5. herp says:

    so, RHE, can we expect some Heroman in a week?

  6. Shampoo says:

    yo IGKristen, where’s dat tataimi galaxy mah negro?

  7. ( ´_ゝ`) says:

    One week later… ( ̄ー ̄)

  8. Milfeulle says:

    speaking of which, brb fapping

    IGChris’ latest activities

  9. This better be the greatest recruitment of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  10. Haruhiist says:

    Whos the cosplayer?

  11. The Dutch guy says:

    is the reqruitment guy watching hentai or something?

    you guys are taking youre sweet time.

    • X3OY says:


      >youre sweet time

      If you applied as an editor I think the results will only be bad news for you…