「K」 9


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18 Responses to “「K」 9”

  1. Funny says:

    ‘K’ episodes are so uneventful individually >_>

  2. Shadowreaper5 says:

    Well that comment gets me exited for this episode

  3. Hahahahahae says:

    No canine puns. I am disappoint.

  4. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks for the episode! Have a great night and weekend!

  5. Leguna says:

    Well all i can say about “K” is that it does not have a really catchy story, but it’s not boring tho. Just fine and can make a good past time. Thanks for the upload guys :)

  6. alpha says:

    I wanted to say, that the episode has a black bar on the right side. It happened in episode 8 as well. Maybe some settings were off since then.

  7. eh says:

    430mb.. Holiest of shits I hope it’s 720.

  8. CaeX says:

    Great episode of a shit show… is it still shit?

  9. Mayhem says:

    How is it that no one subbing this show (not just y’all, but still) caught the hilariously dumb “Fieldback Group” (correct: “feedback loop”)?