$10 wo kudasai

EDIT: Target reached.

Difference= $10.02 ;_;

So uh… everyone donate $1 or something okay?

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27 Responses to “$10 wo kudasai”

  1. Corti says:

    Clicked the donate button.
    “We were unable to decrypt the certificate id.”


  2. yourfriendlyjew says:

    did_donate $1

  3. yourfriendlyjew says:


  4. caballo_sin_nombre says:

    wish i had money to give

  5. cyt says:

    I have that one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145304
    it’s quite fast and 1tb vs 640gb …

  6. FlashGordon says:

    You Brokeass turkey.

  7. porchoky says:


    750GB seagate. Costs $69.99, but apply promo code EMCYTZT53, comes out to $47.99 before tax. Give it a try…

    Also, when you get rich, set up a raid… I can’t even imagine the rage I would have if one of those failed on me.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Sweet thanks. Yeah I really should. Nanoha(1500GB) is being RMA’d right now. <_< Good thing I had her backed up though.

  8. GL says:

    I guess it is time to get a new HD when all your others are redlined. What happened to the 3 girl?

  9. datass says:

    How is C.C. the smallest?

  10. null says:

    Well since someone said they sent $1 and another said they sent $5, I’m sure more people than that donated, but just in case, I sent you $4.02.

    After whom will you name the new drive?

  11. yo says:

    delete all your v1 to get more free size

  12. amen665 says:

    dam….. i just donated my last dollar to some hentai site, im so sorry =(

  13. Brett says:

    Last month 1tb seagates were on sale for 39.99 on tigerdirect, would love to see a sale like that for you again.

  14. tanuki-sensei says:

    Did you get the drive before the special expired? Newegg is listing it back at $75.