$15 more

* PayPal balance: $114.27 USD
100 euros = 129.9700 US dollars

We’re almost there, would anyone like to fund the final gap?
Also, do note that this includes the server’s setup fee. After this first payment each monthly payment is 50 euros.
Attention-getter has moved deleted.

Edit: Goal probably reached. So taking down these donation posts.

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15 Responses to “$15 more”

  1. kazenokizu says:

    check out ayk solutions as well thought i would throw a name out there

  2. Fleppensteyn says:


  3. nori says:

    It’s sad that faggots are actually donating for this.

    Commie are just a bunch of e-peen obsessed nerd fags that want to fuck around with a server (that you idiots pay for).

    It’s completely unnecessary for fakesubbing.

  4. Legend says:

    what’s the legendary status?

  5. siaoidiot says:

    you mean “delayed shit that faggots couldn’t name properly”

  6. Kreynor says:

    Uhmmm I was just wondering.. did you drop Heroman?

  7. random dude says:

    where’s the attention getter? D: