Hello, we are Commie, a group of folks who like to fansub in our spare time. This is the page where we tell you how awesome we are.


Our primary purpose is to provide the best translated English subtitles to fans of the anime community, while remaining within the limits of manageable video and audio quality and file size. In such a daring pursuit, we found that certain compromises and priorities had to be made, chief among them legibility, comprehension and flow over more literal interpretations, the adoption of newer technologies for more efficient file sizes, and the unfortunate-but true fact that the majority of our viewers are speakers of American English.


We seek to provide these translations in as timely a manner as possible, though never discounting human and mechanical limitations. Also, as forward-thinkers, we also seek to promote the very active field of video playback development, and thus will always seek to utilize the cutting-edge technologies of the encoding community.


Though unfortunate, we realize this does incur a cost; a small but very vocal proportion of our viewers do not agree with our approach to language, nor our utilization of avant-garde technologies. Loathe as we are to possibly alienating our loyal friends in the community, we have come to two very simple conclusions: to the former, we suggest seeking out alternative translation efforts; the latter, we suspect that the private sector of anime viewership is more than capable and willing to accommodate you.


Getting our releases:


Our releases are indexed on Anime Tosho, and hosted on Nyaa.si. If you can’t find something on one of those, come tell us and we’ll get it to you.


Notice to international subbers: do whatever you want with our scripts and/or releases. We’re not able or willing to stop you. We only ask that you don’t make trouble for us.

260 Responses to “About”

  1. Commienoob says:

    “I hope the name I put for website doesn’t link to anything weird”

    Just read the whole about section and I have to say I am impressed, I will continue to take your fan subs and hopefully be able to fund your department.

  2. Helios says:

    Hello Commie,
    I would like to thank you for your great work. BUT could you please stop that swag-shit with the titles? I find it neither funny nor entertaining.

  3. suomynonA says:

    How about making a “Girls und Panzer” theme? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2SJjnyTojo

  4. suomynonA says:

    still waiting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4003xkcTJmI
    easier to write something (thinking “Commies and boobs”) on a stolen pic myself.

  5. Hello says:

    Hi, Can you please sub Space Brothers Movie in English? Thanks!

  6. BackInMyDay says:

    Just swung on by, been awhile. Nice to see you guys are still fine, gentlemanly assholes. Carry on good sirs!!!!

  7. xyz says:

    keep up the good work i am watching you…

  8. Soeroah says:

    Sorry, sent a message to Twitter before finding this…

    Where would I go to see if Boku Wa Tomodachi Sukunai NEXT is still being subbed or has been abandoned?

  9. falcon says:

    Hey Commie is there anyway you guys would ever pick up Gintama it would be nice if there was a reliable subber for that sometimes Horrible is finicky and you guys are pretty epic thanks :D

  10. Kiribechan says:

    Thanks a lot!!! ^^*

  11. Hello Commie good work on Yahari but please stop using slang such as >’totes
    It is slightly annoying and often makes me regret picking what would otherwise be the superior choice.

  12. Laila says:

    Thank you so much for your work! :D
    I couldn’t start my day any better than the new episode of Shingeki no Kyojin! x

  13. Soeroah says:

    Just wondering if Commie will be subbing the Steins;Gate movie once a decent quality source version becomes available?

  14. rcj says:

    why do u guys ban people on the IRC for the stupidest reasons?
    its like you don’t care about your fans at all.
    with the way you treat people awaiting your new subs, its sickening to see you guys ban someone for a function on your IRC that you guys installed yourselves.
    its like you guys take this like its a joke, and from what I see of how others have rated your subs, im considering after OreImo2, I might just go to another sub site.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      I assume you’re that silver faggot that came in and acted like an obnoxious twat and proceeded to ban evade for the next two hours.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • rcj says:

        ban evade?
        wait, you are telling me I got banned for actually asking when a sub would come out? REALLY?
        and by the feature you guys installed I meant the slap feature… derp

  15. Miracle says:

    Thanks you Commie for subbing those awesome animes like SAO or Toradora!! I really enjoy and love your high quality subs. Typesetting them so that they look nearly exactly just like the jap ones… w-o-w!!! Thanks a lot!!!^^

  16. BamBoozle says:

    I’ve watched a lot of anime for someone who knows very little about different sub groups. Used to being spoon fed good anime and good subbers.
    I feel pretty lucky stumbling across you guys and the awesome effort you put into your releases.

    You guys freaking rule!

  17. Georgio-kun says:

    I keep hearing commie sucks.
    why do you guys suck?

  18. Izunah says:

    Commie, thank you very much for taking your time subtitling Berserk Movie III, you just rescued us from those “Google translations” flooding that movie over nyaatorrent. With your permission i would really like translate it to spanish using your subs, of course all credits and merits goes for you. Thx in advance.

  19. Vespis says:

    herkz, will you provide me with glorious passive-aggressive babies?

  20. Josh says:

    Hello commiesubs josh here, can you put song subtitles on the incoming hyperdimension neptunia episode 3? (not just english one like this) Domo arigatou~, Thank you. (only on op and ed songs) please consider this and if you don’t want to then it’s okay, btw thank you very much for subbing animes hope you be the best subgroup! cheers :)

  21. Anime_Jesus says:

    Would it be possible for you to sub Corpse Party Tortured Souls in English? as no one else seems to want to do it apparently. :)

  22. Anime_Jesus says:

    I see… well regardless, thank you for the info. It seems all I can do is wait now…

  23. abcd says:

    Was trying to encode from 8bit to 10bit. Couldn’t find the reply fn anywhere on the page. So, I decided to post it in the faq.

    I’m using x264-10bit cli. Am trying to read all .mkv files in folder and queue them for encode (so I don’t have to do this manually) but there’s a problem somewhere. Could you help out with code?

    @echo off
    if not exist 10bit mkdir 10bit
    if exist temp.txt del temp.txt
    for /r %%f in (*.mkv) do echo “%%f” >> temp.txt
    for /f “tokens=*” %%i in (temp.txt) do (
    if not exist %cd%\10bit\%%~nxi (
    echo %cd%\10bit\%%~nxi.mkv
    echo %cd%\%%~nxi
    x264 –preset veryfast –tune animation –crf 18 -o %cd%\10bit\%%~nxi.mkv %cd%\%%~nxi
    del temp.txt

  24. derpderp says:

    onamori himari
    need seeds
    whut do i do

  25. Fag It says:

    When will Commie be releasing Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods?

  26. Starclassic says:

    At the risk of sounding ungrateful for the gargantuan efforts of all groups such as CommieSubs, I only have one question … is it a significant advantage to encode H.264 material using Level 5.0 instead of Level 4.1? I find the differences to be minimal myself, except for the fact that Panasonic TVs only have enough CPU horsepower to work with Level 4.1 at most.

    While I do transcode mine to comply with L4.1, it would be nice if this one step could be avoided.

    • Xythar says:

      It doesn’t really make a difference if you’re encoding in 10bit since no device where reference frames matter can handle 10bit anyway.

  27. DatFEEL says:

    – Hey Commie. Thanks for all you do. I do appreciate you picking up titles others don’t or don’t sub as well. I don’t mind some trolling, I mean you are offering it for free, so whose entitled right?
    – You and a few other sub groups have given me the opportunity to view things I’d never otherwise have seen or known about. So thanks, and I hope despite some hatin’ tryhard neckbeards or total ass kissers. you guys will continue to provide all that you do. And I hope others continue to enjoy watching new anime or old alike.

  28. JD says:

    “We enjoy ourselves”.

    What a bunch of thick-headed crap.

    Guys, it’s better at HorribleSubs. Don’t donate to this retard website with their lame motto.

  29. fohfuu says:

    Will you ever finish Psycho-Pass? I’d go find another group, but there isn’t one.

    • Xythar says:

      Yes. I’ll probably get another volume out after I’m done with the Neptunia batch and Neptunia vol1.
      It’s just torch and me working on it and I’ve been pretty busy.

  30. edvan says:

    I’ve been wondering why you guys didn’t finish blazblue and monogatari series second season?

  31. wettuy Fu says:



  32. Costanza says:

    Hello. You guys subbed some seaosns of Natsume, now there’s two OVAs out but without subs, do you guys have interest in subbing it?

  33. Rex says:

    Hi,will you guys be working on Blood Lad once the Bluray is released anytime soon?Would be great if you do.Thanks.

  34. Nero says:

    So when will you guys finish Kyousougiga? I have the friggin thing sitting in my folder incomplete.

  35. Shnof says:

    I like the flavour subs, adds personality and zazz. Rub a dub dub, thanks for the subs!

  36. Marcosias says:

    Hey guys (and girls, I’m not sexist). I have been a fan of your sub group for a while, but one thing always bothers me – why do you use .mkv format?

  37. hnnnngh says:

    i fap 2 ur subs fuck dem haters just saying.

    Stay Commie.

  38. anno says:

    is it possible you guys/girls are picking up Break Blade (2014) & Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei :p

  39. Anon says:


    They’ll air five fan voted character commentary episodes instead. Will Commie sub these? Pretty please?

  40. anon says:

    are you going to sub terra formars?

  41. Seiryoku says:

    I am not sure why people bitch so much on here when you guys don’t have to sub shit for anyone but yourselves really. Well, I say kudos to you. Commie is consistently my favorite subber to go to. You guys rock!

  42. Shanil says:

    Hey herkz, eagerly awaiting the second half of Chihayafuru 2 BD, what’s the current outlook on that release?

  43. mumei says:

    I wanted to ask if you could put your JoJo Bluray Releases on your IRC XDCC Bots. Right now, there are like only 2-3 BD JoJo episodes on Tori and the rest is missing. If you could do that, that’d be really nice :-)

  44. Mike says:

    Wondering if you will fix the 2 XDCC links from the webpage. Neither CS Nanoka or CS Tori will load. Haven’t worked in quite a few days for me.

  45. AURAdevice says:

    Is it possible to get sub files for Perfumes PTA DVD’s…just curious cause the producer has no intention of doing them any time soon

  46. Rewyn says:

    Just passing by to tell you guys you’re awesome~

  47. Roan says:

    Can you tell me what are the names of the fonts you guys used for the sfx in jojo? thanks

  48. Steel says:

    Helo, WIll you be finishing Free Eternal Summer Bluray. Only 2 more volumes.

  49. greatidea says:

    why don’t you guys host you and nyaa host your websites in china. i don’t think japan and funi can reach us there. 8/10 recommended course of action. upside is you’d truly be commies then, i’m sure the now forgotten creator would be extremely happy!

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