Alright I’ll admit, I couldn’t help myself. Some people really need to clean their ears.

Here’s the OP:

It’s in engrish.

Now here’s what everybody heard. Decide for yourself which transliteration is superior. ┐(-。ー;)┌

Warning: Massive amount of picturespam ahead.

Ninja edit: Have episode 3 while you’re at it.



Other guys:

So far, so good….



Other guys:

“The wild”?



Bit of deviation, could be acceptable I guess.

Other guys:



This was a pretty tricky line…



Other guys:






Other guys:






Other guys:


Not bad





Other guys:




Then can be, indeed

Other guys:



Memories…as free are? But I’m sure to with you fall in love!

Other guys:

I don’t know either.



“I am messing with a mad release” <--TRUTH BE TOLD Other guys:
Quite will fit I don’t know what, no release in this world on an edge?



It’s all a lie

Other guys:



I thought this line was pretty obvious….


……but apparently not. AT HERE OR GET HERE OR LEAVE ME, DO IT NOW

Other guys:


Why would you ever want to watch any of the other groups for this? Other than for the lulz, of course.

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

[Commie] The World God Only Knows – 02 [06923124].mkv

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103 Responses to “AHAHA OH WOW”

  1. anon says:

    Yep, this confirms it, I’m going to keep using horriblesubs.

  2. Tiggerz says:


  3. Jiggling Jiggles says:

    Commie is messing with a mad release; serious business here.

  4. Somebody says:

    Good to know I chose the right group. Thanks guys!

  5. Jiggling Jiggles says:

    I actually thought I heard “my mind is” instead of “memories”.

    Just my two cents.

    • Jiggling Jiggles says:

      To make a reasonably sound argument–that isn’t very reasonable at all: the song pretty much relates to the protagonist; therefore, what I meant about “my mind is as free as the wind” somehow relates to having many different choices in a game. That’s why it goes, “And now, what a shame it is to fall in love.”

    • Jiggling Jiggles says:

      Also, the “labyrinth” part. Routes. It all makes sense now right?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Yeah that line is the only one I’m not 90% sure about. Thanks for the tip.

      (My mind, “azafey”, on the wind, what a shame it is to fall in love) “is a flea”? “as a fate”?

      ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

      • Jiggling Jiggles says:

        It’s “as free on the wind”.

        • Jiggling Jiggles says:

          Rather, there seems to be some kind of stuttering in the “as” part for “as free”.

          • Jiggling Jiggles says:

            Another thing uhh… I can’t seem to hear the “what a shame it…” part. I don’t know if it’s just me but, it doesn’t sound like it at all.

  6. Cy says:

    A mad release indeed… plain epic comparison thar, keep on doing the proper translations while we lol at the failed tries of others.

    Great subbing in that OP, comrades!

  7. Jiggling Jiggles says:

    God Only Knows, my time is, as free, as my dick; you know, you’re gay and you need to fucking sob.

    God Only Knows, I don’t need, that kind of, trolling: feels like, I am messing with the mad elites. (this line lol)

    God Only Knows, that this thread, is leading, to a war; somehow, I expect it happening soon to me.

    God Only Knows, I believe, in myself: my hearing; ’cause of this, I have bled my ears more than the fags here.

    Cheers, faggots,
    Grammatical Genius

  8. Moar says:

    More fabulous listening skills:
    What is with the mad release thing? Is it that confusing?
    Nevermind. They just took Chihiro’s OP + crunchy script.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      No we didn’t. Learn to compare you noob. A few similar lines doesn’t mean we took their OP (as if we would steal from their shit release). I like how you ignored the screenshot right above it too that is completely different ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌.

  9. insufferable says:

    Yet these other people keep subbing. Ignorance is truly bliss, I guess. Or in words they can understand, “In tents is due, he bits. I guess.”

  10. […] 9001 subgroup comparison here… ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ … […]

  11. Obsolete says:

    Fukken lol’d

  12. TheBest_F-22 says:

    LoL!. XDDD

    You might want to Post Your Lyrics version here since it works – http://gendou.com/amusic/lyrics.php?id=10318&show=2 – after all, Everyone would be delighted to be able to understand it better or even sing-it-along… XD

    Thx 4 the AWEOMEness!.

    C Ya L8r then!. ;P

  13. Yakubu says:

    Oh God! That made my day, laughed to tears!

  14. Dexil says:

    I Lol’d, now hurry up with episode 3 :P.
    Too bad I had to watch Zettai karen childeren from chihiro. I had sudden urges to kill my self.
    If you can’t fansub than please don’t. They are just ruining the anime with false translations.
    But I have to say that Chihiro has improved a lot. Just to give you an idea how bad it was.

    • Semaria says:

      So, when they fail at twgok, they also fail at zkc? is that how your logic works?

      • Dexil says:

        NO, I have seen have they FAILED at ZKC! Go watch it yourself and pick an episode after episode 20. I think that’s when they couldn’t even give a shit.

        • Shuichi says:

          I won’t disagree the ZKC subs weren’t pretty bad, but at least they didn’t give up/abandon the show.

          • yoink says:

            It would’ve been better if they had dropped it, rather than crapping all over it with their subs. They only didn’t drop it because they like trolling people massively.

  15. lolwut says:

    It’s easily apparent that your OP not only looks the best by far, but you also have the best translation.

    Chihiro has several fails in it and doesn’t look anywhere near that good.

    Team Zebra is as usual only full of Epic Fail, and uses an ugly, unfitting font on top of it. Brain amputees shouldn’t do subs.

  16. Jiko says:

    The Japanese trying to sing in English, JUST LIKE HOW WE TRY TO SING JAPANESE SONGS.

  17. Anon desu ka says:

    Oh fuck I can’t believe this shit is serious can someone manage to be mad enough to do shit like the kids are changing get here at here leave me mad release or even to thrust japanese in an engrish song wtf

  18. Lier says:


    No, seriously, I fucking lol’d here.

  19. Niku says:

    Oh, you. Once the single is out they’ll all see how you were right all along. Thanks for ep 3, too.

  20. Kanade says:

    Um… what’s with all this comparing already?

    Everyone. YES, EVERYONE gets lyrics WRONG. And not until the official comes out, we do not know the real lyrics. So why say who and who fail already? We all fail. No… the japanese lyrics fails because they are in engrish and they can’t pronounce them well.

    Just grow up and stop trying to say who and who fails. Every sub is subbed according to personal opinion. There are MANY ways to sub a line and there are good ways and bad ways. There can never be a best way to sub a line because some lines cannot even be translated to Japanese.

    Stop being a troll.

    • RHExcelion says:

      There’s wrong, and then there’s obviously wrong.

      Posting direct comparisons = troll. OK.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Oh wait…

      Translator – Gotstaf
      Timer – masat
      TLC – DmonHiroX
      Editor – nomae
      QC – Kanade
      Typeset – Kristen
      Karaoke – Thunderemperor/Kristen
      Encode – Soichiro

      Why am I not surprised. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  21. Dickwad says:

    You niggas posting in a mad release.

    inb4 kristen finds the official lyrics, finds one fault in Commie’s TL, and goes on and on and on about how their TL wasn’t any better than Chihiro’s. BBT nods their heads in agreement and rizon laughs till a flood of manly body-fluids creates a flash-flood killing thousands.

  22. Kaionlriu says:

    to whoever did the ts for Commie’s KamiNomi OP sequence ; you are awesome
    that is all nyaa ~

  23. Hate says:

    Whatever fags,just gimme my free animu.

  24. Jesta says:

    Hm. I don’t really care…
    but y’alls is purdier

  25. Ankoku says:

    Probably because English is not my native language some parts are just static for me. Though got to say your version makes the most sense.

  26. Miming says:

    That’s why Horrible subs beat all of their asses, and they’re just rip-offs of crunchyroll subs and funimation!!! Lolz!

  27. Sean says:

    Oh, fucking grow up already. When did fansubbing become a shitass competitive sport? If you actually give a rat’s ass about the subs themselves, just do them to the best of your ability and shut the fuck up about how everybody else does them wrong.

    Fucking little pissant assbite wankers, the lot of you. And by that I mean not just Commie but the whole shitty testosterone-poisoned community. Unfortunately there are no decent human beings doing fansubs these days, as far as I can tell.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

  28. Anon says:

    Does Commie use ‘Kami-sama’ or ‘God’ when Elsee addresses Keima?

  29. Sean says:

    P.S. “Shutup” is not an English word.

  30. .... says:

    Did I really just see Twat in Ep. 3 of The World?

  31. Selecao says:

    This was fukken hilarious. Ya’ll won me over with this one. A Chihiro is fine too, for the LULZ.

    TZM just failed… harrrrd.

  32. That1GuyTim says:

    Hmm, I keep hearing this line:
    God only knows, my mind is free on the wind, what a shame it is to fall in love.

    God only knows,
    my mind is as free as the wind,
    what a shame it is to fall in love.


    God only knows,
    my mind is as free on the wind,
    what a shame it is to fall in love.

    And for some reason I keep hearing “to is to fall in love” instead of “it is to fall in love,” but obviously the latter makes more sense.

    • That1GuyTim says:

      Oops, I forgot to put the “and now” in there. So I keep hearing it as this:
      God only knows, my mind is as free as the wind, and now, what a shame it is to fall in love.

      Or: my mind as free on the wind

      =_= God that part there is really annoying to make out.

    • Jiggling Jiggles says:

      It could also be heard as: “what I should do is to fall in love,” which sounds kind of odd, but still somewhat viable.

  33. HayateM says:


  34. utaz says:

    This is fucking hilarious xD

  35. 101 says:

    u guys should srsly just change ur name to horriblesubs2

  36. Anon says:

    >Why would you ever want to watch any of the other groups for this? Other than for the lulz, of course.

    Oh, someone is actually watching the OP too?

  37. Click says:

    I still feel confused. So…

    Us: Commie?
    Them: Horrbile Subs/Random Initials Group with bad musical ear and nobody to check for typo/grammar mistakes???

    Speaking from the perspective of a man that can read about 500 kanji… do japanese learn english from unencyclopedia?

  38. ninsan says:

    Now I know this has nothing to do with it, but are you guys still planning to release episodes 8-9 of Sengoku Basara 2? Holding off watching it since I’m waiting on those two, so would be great to have a status update or something like that..

  39. Fag It says:

    The kids are changing for this mad release! Apparently they’re changing into shitty fansubbers.

    Thx for the likity-split release, compared to you guys HorribleSubs are just… horrible.

  40. Peebs says:

    I have to say this ’cause every time I come here, I get slapped with it like I’m in some hentai animu or something.

    And no, I’m not trolling.

    The background image on the left side looks like a dick.

    And just to prove that I’m not a troll, WTF with that OP?! I couldn’t even understand the Engrish. Did I turn stupid suddenly or has the dick slapping atrophied my brain the same way Cutler’s brain is?! That’s for you to decide. *tweedle dees*

  41. Oliver Twist says:

    Okay, since you’re the Engrish experts around here, try transcribing the OP to Berserk or Hellsing.

    Also, Please, sir, I want some more.

  42. Colors says:

    Well, there IS that deal about putting “penis” in NuraMago’s ending theme…

  43. Wuuuut says:

    We are Family? I got all my sisters with me?


  44. MrKidnapper says:

    Ohhh. Now I understand it. There was a lack of understanding in the lyrics for half of it when I was correcting their OP a few weeks ago at nyaa.

  45. Yoo-jin says:


    The lyrics God only knows.

  46. yay says:

    Just my 2 cent, u commie just too take a notice about the grammar n not the listening, its engrish ffs you can’t expect the lyrics fully make sense in grammar n doubt your/other listening just because its not make sense in grammar, IMO your OP have some flaw too in some part compared the other works because that.

  47. thoreau says:

    FYI, the second group’s lyrics come directly from nicovideo comments published the second day or third day after ep1 aired.

    And the first group’s lyrics ALSO come from nicovideo comments from a different video.

  48. anonymoose says:

    Love is such a sweet illusion
    lets come together
    can’t seem to stop the my imagination (why the fuck is there a the)
    goes on forever
    but i need to cure my situation
    another matter
    but i can’t deny a full speed tricky temptation
    in the world that keeps on changing
    don’t know why my heart isnt aching
    can’t handle it nomore, hesitation
    there can be no turning back
    god only knows, my mind, as free,
    i don’t (sounds like douin, mixed don’t and the beginning of remember) remember what i should do is to fall in love
    god only knows i dont need that kind of feelings
    feels like, i am lost it in a labyrinth (..what? i’ve lost it in a labyrinth would be proper, but thats what it says)
    god only knows there must be the meaning of a lie
    somehow, i am expected happy scenery
    god only knows, just believe, in myself, in my dream
    anyone could be a hero(, if “a” is used) a/or heroine

    After pondering and listening to the lyrics with headphones on loud, I am almost 100% these are the correct lyrics.

    Why the fuck do I even care

    • RHExcelion says:

      Isn’t it much easier when someone’s already done most of it for you? (´・ω・)

      • anonymoose says:

        you could say that.
        for the first few times i listened to it it didn’t sound like anything comprehensible ( ̄~ ̄;)

  49. JediNight says:

    Commie sounds accurate on everything except for 1 small thing, to me. The “feelings. Feels like…” part sounds more like “real feels. Feels like…”

    Aka… “real feelings. Feels like…”