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12 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero 02”

  1. flupperman says:

    btw that helmet thing she has is real: Hövding Airbag for like 300 euros

  2. AMg says:

    Oh boy.
    The Terrans are totally fucked as these Aldnoah tech make the Vers’ cataphract invincible to Earth’s conventional weaponry. I bet their shield can absorb nukes on direct impact. Unless these cataphract have an inherit weakness (these alien tech have time limit after certain amount of time or the designer only focus their development around tech; leaving some parts of basic design expose to weakness when the alien tech fails) or certain someone desert his post because the Princess is still alive, it gonna be a crumb-stomping battle on a global scale.

    Now, what novelty strategy will Inaho come up with to defeat the Martians?

    • az says:

      10 episodes in they all die from bacteria, turns out it was a remake of War of the Worlds

      • AMg says:

        They need to bio-engineer a virus/bacteria strain specifically to human Martians. In which it would backfire and start Raccoon outbreak scenario all over again. Never trust Umbrella Corp…

  3. That Man says:

    >a war has started and the earth military is being wiped out.

    Don’t evacuate stay home and cook eggs.
    >some girl you noticed just laid you out and has you in an arm lock.

    Have a normal conversation with her, escort her to the APC.
    >Mech that can dissolve matter is chasing you.

    Back into it to lose mass
    >Friend dies in front of you.

    Spend two seconds thinking about it move on with life.

    This MC does not give any Fucks and it is awesome.

    • Winterwatchers says:

      Finally a male MC who isn’t an emotionally fragile crybaby

      • Axiom says:

        It’s honestly sad that we’re inundated with overly whiny and pathetic main characters in anime to the point that people genuinely like Inoha simply because it’s a change of pace. He’s by far the worst part of this show.

        He literally isn’t even a human. He’s a robot. We’ve swung so far in the opposite direction of bad Shinji Ikari caricatures that we identify more with someone who literally does not respond in the way a rational human being would.

        His characterization is also inherently contradictory. Half the time, he’s an airhead lost in his own little egg world, but then he pops back to the real world in order to ‘Murica McBadass (Japan version) it up and be the most astute motherfucker on the block.

        I’m fine with him being a vehicle of plot progression, but we’re going to have issues when we get around to explaining his protagonist motivation and how there isn’t one because he literally cannot give a shit. Does he fight to protect his friends? No, he obviously doesn’t give a shit about them as seen when he had 0 issues getting over letting his friend die. Does he fight to protect his own life? No, his response to the terrorist attack on the princess and getting beat up by the princess later show that he really doesn’t have any self preservation inclinations either.

        It’s frustrating because thus far, this guy is literally less interesting than a rock as a character, but nobody notices it because of all the interesting stuff that happens to him.

        • Counterpoint says:

          Actually, he’s a very realistic character. You can see in his facial expressions that he’s reacting to what is going on around him, but doesn’t display emotion. Some people just shut down when they see their friends die, don’t show emotion, and just focus on revenge, saving their other friends, or whatever else they need to do.

    • AMg says:

      He’d remind me of Homura Akemi. The question is how many friends/love ones will die before he flips?

    • widdershins says:

      >Have a normal conversation with her

      >>”That is a novel hypothesis.”

      >normal conversation

      more like bestal conversation

  4. taz says:

    This show is rocking so far.
    Yet I feel it will probably disappoint.

    Please disappoint me in expecting to be disappointed in order to avoid disappointing me further than you already have disappointed me, A-1.

  5. Insania says:

    @ taz
    Maybe the first 3 episodes will not disappoint us… after all they’re being supervised by Urobuchi. Can’t say about the rest of the episodes though…