Aldnoah.Zero 05


skiddiks: what show will be saved next? #SkiddiksSavesSummer

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  1. haji says:

    That scene was completely unnecessary.

    • AMg says:

      That beg a question of why Slaine crash-landed on Mars 5 years ago. Did he volunteered himself as a spy just to find his estranged father? Or he didn’t know his is still alive after he abandoned his family/die in space expedition prior joining the UE’s clandestine program to infiltrated the Vers Empire? Either way, Asseylum was the right place at the right time to save him from being prosecute by the Vers’ Guards and lead him to his father.

  2. AMg says:

    That’s one hell of kiss of life; from a Princess none a less.

    With his recent gambit in this episode, Nao will surely being recommended to be enlist into the UE Force; although his sister will not please if he accept that recommendation. Most of his pals will voluntary join him with their own accord. That kid is going places.

    As for the Emperor of Vers, unlucky for Slaine, the conspirators already convince the Emperor that UE is responsible for Princess Asseylum “death”. Most of these Olympus Knights may or may not aware of the conspiracy and they only serve a pawn for Count Saazbaum plan. When the Princess Asseylum manage to convince UE that she is alive and make her presence public, I bet Count Cruhteo is the first to go rogue (if Saazbum didn’t persuade him to join his league first).

    Also, dat rap… :3

    • RoflCat says:

      I think Saazbaum will claim that Seylum is actually the double who tries to claim the princess’s position after the real one died.

      Or maybe the UE will actually try to take her hostage, instead angering them further (and Nao then goes rogue to rescue her)

      Or maybe will it be revealed that Seylum is actually the double and vice versa all along (something like swapping the kids at birth)

      Still waiting to see who among the rest of his friends will die next.

  3. Anon says:

    >suddenly green on Yama no Susume

    #thankyoubasedsouthrop #skiddikssavessummer

  4. anon says:

    skiddiks i dunno. the hashtag should be


  5. anon says:

    will you save tokyo ghoul?

  6. anon2 says:

    Someone should save Terror in Tokyo

  7. fireboltfury says:

    I’m just hoping he’ll save dandy and jojo I’ve been waiting so long :(

  8. sharm says:

    I’m guessing she thought that’s how you do CPR… Hopefully, now she knows that’s not how you do CPR, lol

    • sharm says:

      And how does a rescue pod end up crashing into the royal palace like that in the first place? Do they not have air defences or anything when they have such superior technology? lol

      • AMg says:

        Assuming both were like 11, 12 when the event took place, they were innocent at that time. trolol

        Maybe Slaine’s entry vehicle was being launch via kinetic mass-driver. It traveled so fast that Vers advanced AA defense could not get a lock on. Or his vehicle a two-part system; the flight system act as a decoy as the life pod detach itself the moment it detect AA threat. Or they exploited the blind spot/weakness of the AA system.

        • taz says:

          Or the vehicle was shot down but Slaine escaped just barely in that pod.
          Poor Slaine, now just another unknowing pawn in the Orbital Knight’s game.

    • flupperman says:

      i don’t know, maybe less graviy and shit or she wanted to kiss him but then sucked water out

  9. taz says:

    Next Ep when? =D

  10. AMg says:

    Where are all the screen grabs for all A/Z post are now a pic of seagull?