Aldnoah.Zero 06


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  1. AMg says:

    That escalated pretty quickly. Homage to Mazinger, 3 times the ROKETTO PANCH!!

    With Slaine defecting to UE (most probably in context of saving the Princess, hoping that would expose the conspiracy), his actions will cause a lot of trouble for both the Princess, Nao and himself in future if they manage to dock at Russia. Rayet is hell-bent to spill the beans, if no one in the UE intelligences find out who are the sleeper agents yet.

    With revelation of Episode 6, I’m guessing the synthesized the Emperor DNA and graft/inject/infuse it to the Knights so they can operate the Aldnoah tech.

    P/S: Is it me or why this episode post still using the seagull image like the last 5 post?

  2. moist_apple says:



  3. Luthynos says:

    Why the pidgin? >.<


  4. omiraisu says:

    are you guys doing hanamonogatari?