Aldnoah.Zero 07


skiddiks: >Torn doing things on time

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9 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero 07”

  1. anon2 says:

    >commie release is faster than other groups


  2. Anon says:

    Praise the seagull!

  3. MadoQ says:

    #Skiddikssavesummer #themessiahishere

  4. bautrey says:

    Thanks for uploading timely!! Can’t wait to watch this episode.

  5. Grog says:

    Thanks so much for doing this series! Best mecha anime I’ve seen in awhile. I always wait for your release but love it when you release this quickly!

  6. AMg says:

    “Makarov… ever you heard an old saying… The enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

    In this episode, ramming always works and is that a Yamato I see?

    With the truth behind Tanegashima Report being unveiled, who the lucky bastard that will get to pilot the alien Kataphract. *wink*wink*

    Wait, doesn’t SERN gotta do with any of this?

    I think from this point onward, any Martian wanna pursue Nao and Co. w/ Slaine on-tow or not with a single over-specialize Kataphrack with any reason is an idiot. I bet the next Kataphrack in line is the energy tentacles ones that being terrorizing UE forces in Beijing ground zero.

  7. flupperman says:

    inaho is such a dick, why he did he shoot slaines ass?

    • AMg says:

      Because he knows he will cause future conflict of interest when UE decide to use her against the Vers (or any action that might endanger her from his perspective), he will persude her to run away from them and the Martians.

  8. kibafaiz says:

    Messed up on the chapter order here, guys.