Alternative Donations

For a limited time only, Commie is accepting donations in the form of Steam games.
(Steam planned their sale around us)

Gift with your extra copies of games, games you don’t want, or if you’re really feeling generous, a big title you feel one of us should get to play. I’ll distribute the games among the staff based on demand and availability.

Feel free to add me on steam as well, although I won’t be around to accept your requests much. http://steamcommunity.com/id/rhexcelion/

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25 Responses to “Alternative Donations”

  1. Romme says:

    RHEs address is hard to read on the jojo theme. I just had to bitch about it.

    • herkz says:

      definitely not intentional

      • Tornado15550 says:

        Loving the Twenty Twelve theme!
        Looks very sharp, and professional!!
        By the way, is there any way you guys can open registration as a ‘subscriber’ for the site? So I don’t have to keep entering my username and email every time, and can just log in once and stay logged in forever?

    • GaySwimming says:

      I thought everyone still use the best theme ever, republican?

  2. dae-kun says:

    Just in time for the summer sale!

  3. tehspiah says:

    Just sent you guys my copy of torchlight… if you guys didn’t pick it up during the humble bundle offer…

  4. Kishi says:

    Sorry, too selfish. :^)

  5. commie devs says:

    hey guys give us games this will support our server and not serve to delay subs even further we promise

  6. soloblast says:

    I’ll see what’s on sale.

  7. Kyhz says:

    Please donate to send Kyhz to Evo 2014.

  8. Mysterious Stranger says:

    Best email address ever

  9. Yamui says:

    Something different: What about SAO BluRay + Sword Art Offline?

  10. Boko says:

    How is PP coming along any info lately?