Another Batch, Persona 4 Batch, Busou Shinki Moon Angel Complete, Zero no Tsukaima Final 11/12 END, Symphogear 13 END, Maria†Holic Alive 5

Another 1-12 Batch
Torrent | Patches
New encodes for episodes 1 and 3

Persona 4 1-25 Batch
Torrent | Patches
True Ending OVA with the last BD in half a year
The correct CRC for episode 20v2 is [C271B41A]. Updated torrent/patches.

Busou Shinki Moon Angel Complete
1080p | 720p
Contains all 10 episodes of the OVA.

Zero no Tsukaima Final 11/12 END
Episode 11 Torrent
Episode 12 Torrent

Symphogear 13 END
Batch once all of the official songs come out.

Maria†Holic Alive 5
We’re not really doing Space Bros since it’s 48 episodes and none of us have an attention span that long, so have an episode of Maria as compensation.

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92 Responses to “Another Batch, Persona 4 Batch, Busou Shinki Moon Angel Complete, Zero no Tsukaima Final 11/12 END, Symphogear 13 END, Maria†Holic Alive 5”

  1. p says:


  2. Dave Justice says:

    Hey mates, what did you change/fix/fabulousify for your Persona 4 v2s anyway? How do they differ from those slutty v1s that all have partaken off (Sometimes multiple times, eh?)? I don’t suppose I could get a list of changes you made in a text file or something? Please? I’m trying to convince Cyras over at Coalgirls to use your v2 scripts for their Persona BDs but he says NEIN unless I can list what changes were made from the v1s. So I, in my hour of need, turn to the finest trolls this side of the internet.

    Gentlemen, this is the worthiest cause there can and will ever be: An uncensored splenfantabulousful Persona 4 bluray experience. A, shall we say, ALL OUT ATTACK on our hearts, minds and testicles.

    Help me and know that you help America/Russia/Justice/Your country of choice! If you won’t do it for me, then do it for the e-peen. Help me Obi-Wan Commobie, you’re my only hope.

    Thank you 。◕‿‿◕。

    • herkz says:

      Every single script had at least one typo fixed. Episode 19 had the typesetting for part of it greatly improved.

    • brainchild says:

      Fixed typos, corrected mistakes, improved typesetting for 19, and replaced some of the more trollish lines.

      I don’t have nor am I going to make a changelog, but obviously, every episode had a mistake worthy of being fixed.

  3. !!! says:

    Nice. I hope to see more Maria.

  4. Actorclavilis says:



  5. gelads says:

    Lol. That piece of Maira shit was forgotten already behind turd piece of. XDXDXD

  6. Caca says:

    I really hope you guys make a batch of nisemonogatari :D

  7. Ishiro says:

    in Busou shinki moon angel that “light on” is supposed to be “ride on”… if you play a busou shinki game specially busou shinki battle masters(MKII where this OVA is intended for) it is mentioned “Ride On” for starting a battle…

    • airco says:

      I figured as much, but I couldn’t find any footage that said so on Youtube, and I never got around to playing Battle Masters myself, despite having it on my PSP since like October. Either way, it’s Engrish, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either way.

  8. C43 says:

    Just wondering but where did you get that Zero no Tsukaima picture?

  9. Heavyoak says:



  10. rarely_upset says:

    I’m glad to see someone reliable doing MH:A, there isn’t a good release anywhere.

  11. Petrushka says:

    Anyway, I just realize somethings
    >Red Army Parades
    >Saving Fansubbing
    >The Bread Lines


  12. Chilly says:

    So, when will we see a Symphogear batch torrent?

    • Xythar says:

      The official lyrics for the last song don’t come out until the last BD, so we’re doing the BDs instead.

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