Arcana✴Famiglia 12

Arcana✴Famiglia 12

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11 Responses to “Arcana✴Famiglia 12”

  1. Solaristics says:

    Finally. This shit show comes to an end.

  2. vivant says:

    Although the story is boring and sometimes too cliche, at least the character design can cover that. Thanks Commie! =D

  3. Orcus says:

    Thank fuck this show is over

  4. Mazui says:


  5. bbo says:

    that… was bullshit.

  6. Ashitaka says:

    Decent time-killer show, but a terrible ending. Meh, it won’t be missed, unless you’re a weeaboo fangirl fapping over the bishies.

  7. VanFinale says:

    Nothing happened in this show all the characters are in pretty much the exact same situation they were in from the beginning. That plus horrible plot and absolutely no action. Why did I watch this show I’m upset with myself.

  8. welsbykun says:

    It seemed rushed. The first episode was good, then the Homonculus arc was decent (4 eps) then it rushes towards the end. Seems like a low budget. The only voices I recognized were Liberta (Yukiko from blue Exorcist) and Mama (Lust from FMA).
    It had so much potential but failed to utilize it. Apparently its a game (vis novel) there was a lot missed out.