Belated Happy Belated Valentine's Belated on the Day of Belation (which is Belated)

In post celebration we will now default to a Miku theme.

Apparently some jealous retard has gone around claiming copyright on Miku’s Youtube videos.
In addition to notifying you how retarded this is we have gone and made our mark on objectionably copyrighted material and resubmitted it to Youtube:

And here’s a (completely softsubbed):

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42 Responses to “Belated Happy Belated Valentine's Belated on the Day of Belation (which is Belated)”

  1. Brolato says:

    I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you use it, but the Horizon theme is the best theme of all time.

    Of all time.

  2. random says:

    More info about the copyright nonsense: http://savemiku.wikia.com/

  3. NoName says:

    >Implying Horizon isn’t the better theme


  4. Zero says:

    So what does Commie have planned for Miku’s giving day?

  5. Zero says:

    >10000:1 scale model erected over the White House.

    And on that day a legend was born.

  6. Anonymous says:

    >500+ line script >1 minute long video


  7. Faggot says:

    So let me get this straight.

    Some gaijin uploads a creation using Vocaloid and Miku.

    Some other gaijin removes it claiming copyright infringement.

    Are gaijins uploading ALREADY copyrighted songs being sung by Miku or original work? Why is Japan involved?

    I understand nothing.

  8. sincross says:

    The Miku theme is lovely, good job! Now using.

    However, the Miku in the banner looks sickly.

  9. Lucrose says:

    I like to think there is a limit to how retarded people can be. But some folks just love raising the bar.

  10. /name says:

    Nothing beats Tenshi theme.

  11. foggaT says:

    My video seems to be fine, guess it’s the low view count?

  12. Lawrence Leong says:

    I love this Miku’s theme very much!

  13. NoNotReally says:

    False DMCA claims constitute perjury. This guy could get in a lot of trouble if anyone actually gave a shit.

  14. KKRais says:

    Hey faggots. I can’t get on IRC because my ISP switched to a different dumb pipe provider today, and now every time I try to log on I get k-lined for 3 days because they think there’s an insecure proxy being run on this static IP.

    It’s happened twice now. I appealed the first one and had it cleared, but now that it just happened again, I’m just saying “fuck it”.

    So, fuck it. This is fucking ridiculous. I have no idea what to do.

    Have an intern fill in.

    • RHExcelion says:

      I emailed you.

    • torchlight says:

      Have you tried restarting your computer

      Nah, I’m not even going to go there. Tried scanning for malware?

    • NoNotReally says:

      This happened to me once. ISP switched pipes and I still had a channel I was banned from on auto-join so I got k-lined because they thought I was ban-evading. My appeal went nowhere too.

  15. Snowman says:

    So dumb. For any other Miku lovers, or just interested in Vocaloid, best site I found is mikudb.com. Love it, have so many albums now. Clean Tears is my fav artist by far.

  16. trolololol says:

    Shameless product placement http://i.imgur.com/7HaBZ.jpg

    tsk tsk tsk

  17. anonymous says:

    I need my shana~!

  18. choco says:

    You’re God.

  19. Tysonblast says:

    All dat “upload”
    All dat “AAAAAA”
    All dat “1”

    So many lines, so little time.
    Really nice typesetting, by the way.

  20. mav21XX says:

    hey is there anywhere we can download the background image of the miku theme? it absolutely amazing

  21. sengokuispuresex says:

    does anyone here want to scanlate these for me?


    or just summarize them. watching sengoku play jinsei game made me want to go out and buy it, but now i have no idea how to actually play this game. somebody help please!