Book of Bantorra Comparisons

ji-hi.net, the site that everyone uses to compare fansubs because they can’t be bothered to download all the releases and do it themselves, has released their comparison for Book of Bantorra. You can view it at http://ji-hi.net/bantorra/.

Basically first thing you see is HorribleSubs looks like crap, since their video is ripped from a CrunchyRoll stream. No surprise there.

Interesting thing is, when you get to Commie and Underwater, most noticable is the station logo. They used BS11 (which is well known amongst encoders for being the highest quality, being a satellite channel, having really high bandwidth and all), and we used ANIMAX (which I hadn’t even heard of until I did this show). According to MOON PHASE, ANIMAX aired on Friday (well really Saturday “morning”, but the Japs are weird) and BS11 on Saturday (likewise). However, for this show, surprisingly, BS11 doesn’t seem to have the best quality.

By the time you get to the 2nd screenshot,  you wil notice that our release seems noticably sharper (no, I did not use any sharpening filter), especially the text being much more clearly defined and readable (assuming you can read moonrunes in the first place) and there is also more actual “stuff” visible on the screen (compare the edges of the picture). I’m not sure if that is due to Underwater’s encoder overcropping or the airing station. Also, if you pay attention to the red square, it’s a very noticably different colour, once again not sure what caused it and it doesn’t really matter.

tl;dr: Hopefully next week file @tm=KXGyctx3a8Q-De+wN93-54k0Cae or whoever uploads the raws to Perfect Dark will leave their thing recording for long enough to get the preview (there was a good few minutes of ads after the ED, so I assume the capper got impatient and pressed stop, thinking there wouldn’t be a preview), I’ll see the ads properly and we should have an overall faster (and arguably better) release than Underwater, save for the revisions that CrunchyRoll decides to make to their subs for whatever reason (maybe becase they were wrong, but I don’t know Japanese, so…). [Note: Screenshots 2 and 4]

tl;dr for the tl;dr lol just watch our release and everything will turn out fine. :D

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6 Responses to “Book of Bantorra Comparisons”

  1. Warwick says:

    There were a few minor differences, though I thought both of you used Crunchyroll subs. Anyway, the usual encoder, Daiz, is on a quick trip to Germany. Dunno if that has anything to do with it.

    • Warwick says:

      I’m retarded. Didn’t read the whole post and missed the part about Crunchyroll revising subs.

  2. Daiz says:

    >we should have an overall faster (and arguably better) release than Underwater

    Oh u

    You know we can always switch to Animax too?

  3. Lbrador says:

    Thanks for the Shin Koihime musou sub by the way. :D

  4. sadasd says:

    letter bee?