Book of Bantorra Pending

No, Bantorra is not dropped. We have it in from reliable sources(tm) that the capper fucked up capping episode 14 and that it will re-air on Jan 18th. For the few of you that actually follow us, we recommend for you to watch Horriblesubs if you cannot wait until then.

EDIT by Crypt: We will be releasing 15 and future episodes as usual. No, we will not be holding back so we can do a dodecadrugal release or whatever shit (Yes, when lolslow groups do quadriple releases or whatever, it means that they’ve held back). We believe that if shit gets done, you should have the option to see it. No one is forcing you to skip episode 14, or watch HorribleSubs or anything, you are free to wait for us or (lol) Fubuki.

EDIT 2: Episode 14 is a SUMMARY EPISODE, which means all it has are LOLFLASHBACKS. Thus you should continue your Animu Watching Expedition(tm) and proceed to the next stop of Episode 15.

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7 Responses to “Book of Bantorra Pending”

  1. RedWing says:

    My episode 25 of White album seems to have some audio/video sync problems. Is there anyway to fix it? The download doesn’t seem to be corrupted and It has the same problem on all my pc’s especially at the 18:45 mark.

  2. Lier says:

    I have a question for you guys, I know that you rips CR subs, but are you guys like HS that just put crunchy shit’s subs on a raw (better quality, maybe?)? or do you correct the translation and fix the timing?


    • cryptw says:

      We do minor editting and timing corrections. We also typeset and selectively translate OPs/EDs.
      Yes, we use a much better video, that is our own encode from a TV broadcast transport stream.

  3. ZiegZeon says:

    Just a comment on Omamori Himari ep. 1…The fonts are too big and sometimes unreadable due to the color. >_<

  4. anonymous says:

    i’d just like to ask once again that one of you kind folks please jump on the asura cryin’ torrent for a while, there’s (at this time) 31 people stuck at 99.7%