Commie and the Shitlords of Draenor

I need people to raid with me ADD ME ON BATTLENET I’M LONELY
I need gold too
RHExcelion#1511 (US)

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32 Responses to “Commie and the Shitlords of Draenor”

  1. Hach says:

    What server?

  2. Hach says:

    Actually, “What faction?” is probably the better question.

  3. Besty says:

    What game? top kek

  4. Lhant says:

    FF14, man

  5. TheTech says:

    Pre or Post expantion? I also dont have anyone to raid with.

  6. Oddmoonlight says:

    If it’s to raid your fridge then sure, why not? XD

  7. Luthynos says:

    Too bad I’m EU. Would have loved to raid with you

  8. GunBlazer says:

    this game still subscription-based?

  9. bbo says:

    butt raiding.

  10. aers says:

    Stop begging for people to carry you RHE

  11. Trubo says:

    Sadly I only have Alliance characters since Firelands.

  12. Anon says:

    RHExcelion and the Sperglords of Draenor.

  13. EversioTheHikikomori says:

    I’m a baddie who doesn’t play often due to work but depending on your “raid night” I could lend my assistance.

  14. You says:

    Get back to work! Who allowed you to play a game?!

  15. vanhoe says:

    Sorry I only play

  16. bbo says:

    forever alone.

  17. Kohiro says:

    Sry. Busy playing Tera already since it was posted here last looking for people.

  18. Anon says:

    Stream KanColle you double faglord.

  19. Hatemonger says:

    And I need gold shitter.

  20. toriku says:

    play freedom wars instead

  21. Helterran says:

    =), *hides in corner.