Commie Internships

The passing rate on our entrance tests is something like 15%. This is somewhat of a problem.

The percent of recruited staff who are continually useful for more than one season is something like 20%. This is even bigger of a problem.

I’ve narrowed the causes of deficient staff down to either:

A: These people realize that there are more worthwhile things to do in life than fansubbing.
These people cannot be saved.

B: IRC life is impossible for these people to maintain.
These people cannot be saved either.


Introducing: Commie Internships

Possessed with an indescribable zeal to slap subs on some chinese japanese cartoons but have no/inadequate skills to do such a thing? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Just sign up today. Only $9.99 a month.

-Zealotry/fanboyism/deityworship of fansubbing
-Be on the computer for more hours of the day than off of
-Can take insults constructive criticism extremely well
-Not involved with any other group
-Have no intentions of being involved with any other group
-Agree to not be involved with any other group henceforth

Currently we are hiring interns for:


More positions may open up in the future, depending on initial success.

Leave a comment below with contact information if you’re interested. (Space is limited)
No prior experience is neccesary; you’ll be taught everything you need to know.

Edit: Due to amount of applicants, a round of testing will be conducted as follows:

Test 1: Go to #commie-interns on (using an IRC client that supports XDCC). Good luck.

Applications are now CLOSED

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