Commie Internships

The passing rate on our entrance tests is something like 15%. This is somewhat of a problem.

The percent of recruited staff who are continually useful for more than one season is something like 20%. This is even bigger of a problem.

I’ve narrowed the causes of deficient staff down to either:

A: These people realize that there are more worthwhile things to do in life than fansubbing.
These people cannot be saved.

B: IRC life is impossible for these people to maintain.
These people cannot be saved either.


Introducing: Commie Internships

Possessed with an indescribable zeal to slap subs on some chinese japanese cartoons but have no/inadequate skills to do such a thing? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Just sign up today. Only $9.99 a month.

-Zealotry/fanboyism/deityworship of fansubbing
-Be on the computer for more hours of the day than off of
-Can take insults constructive criticism extremely well
-Not involved with any other group
-Have no intentions of being involved with any other group
-Agree to not be involved with any other group henceforth

Currently we are hiring interns for:


More positions may open up in the future, depending on initial success.

Leave a comment below with contact information if you’re interested. (Space is limited)
No prior experience is neccesary; you’ll be taught everything you need to know.

Edit: Due to amount of applicants, a round of testing will be conducted as follows:

Test 1: Go to #commie-interns on (using an IRC client that supports XDCC). Good luck.

Applications are now CLOSED

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59 Responses to “Commie Internships”

  1. staticsafe says:

    I’m interested in timing, I go by the nick ‘staticsafe’ on Rizon.

  2. ben says:

    quite interested :),
    been learning Japanese for 2 years and trying to get into translating subbing communities.

    Currently reading Manga/Novel:
    Berserk, Oreimo Novels

    thats it :)

  3. erejnion says:

    Oh wow. But I have to wait until I finish typing up the lectures for my uni course on TeX. Shouganaideshou, etc. So get somebody else, and contact me only if you feel like rounding up numbers.

  4. Loli says:

    email me

  5. bob says:

    what is “-Timing


  6. Rise-chan says:

    I have no experince. But I DO have more than 10 hours on the PC, I’m not lying. If my inexperience is acceptable, that would be great. ^^

    Contact info:

    Email: [email protected]

  7. HorstDetlef says:

    That actually does sound interesting. Half a year ago I would have instantly jumped on to this.

  8. zeiroe says:

    I would like to explore more on this.

  9. StinkyWizzleteats says:

    I’m interested, and I have almost nothing to do apart from school.

  10. sad sad panda says:

    oh how i wish i could help…but the problem of real life is hard to solve >_>

    if only we all had the strength of Keima Katsuragi ಥ_ಥ

  11. Well I’m interested, but I don’t know how often I could be online. I work full-time. I don’t work Tuesday or Wednesday, and every other day I work 2-9PM EST. Except Sundays, which are generally 9AM-7PM. I don’t have prior experience but I’d be interested in learning typesetting? I’m on the computer pretty much all the time and I’d be willing to help out as much as I can

  12. Kyonikov says:

    This sounds like fun. Do you just email us or should we head to the irc to apply?

  13. Douglas says:

    I’m interested, I spend most of my time on my pc anyway XD so I would like to help you guys out.
    I have a decent amount of knowledge using aegisub as I used to do custom subs for my friends fansite I have some knowledge with K-timing and TS.
    I’ll leave my email so you can contact me:) [email protected]

  14. Spiller says:

    Do you have any material on the possibilities with ASS? I have already seen some rather fancy stuff, so I’m kinda interested in the limits of typesetting in soft-subs. (I just love hacking stuff like that. ;) )

  15. kevin says:

    pick me pick me.

  16. Rekyuke says:

    What are the minimum requirements for timing or typesetting…
    And by that I mean, what kind of common knowledge’s required.

    Does it sound like a stupid question?

    Well I have no experience what so ever in both the applications but I am a Telecommunication Technician IRL and I spend all my day in a computer… Let me know if you are interested.

    I would love to chat so unban me from commie channel in IRC since I got banned by someone confusing my nick with someone else.

  17. Genowyn says:

    I’d definitely be interested in this, for either job. Email is [email protected].

    I’m mostly unemployed, I only get one short shift per week, so I have a lot of spare time I can devote to this.

  18. Madimus says:

    I would love to help you guys do some typesetting. I did the test off the recruitment page. Let me know if you want to see it.

  19. derp says:

    As long as I’m not expected to be fluent in moonspeak, I’m interested.

  20. Ghurdrich says:

    Interested. Have a significant amount of free time and I’m on the computer for… well, all of it. I can learn fast, and I’m willing to learn typesetting or timing or what have you. I don’t have much prior experience with handling videos (read:none at all) and not a whole lot of experience with IRC (if that matters) but as I said, if you can lay down the basics and give me a few days, I’ll get it done. Fansubbing’s something I always wanted to do (’cause I’m strange) so this would be a good ‘in’ for me, Email me at [email protected]. Run me through the hoops (or throw rocks at me) all you like, as long as you can teach me how to do my job and want me to do it right.

  21. Shadow9633 says:

    I am interested in the Typesetting as it’s always fascinated me, I have a lot of time to fill in.

    I can be contacted at [email protected]

  22. Michael says:

    I’m interested in timing or typesetting. My email is [email protected]. I don’t know how to use IRC though, and I think my dorm’s internet blocks it. I don’t know about timing or typesetting, but I have edited videos before so I think I could learn fast.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Well if you can’t find your way on to IRC you would be useless anyways since everything is done on IRC.

  23. Adulthood says:

    Commie, oh you!

  24. Music says:

    Putting up the programs we need if any would be helpful.

    • Acnologia says:

      If you can’t figure out what tools you need, you probably won’t be helpful…

      You’ll need an IRC client and Aegis sub.

      I can do both timing and typestting, but I suck at deadlines.

      • Music says:

        “No prior experience is neccesary; you’ll be taught everything you need to know.”
        I wasn’t really interested I was just saying for all of those that were and like the ad, if you will, says you don’t need any prior experience.

  25. loosty says:

    Hello, I would love to intern as a typesetter, if possible! * ^ *

  26. Demoneyedcam says:

    Sure why not plenty of times [email protected]

  27. Zero says:

    lol. count on commies to give some fun joke.

  28. amen665 says:

    fk that… you crazy.

  29. DeckuZora says:

    I couldve sworn when I went to bed, no one would apply for this… People amaze/make me facepalm once again.

    I’d be interested (a few years ago), but I have a life, and no interest in a return to fansubbing.

  30. Ezreal says:

    I’ll give it a shot. I’ve never tried timing myself, although I do have Aegisub and the guide you guys have released. If no experience is necessary, I’ll go for it.

  31. Kirby_422 says:

    Does ‘sitting on buses back and forth from school more hours than not’ work as a substitute for ‘more hours on computer than not’?

  32. leo@uhw says:

    Timing… I can do that. Partially. I can’t devote my time to it, sadly. Way too fuckin lazy.

  33. Rise-chan says:

    I seem to have trouble logging in on any IRC channels… I’ll still try to get in with mIRC.

  34. Fag It says:

    The most you’ll get from me is a donation, and I’m still working on the acquisition of that, uh, what’s it called again?… money? Yeah, I should totally get some of that.

  35. Anonymity Is Not A Crime says:

    My biggest problem is IRC. Why can’t you use more modern means of communication like GoogleTalk? Maintaining secure IRC is simply too much trouble. I most IRC servers tend to reject my tor-ified connection. Unlike GoogleTalk which allows Tor-based connections.

  36. exReality says:

    I’ll sign up. No experience though. I am on the irc [daily? cept weekends] because I have nothing better to do.

  37. p0kem0n says:

    I can time/add subtitles, however i saw your subtitle timing test and i was wondering what is an acceptable time for that to be completed in? I was also wondering if you guys provide the non-english writing to make it easier, often when subtitling things like karaoke, it becomes way easier if you can also hear the words from the Japanese perspective. :) i would be more than happy to try out this since i am a whorefag online, unemployed, on for numerous hours even 1 – 2 days at a time, but the downside is that i live in oceania, so your night is my morning, my morning is your night, good thing i sleep in the day time ~_~, i never idle on your irc server due to me using opfag chans but that is another issue which can be sorted.

    if you guys can provide the japanese script that would be epic!

  38. Heavyoak says:

    Irc is fine, but limited. as for the timing and typesetting, im in college, getting my A+ cert. I could program something up to do it for me, but that would be pointless.

    and are you guys actually paying people or are you using the word “hiring” in place of “slave labor”?

    • amen665 says:

      lol…. you serious? they ain’t gonna pay you, but you can pay them… to hire you.

    • Sylphritz says:

      lol you mister oh-i’m-so-great-i-know-everything.

      “im in college, getting my A+ cert.” what are you trying to accomplish here? just gonna brag that you’re awesome and can do anything?

      this is a free fansub, dude. “FREE FANSUB”

    • lol says:


      >A+ cert

      ahaha oh wow

  39. TDR says:

    Well let me see
    I have no fucking knowledge in wapanese. Never used Aegisub before. Spends all my free time watching fucked up shit from japan. Also did i mention that i’m a eurofag plus being banned last week for watching pony shit.
    Can i still apply

  40. Petrushka says:

    i like to learn ur guide to timing first :P

  41. XXZXX says:

    I would so apply…
    If I wasn’t scared of IRC.
    In return I swear that when I have a real job I will donate!

  42. Sylphritz says:

    i wanna learn both :D

  43. Ahegao says:

    Why are people giving out their emails when the only way to get in is to access the irc channel?

    Anyways, I’d like to take up on the offer if this is still going on after I’m done with classes.

  44. Pure LionHeart says:

    All of you RUN while you still fucking can!

  45. Toooast says:

    [email protected]

    Done what you asked

  46. RaShayRitto says:

    I started my answers to the questionnaire before reading that the applications were closed. On the plus side I now know how to use IRC o3o;