Commie Kancolle (Kantai Collection) English Patch

This is an in-progress English patch of the popular Japanese Ship Collecting game “Kantai Collection”.
It is a great game consisting of cute shipgirls that go and get damaged for your sake.

Note: MAD does not accurately portray actual gameplay

What this patch covers:
-Ship Types
-Ship Names
-Ship Introductions
-Some basic interface

What this patch does NOT cover: (for now)
-The rest of the interface

Please note that you will still need to sign up through DMM’s site regularly (see here for how to do that).

You will also need your API link in order to make use of the patch.

Note that there are three things you cannot do through the API link, and thus cannot perform through the patch as well:
1. Update fleet names
2. Update Admiral message in rankings
3. Input your Admiral name for the first time

I’ll post updates regularly on my Twitter (@RHExcelion). Feel free to comment below or tweet me about bugs/comments/suggestions.

How to access the patch
1. Go here: http://comeonandsl.am/commie.php
2. Follow instructions


-Why are there no slots left?
We’re currently limiting server load to make sure it can handle everything smoothly. I’ll post whenever we open more slots on my Twitter. The cap will eventually be removed.

-Can I get banned using this?
Sure. You’re a non-Japanese player playing from a foreign IPA. That’s already grounds to ban you. If you don’t want to take any additional risk, don’t use the patch.

-Will this work with KCV/logbook/etc?
No. Those programs need to be updated separately.

-Why are the fonts so big? Can you fix them?
Because Japanese fits more syllables in less characters. No.

-Why is my server name different?
Don’t worry about that.


Coding Magic: FireSlash (@Sikarra)
Base Translation: The guys that translate for the Kancolle English Wiki (who have terrible grammar but still should be accredited)
Editing: RHExcelion
Assistant editors: GracefulBear, Scoot_Scoot, Nakima
Image Doctoring: RHExcelion, Scoot_Scoot

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67 Responses to “Commie Kancolle (Kantai Collection) English Patch”

  1. Milfeulle says:

    Actually DMM has stated they don’t mind foreign IPs using their services, it’s just not supported

    Also nice patch thing

  2. Southrop says:

    I can’t see any reason why the new link won’t work in KanColleViewer. The current official release works fine with the API URL.

    • Southrop says:

      Just tested it, and seems it doesn’t work properly after all. It doesn’t seem to detect the game as having started. Oh well.

  3. iprolyhu says:

    I lol’d at “Rhe’s loli collection.”

  4. cloudsora says:

    TY I just got in recently and even though I know the japanese they speak the characters are actually foreign to me.

  5. Coal says:

    I had thought about doing something like this before, but I am far too lazy.

    Are you just doing packet modifications?

  6. Juular says:

    pls don’t steal my api rhe

  7. Catastrophe says:

    >tfw this crap will see more/faster activity than mahoyo

    • herkz says:

      shit taste everywhere, man

    • Kyhz says:

      >translating a few catchphrases and “Kill 10 X” into English is gonna be done faster than translating an entire novel
      I’m no word scientist but I believe you may be correct.

  8. DarkZkull says:

    do i need to win the Lottery first before using the patch? (im new with this)

  9. Sega says:

    Inevitable PSO2 style region blocking in 3, 2, 1…

  10. Shikabane says:

    can some1 give me a link to a video tut because i tryed the one on the wiki but just can’t get in. all i get is this http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a618/FallenShiki/sdbaA_zps79e006ba.png Please help

  11. AMg says:

    So this mean you guys gonna sub the anime when it come out this Spring/Summer/Autumn?

  12. Zaton says:


  13. ANONYMOUS says:

    You fucked up embedding that youtube video somehow, html5 player isn’t showing.
    Also stop making email required.

  14. motaku96 says:

    This is a surprise. Thanks for doing this. Even though I still haven’t gotten through on the lottery. Who knows if I’ll ever get to try it.

  15. DMX says:

    GracefulBear mah niggahhh

  16. Lichman says:

    I found a few problems so far with the naming.

    YuudachiKai is still called Yuudachi.

    ShigureKai2 is called Shigure Mk2

    • RHExcelion says:

      I fixed Shigure. Yuudachi should be fine though. Are you sure her name isn’t running off the edge?

      • Lichman says:

        My bad, it is a run off, just doesn’t show when you look at the card. It shows as a list with the other ships though.

        Thank you for fixing Shigure~

  17. Aka says:

    Lol, noticed the post on here and had just enough time before the loto started to make an account and setup the vpn. Needless to say made it in on my first try. Thanks again for the patch, Commie, and hope I can play with it once you have slots available.

  18. keemeef says:

    wow i actually got it… took me one try to win the lottery… i was expecting a lot more difficult to get in, or maybe i was just lucky zz

  19. Emp says:

    I couldn’t tell if this was a real thing or not for a while. You guys amaze me.

  20. Inu says:

    If I use this can I get a Yamato?

  21. Ztupid says:

    O_o really? from Arpeggio of Blue Steel? i recognize that theme song and it from that anime…

    btw, i like that anime over this one…

  22. Anon says:

    I’m like pretty sure this is the easiest way to get banned right now.

  23. Bridge says:

    I haven’t tried this fancy-prancy service out yet, but how much progress has been made on the editing of the wikia’s awful translations so far? Off of the screenshot with Kitakami’s equipment loadout, reading “12.7mm Gun” and “25mm Dual Gun” are tripping off my horrible historical naval terminology sperg senses. They need to be “12.7mm Machine Gun” and “25mm Dual Cannons” respectively. The kanji for the two weapons may be the same, but their reference words in English would be different.

    Also the large “Cannons” measured in centimeters on the wikia should just be called “Guns” or more accurately “Single/Dual/Triple-mount Turrets” but those wouldn’t fit in-game. It’d be great to have those fixed directly on the wikia, but yeah, anal wikia editors with literal translations.

    • anon says hi says:

      it’s not like wikia editors are historical naval geeks

      that’s where you come in, bro.

      • Bridge says:

        I am now the change I wish to see in the world, hear me rawr.

        I have the naval guns down as Mounts where they apply as more than one gun on a turret, first and foremost. When you swap guns in the game, you’re (imaginiatively) removing the entire turret with the guns mounted on them.

        I thought about using the word Turret, but then realized that a lot of the older gun mount designs in the period really only had like a tiny amount of traverse to scare small torpedo boats away.

        The term High-angle Mount makes more sense as the gun is actually mounted that way as opposed to a typical anti-ship-not-very-elevated angle thing that those guns can also do, so I put that in.

        No more accepting awful grammar on wikia. Now we must have change and violent revolution.

        • Bridge says:

          I’m killing myself. All turrets are mounts, not all mounts are turrets (the other kind of mount being the casemate mount that I mentioned with the older guns).

    • fnord says:

      It shouldn’t be High-Angle Gun, either. Personally, I’ve come to accept that most of the equipment translations are inaccurate.

  24. fysloc says:

    So either bug or intentional trolling.

    Tatsuta is a Chi-class.


  25. Aka says:

    Looks like a lot of the translated icons broke the new game update, although ship names and quest details are still okay.

  26. non says:

    patch also broke not just the interface icons, also the item descriptions; including their rarity and stat translations.

    while current ship names, ship intros, equipment names, quests and i think ship type still seem to work fine, i heard this patch added even more quests and a couple new DD as well.

  27. Anon says:

    Just leaving this here if anyone needs it. You don’t need a VPN to get a Japanese I.P address. You can use the Tor bundle for that.

    Find your “torrc” configuration file and add this line somewhere:
    Exitnodes {JP}

    And you’ll only get Japanese addresses when using Tor.

  28. […] out that this update happened just two weeks after /a/’s favorite target of hate, Commie published their unofficial translation patch for the client. Let me quote: “Even the chinese are […]

    • Catastrophe says:

      awesome, that means we can finally unpin this shit and clear space for the chinese cartoons right?

    • Tristie says:

      Dammit Commie, stop fucking shit up for people!
      *insert more hateful comments here*

      Some fgt

      Either way I dont care. Still trying to win the lottery.

  29. Hiecchi says:

    “RIP botes”
    Great T_T

  30. xtripzx says:

    Went through all this just to get “RIP botes”. I love your guys’ releases, but you just sunk my battleship. At least let us know in the beginning of the post that the patch is currently broken.

  31. Tristie says:

    Just play the non-translated one. It’s not hard to figure out.

  32. Danj says:

    Will wait for locally-hostable offline version. It’s just a rewriting proxy anyway isn’t it?

  33. Kimura says:

    I only got “SOON” message…
    When will you release patch?

  34. Paradigm says:

    Any informations about the translation’s progress ? :)

  35. marcus says:

    Say Soon for me