Commie searching for Artist

Take a look at the site. Not really all that good looking, is it?

We’re feeling like changing that. We need your help, though, because we all suck at art.

-Person who knows how to design websites that don’t look like shit
EDIT: We’re not exactly looking for someone to completely redesign the site from square one, just someone to make a few WordPress themes based around what we already have.

-Experience in art
-Not sucking at art (completely our decision whether you suck or not, no hard feelings)
-Willing to take a personality test (hey if we’re working with you we should all enjoy it right?)
-Knows WordPress and is not opposed to styling it (making 5 versions of the same theme, even)
-Is willing to deal with 9001 people telling them different things

The test is to make a wallpaper (something “original”) and email it to

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10 Responses to “Commie searching for Artist”

  1. Laughmaster says:

    Being able to create an interesting wallpaper doesn’t have shit to do with web design. In all honesty, people who do web design, REAL web design (not just somebody who learned HTML and CSS over a weekend) and know how to turn that design into a website probably aren’t going to pass your test. I’ve been doing web design for a year and a half, which still isn’t very long, but it’s sure as hell not something anybody who knows photoshop can do.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      We’re really just looking for people who can style our WP theme to not look like eyecancer ( ¯‿¯)

    • Ramm says:

      “not just somebody who learned HTML and CSS over a weekend”

      …or over 3 years in school like I did (minus the CSS, actually). Granted it was a school on all things graphic design/video-/camerawork/etc. so could only learn just the very basics of everything, but I didn’t even learn of the existence of CMS’s until after finishing the school.

      Except for the banner the site looks pretty good already to my eyes, but please do inform me of the shortcomings (my view might change if I actually knew something about WordPress).

      • Laughmaster says:

        I’m not sure exactly what they think is wrong with it, but after looking around a bit I did find some things that don’t seem right…

        – The “X responses to Y” and “Leave a Reply” headers sometimes disappear against the background in Nura.
        – Links have text shadows on hover everywhere except the sidebar.
        – Some containers have rounded corners, some don’t.
        – The reply form was styled halfway (input borders are browser default)
        – Awkward padding and margins (top and bottom of page have no whitespace, header links have 35px right 5px left (first one looks too far left))
        – Only the first letter of every label in the reply form is italicized

        Regardless, I don’t think they’re saying this site needs to be improved; it seems more like they’re just tired of this look and want someone to design something new for them.

  2. Blad3101 says:

    Do you have any concept ideas in mind? I’ve been doing web design for several years now, and I completely agree with Laughmaster’s comments above. Throwing together a wallpaper in CS4 (or w.e suite you use) doesn’t prove a thing about knowing HTML, CSS, etc.

  3. anon123 says:

    why u don’t use artisteer?

    plus you hosting is suck

  4. ourm says:

    Don’t forget to post the “wallpapers” somewere, if they agree on it that is :P

  5. niggers says:

    Nigger reporting in.

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    No, I won’t make you a nigger jew WordPress theme, you can buy mine from themeforest.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Guys, how about something more practical at first, like categorizing your projects? Yeah, one can use search (?s=) but it still brings up something irrelevant.