Commie Showtimes

New website feature: Commie Showtimes

Feel free to try and break it, as long as you report your findings.

Comments/suggestions/questions welcomed. (Post them here)

Hiring wordpress theme maker/CSS guru/photoshop wizard/website designer. Show us something that you’ve created in the comments below with your email.

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100 Responses to “Commie Showtimes”

  1. Walterion says:

    This is actually pretty co–

    >Maria Holic


  2. Yue says:

    So you guys really don’t translate anything uh.

  3. Franky says:

    please, make the background a little more opaque for better readability … just tried around with the debugger and rgba(200, 200, 200, 0.8) looks way better (reduced to 200 from 255 to better match general background color).

  4. Franky says:

    PS: same goes for this page, too (though it is not so much a problem as the upper part of the background is a raher constant color)

  5. bbo says:

    pure genius.

  6. CODE-A says:

    lol… herkz name is everywhere

  7. Fenixius says:

    Just to confirm, local time is the time on the PC of the person viewing the page, right? It’s not just some happy coincidence it looks like it’s lined up for me, and everything will implode come daylight savings?

  8. wut says:

    Local time… where is local?
    Doesn’t seem local to me.

    Make it local to me!

  9. Kchiyo says:

    You should put like a small banner on the side with the next show and remaining time it would catch the attention of any visitor unless you plan on letting this post stickied till the end of time ?

    • Shirt says:

      It’s all in the Showtimes tab in between Recruitment and Staff. Quite visible enough to catch the attention of any visitor who’d bother to look, I’d say.

      • skovacs1 says:

        I agree that the tab is visible. I also agree that an ETA widget on the home page would be convenient too. Either way, good job.

  10. soloblast says:

    The show timings. They’re all in +/-(what) UTC?

  11. anti CR says:

    me love u more and more

  12. Solaristics says:

    Horizon theme = #1, nothing shall replace it.

  13. Catastrophe says:

    Fall plans where?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      No use saying anything official until simulcasts are announced, but suffice it to say it’s a shitload, as usual.

  14. Shawn263241 says:

    Holy shit this is the best thing ever.

    Also, these pickles are pretty fucking awesome, but I prefer the Steins;Gate theme.

  15. Kurololi says:

    *Tries to break*

    *no breaky*

  16. CaeX says:

    Best thing about this chart is I know who to bitch to.

    Also progress is nice

  17. Trap says:

    SAO = tvk

    I hope you guys keep using Tokyo MX for SAO like the previous episode for next releases.

  18. Vale says:

    why isn’t kyousogiga up there

  19. Miyun says:

    For the showtimes page the search box text appears to be white, at least in Firefox. You can’t see what you are typing in as you type it.

    • lae says:

      You might need to check if you’re running any custom userstyles, as it’s not happening here. I’ll add an explicit style for the search box either way in a bit, though.

  20. Miyun says:

    Huh, just tested it under a different theme (Steins;Gate) and the text is right. So it’s just the theme I use by default (Miku) that is a problem because the text is always white. Maybe you can change the background color of the text box to something that wont blend in with any of your themes?

  21. DarkMachine says:

    Are you guys using Crunchy’s video for Oda as well? It’s on TV Tokyo here in Japan. Or is the channel for Oda saying Crunchyroll a typo?

  22. Basement Dad says:

    Holy shit. Nice feature. Didn’t know that jquery.datatable has this feature. Radix Trie ftw.

  23. Kinoko says:

    I was under the impression that all of CRs subs were done by Viz, yet I see both on the list. Did I just get some bad info?

    The showtimes feature is pretty awesome, more for the extra info than just the airtimes themselves. It’s a little depressing to see just how close your operation is to CoalGirls though. You give pretty good results though, which is what counts, I guess.

    • herkz says:

      >I was under the impression that all of CRs subs were done by Viz, yet I see both on the list. Did I just get some bad info?

      CR and Viz are two different anime licesning/simulcasting companies. So yes, you did.

      >It’s a little depressing to see just how close your operation is to CoalGirls though.


  24. Xike says:

    I think you need to put some sort of darker box thing behind the total entries bar and the search bar. Black text on blue, especially that kind of blue, is really really hard to read.

    • herkz says:

      Switch themes

      • Xike says:

        Completely ignoring the problem is not a solution.

        • herkz says:

          >implying I give a shit

          • Xike says:

            Hey–you guys asked for comments and suggestions, and I actually gave input instead of ignoring the post.

            Seems to me like you do care about making it better and more usable if you were looking for suggestions. Ignore it, I don’t care.

            Doesn’t change the fact that it’s like, a 5 minute CSS fix. Datatables is piss simple to mod.

            • Xike says:

              Not that you’d need to change datatables. Just fixed it for like every theme in chrome’s internal inspector.

            • Xythar says:

              herkz doesn’t actually work on this thing so I wouldn’t worry about it. The relevant parties are aware.

  25. Andrew says:

    Just cause I need a bit of extra cash

  26. CaeX says:

    I made this in photoshop and was wondering if my skills would be required here. Rating /10 or…

  27. AnimeWatcher says:

    Let me see if I understand this??? My belief was that local referred to the time in the region where commie subs is subbing (ex: US, Europe, etc – so PST, EST, Central, etc), but reading this comments section I just got the impression that perhaps the website is coded to the browser, which is referencing the computer, and reporting (setting the timezone, etc) to where each visitor is located. Therefore for people on the west cost of the US it reports in PST, for people on the east cost it reports in EST, and for people in Europe it is reporting their respective local time. Is it actually doing something that refined?

  28. sapphire5 says:

    i cant see any of the damn words on the site!!!

  29. Hayate says:

    Oh this is great. I love you guys.

  30. Tycooner says:

    Don’t think anyone mentioned this, but it seems that the episode counter is showing the number you completed last instead of the one that is going to be aired/completed, miss in code or…?

  31. Heavyoak says:

    oh god this theme is laggvile.

    whatever, I <3 maria theme anyway.

  32. erejnion says:

    …why is Hagure marked as done, and is not released?

  33. jack says:

    Kokoro Connect is going to be 17 episodes, not 13. Other than that, this showtimes feature is awesome!

  34. Petrushka says:

    just realize there’s Horizon 2 theme. AWESOME :)

  35. Dlll says:

    Well, I’m not a wordpress guy but these days I’ve been experimenting with Dancer ( a Perl web framework) with some satisfactory results, as for the design I normally just tweak Bootstrap and then copy/paste some nice looking css if needed. I’m also experimenting with Perl and IRC so any crazy ideas you might have in mind for a bot could be doable.

    Drop me an email if you are interested.

  36. Nya-chan Production says:

    Bit of a WordPress hacking for hobby purposes. Full time HTML/CSS coder. – Theme not mine, but managed to alter whatever I needed, mainly in CSS. – Design and coding, HTML5

  37. hyuu says:

    This is actually pretty cool n__n thoroughly enjoying it

  38. erejnion says:

    So… there actually is an editor that goes by ‘*’?