Commie Subs Incorporated Expands Voluntary Recall to Recent Products Produced at Its Melbourne, Australia Facility Due to Possible Contamination with E. Coli O121



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 1, 2015 – Austin, Texas – Commie Subs Incorporated of Austin, Texas, which previously announced a voluntary recall of certain Koufuku® and Graffiti® products is expanding its voluntary recall to include all products produced at its Melbourne, Australia plant with “Best By” dates ranging from February 24, 2015 to February 28, 2015 due to possible contamination with Escherichia coli O121 bacteria (“E. coli O121”) in the dot ass headers. The expanded recall is in addition to products recalled on February 15, 2013.

The CDC has reported 24 cases of E. coli 0121 in 15 /a/ threads. Symptoms of the illness include mild to severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Blood is often seen in the stool. Usually little or no fever is present. Although most healthy adults can recover completely within 5-10 days, certain individuals can develop a complication called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) which can cause the kidneys to fail. HUS is most likely to occur in young children and the elderly. The condition could lead to serious kidney damage and even death.

While Commie Subs is unaware of any illnesses associated with the products included in the expanded recall, its unwavering safety commitment to its customers caused it to take this action.

“When it became apparent to us that, despite the expertise of the Cartel, Servrhev5, the quality control committee and our own experts, identification of a specific cause was not going to be a simple or short process, we decided to act proactively to expand the recall,” said RHExcelion, Commie Subs’ President For Life and Chief Autist.

Mr. Excelion added that Commie will continue to cooperate fully with federal, state and local agencies investigating this situation.

Specific product information is as follows:

Fansubbing Products

The production date range for these products is: Julian Dates 2457068.500000 to 2457081.500000.
Product Code Product Description Julian Dates UPC Code
656607 Koufuku Graffiti 6 2457068.500000 64611F9A
659614 Koufuku Graffiti 7 2457077.500000 3F80842B
660724 Koufuku Graffiti 8 2457081.500000 6055E5BE

The products were distributed worldwide to Nyaatorrents and select XDCC bots.

Commie has already notified all of its distributors and customers who have received the product in question, and has directed them to remove and destroy the affected product. All other affected product under Commie’s control has been quarantined and will be destroyed. Commie has previously filed with the Reportable Subs Registry, ICSR #6172895. A new Reportable Subs Registry filing has been made, ICSR #8438410 and is linked to the original report.

Customers who have purchased these products and have any questions should contact Consumer Relations at 1-888-AYY-LMAO 24 hours, 7-days per week, or visit our website at

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  1. Jupiter says:

    what on earth

  2. Fullhand says:

    i require more memes

  3. Anon says:

    thx pls gib more memerino

  4. rapter says:

    But.. but.. my food porn…

  5. GL says:

    Commie Subs is in Austin? I did not know that.

  6. Kirby_422 says:

    My god, I had never put the fact I was hospitalized, and fansubbing together. What kind of fool have I been? I haven’t even gotten to consuming the product yet, and its already sent me to the hospital merely being in contact with it. Although, you are missing the early warning vomiting in the description; vomiting on friday, queasy on monday, and then hospitalized with abdominal pain on tuesday.

  7. FSEngine says:

    So is this a way to tell us there are V2s for those episodes?

  8. Iknownothing says:

    I love this part “Consumer Relations at 1-888-AYY-LMAO”

  9. Anon says:

    le Epic, too bad Amerifats won’t get the reference.

  10. Thiggles says:

    that’s great and all

    but where am I going to get the memes from

  11. Scrill says:


    >acknowledging the existence of XDCC bots

    please contact a doctor immediately

  12. HinoteAkuma says:

    This is either a notification of a surprisingly relevant named virus or the most well-thought-out troll ever.

    • jdp says:

      hey man some people were seriously affected by the subs. i just want everyone to be safe.

  13. Catastrophe says:

    Points for effort, g fucking g

  14. bbo says:

    e.coli is a bacterium, not a virus.

    But… did the subs have it or not?
    invoking “not sure if” fry meme.

  15. Someone says:

    You people are srsly abusing certain medical substances, if you know what I mean.

  16. Kirbynumbers says:

    If Commie releases make you sick, then what about other groups, ebola?

  17. Anon says:

    AM I GOING TO DIE D::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  18. Schezza says:


    besides, april is still one month away.

  19. Jerry says:

    So… dropped?

  20. Brian Roscow says:

    Jajajajaja guys, you make my day. Are nominated as best drop of the year.

  21. Force Gaia says:

    Can someone explain in plain English what this is actually trying to say?

    • herkz says:

      There is a link in this post. If you click on it, things should make more sense.

      • Force Gaia says:

        thanks, the theme i use (Horizon 2) made the colours similar so i didn’t see the link.

        So it’s just some 4chan-esque thread saying “commie fucked up”

        but i’m not quite sure if you’re agreeing or not. but going on past experiences i’m thinking ‘not’

  22. Nonafel says:

    Man this post made my day, quality posts, quality subs, commie subs

  23. dannyboy says:

    Mother of trolling! Fuckin’ lel!!!!!

  24. Anon says:

    This was fucking beautiful.