Crunchyroll’s new show


What the fuck is this shit. Mafuyu is pleased. We are not.

In other words, dropped. We’ll let DB do the BL shows.

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5 Responses to “Crunchyroll’s new show”

  1. Chris says:

    Holy gay!!!

  2. Janin says:

    What they say is not ture…this ist not an BL Series!…is only an Shojo with Shonan Ai Hints. -The Manga is in the Shojo Magazin Asuka.- And the Mangaka have before only draw BL Series (but the Storys all from werent from herself..and on Uraboku it is her fist all self); so this is the wrong Reason why all mistakely say it were an BL *drop*

  3. Reig says:

    Will you still be doing Koihime though? Since it’s very much in limbo whether CR will be airing this series. And, is there going to be an orginal release of the first episode proper?

  4. Reig says:

    Good news! Crunchyroll announced that Koihime will be in their line-up after all.