Dear The Anime Network

You’re doing it wrong.
Just outsource your distribution to CrunchyRoll.


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8 Responses to “Dear The Anime Network”

  1. aethon says:

    hi TAN-chan!

  2. Lier says:

    lol guys I pasted the submitter hash on google and then came to the site and watched this. I lol’d thanks

  3. msgundam2 says:

    You got that right. I watched HSOTD and the player messes up ever 10 minutes. and of couese as some as I’m done watching you guys released your sub.

  4. Regault says:

    Audio is totally messed up. Even messing around with the audio sync controls in Zoom Player only fixes it for about ten seconds at a time.

  5. Anon says:

    CrunchyRoll’s sub quality is even worse then the troll groups..

    Not to mention the 8-14yo thai/filipino kids that populate the site..

  6. zer0 says:

    @Anon, think again, CR at least has 720p most of the time for new release.

  7. I think you are nailing it johnny. By the end of today we will have more reports.