Dog Days″ 01


skiddiks: Woof, woof, woof, I fucking love this show

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6 Responses to “Dog Days″ 01”

  1. Shirt says:

    Reported for cp

  2. Katsu says:

    No way!! impossible!!! skiddiks actually loves a show?? OMG!! :P

  3. clfarron4 says:

    @skiddiks: Are you saying we should go and watch the first two seasons and then this one?

  4. erejnion says:

    >no Ecle in the opening

    I think I am gonna cry bitch tears the whole season.

    But, then again, I thought that they’ll cut Ecle’s time last season too, and that we all know how it worked out.

  5. Void says:

    Holy Crap! They got someone who could actually speak English instead of reading a transliteration to do the person speaking English!