Donations Reopened

Well, technically, they’ve been open, but nobody has contacted me about donating for the past 7 months. I suppose it was inevitable.

As we were left with a decent amount of funds after our previous donation platform shut down, I never bothered to put in place alternate means of donating.

Unsurprisingly, funds are running rather low after half a year of server fees.

Thus it’s come to this again. This is the part where I use ethos, pathos, and logos to somehow convince you, our loyal fan the reader, to give random strangers on the internet your hard-earned cash.

Please donate, even if the amount you can spare is minimal. Really, give us the dollar that you would’ve otherwise left for the creepy overweight waitress who didn’t get you any refills. After all, we fill your cup on a weekly basis. Also, we’re not creepy and overweight. Well, mostly.

No money to spare, period? If you sign up for Squarecash with [our referral link], we’ll both get $5. Win/win, right? After that, you can either choose to keep the $5 or donate it to us. (We’d be very, very thankful if you did.)

The more people who chip in, the quicker we’ll be able to reach our goal of monthly self-sufficiency. Since we can’t run ads (Google hates us), donations are truly the only source of income we, as a group, get. All proceeds go directly to enriching your anime-viewing experience. Lately, it’s also become somewhat difficult to obtain raws of a few things we’d like to work on without purchasing the physical media ourselves.

Since we can’t use what we’ve used before, we’ll try a couple of different donation services. As recurring donations are hands down the easiest and most painless way to receive a steady amount of income monthly, please try to set up a Flattr subscription, and use one of the other methods if that doesn’t work for you.

As before, leave a comment below if you have any trouble with any of the methods listed and I’ll try to figure out something that works for you.

Flattr is a service that allows you to donate to content creators on the internet. You set a monthly budget and click their Flattr buttons. Your monthly budget is then divided among the buttons you clicked. If you choose to donate through Flattr, please set up a subscription by clicking the Flattr button below twice — that way each month we’ll get a small but steady income.

Square Cash:
Square Cash is an app for Android/iOS and also works through your browser. To donate, simply go to$commiesubs with your debit card, or send donations through the app to our “cashtag”, $commiesubs.
As noted above, both parties will get $5 if you sign up through [our referral link]. Unfortunately, I think Squarecash only works in the US.

Prepaid VISA Gift Cards:
As a last resort, I can use prepaid gift cards to pay for server fees directly. If you come across one with remaining funds that you probably won’t use, or are feeling nice enough to gift us a new one, please email the relevant details to donations(at)

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29 Responses to “Donations Reopened”

  1. Anon says:

    How much are your monthly outlays, on average?

    And how much do I have to donate to get you to stop turning “Ame-no-Habakiri” into “Heavenrend”?

    (These are both serious questions and if you answer both of them, I will donate to you because I do genuinely appreciate the value Commie adds to my Chinese cartoons.)

  2. Anoni says:

    Sent :3

  3. @nzaeon says:

    Man, giving you guys money is fucking hard. Like…shit…Squarecash dunnae accept credit card, and my NZ debit card sure as shit wont work.

  4. Anon says:

    Next year I’ll donate, I promise.

  5. Nonafel says:

    I always found it hard to argue buying anime discs when fansubs are often far better quality. Hence why donate time has come.

  6. The_Big_Lmaoski says:

    How much do I have to donate to revive xythar so I can watch symphogear gx and nnb repeat

  7. Masayoshi says:

    There’s ya tenner ya fucks.

  8. Nonafel says:

    I want to get you guys a prepaid visa, any restrictions? Can it be one only usable in the US? Want to know before I get it.

  9. Soluna says:

    I downloaded and signed up for Square Cash and entered your code, but it seems that a $50 transfer is required before getting the $5 on my end. In any case, I hope that you guys received something for it :)

  10. Tyundris says:

    Set up a flattr to trickle feed you some dosh. You guys may be liberal as fuck come some translations but there are few sub groups that come close to you in any stretch.

  11. ???? says:


  12. PuckForts says:

    Guh, I’d donate my worthless Canadian money if I could, but I can only do it through Paypal.

  13. Zedd says:

    Excuse me Herkz, I just wanna ask a question.
    Are you gonna do The Third Persona 3 Movie?

  14. alias says:

    Got a flattr just for you guys. i don’t make too much excess money, but you guys give me anime, so you will definitely be getting donations from me from now on. can’t give much right now, just $3 a month, but it’s yours.