DotA 2

Anyone? Add me on steam if you’re interested in playing together: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RHExcelion

Leave a short comment here on why you believe you’re not the worst player in the game, or something.
(You should at least know the roles of every hero)

Flamers, leavers, and feeders need not apply.

Everyone I’ve added and everyone who wants to be added, go ahead and join this group and join the chat: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/commiedota

I’m off for the night, good games everybody.

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51 Responses to “DotA 2”

  1. Proud fapper says:

    Homura is hot..

    ..maybe hotter, in a few years.

  2. hmmm says:

    you suck anyway so why SHOULD i play with you D:

  3. Walterion says:

    Because I find Bounty hunter to be a terrible carry and the misconception that a stealth agility hero is going to wreck shit without a MKB is what makes most games end fast.

    Also, Doom Bringer is best support hero.

    • RHExcelion says:

      I don’t believe you are correct, but I do like your proper grammar and punctuation!

  4. Lawrence Leong says:

    Shall add u in a month time…after my professional exam…
    See you then!

  5. Jules says:

    Because I don’t go for Battlefury first as Skeleton King.

    Because I don’t rush Hand of Midas on Venomancer.

    Because I also actually ward when playing support.

  6. ArKhangel says:

    Because I’m actually the worst player in the game.
    Seriously, lol dumbs you down so badly… Well, see you in a year. Accounting for valve time, closed beta will last forever!

  7. Triskelion says:

    Because I kill everyone with drow, going double battlefuries and cleaving everything like a boss.

  8. Alkaid16 says:

    Because I’ve played against worse players than me, and achieved godlike. Looking forward to playing with you.

  9. Rekyuke says:

    Cuz its like you dont have league of legends that has a improved concept IMHO from DotA.

    Words from someone who played Wc3 ROC and TFT in league and then DotA from start aswell.

    Only problem of LOL is the community, but if you intent to play with alot of friends should work better than DotA 2… just my 2 cents

  10. Kotesukesai says:

    I’m a veteran of AoS’, played more than 15 different kinds on WC3, including AoM, HoSK, ToB, NW, And obviously most notably DotA, I also have over 1000 games of experience with league of faggotry

  11. 5aturN says:

    Not the worst out there lol, I played DotA and LoL, I play ok a bit nub with DotA2 still learning all the champs and builds.

  12. oENDERo says:

    No seriously. What the fuck was i doing.

  13. Anderkent says:

    Sure, more people to play with is always better.

    I’ve been playing dota1 for years, mostly in leagues and clan-wars of medium skill level (i.e. better than pub, but no scrims with known professional teams). Been playing dota2 on and off for a couple of months now.

  14. fustrated republican says:

    Been playing dota since the RoC version up until the release of Slark. Veteran player, knows the roles of all heros

  15. Elite_Soba says:

    I’m clearly not the worst because the quality of my noodles are superior to yours

  16. JokersJist says:

    Are any of you familiar with Toonami? if you are you know of there april fools thing of showing it for one night. But now is your chance to possibly save it. Just express how you want it back by Tweeting @adultswim with #BringBackToonami ^^.

  17. JokersJist says:

    Without the ^^ thing XD.

  18. nam says:


    It’s like I’m really on /vg/!

  19. Tompix says:

    Here I am. One of oldest polish DotA players, admin od Dota 2 league (which unfortunately is… dead), over 400 Dota 2 games, leader of First Blood clan.
    Want to play some? :D
    (Europe only)

  20. Roragok says:

    I sent you a request. I mostly play ih league games but i wouldn’t mind pubbing with ya if you got skype or something. <3 Roragok

  21. Paizuri Prince says:

    Wish I could if I can get the survey for DOTA2 to work.

  22. tweety666 says:

    Finally a true faith! (no more lols or hons)

    4 years of dota, > 400 games on dota 2 since November and seriously missing sane teammates (I’ve never hated Russians more than i do now)

  23. powerapple says:

    because I buy divines and the game becomes much more exciting. btw is it me, or is double midas the new thing for syllabear? seen a lot of people doing it

  24. HeebySeeby says:

    I’ve only played LoL. That’s not good enough is it?

  25. Lucas says:

    Add me in steam: zhiboy99
    Thanks and enjoy playing with you

  26. Requiem says:

    what DoTA 2 is out ?

  27. Linzhen says:

    u actually play that? im still more into warcraft dota. dota 2 was iffy for me

  28. 572 says:

    Because I don’t auto attack creep waves, because when I play support I let carry get farm, I buy chicken first, wards first, or sometimes both if my team refuses to buy, because I realize I’m not necessarily good but I pay careful attention to every mistake I make. And because I just want to expand the number of people I know who play dota. I sent you an invite, my steam name is rurouni.

  29. Motherfucking King of the Stars says:

    I’ve been playing Dota2 for a while now and I’ve gotten pretty good at it :3 My best is Jakiro

  30. Fluxerity says:

    Because I’ve been playing since the Blink Pudge days :D

    Steam ID:

  31. Fluxerity says:

    Steam ID: Tenshi*

  32. xskittles08x says:

    Been playing Dota since rikimaru had death wards. Played heroes of newerth for awhile. I buy wards. I dont pick carries when there is already 2 in the team. And I believe that there is no standard build for everything, since item builds are always situational.

  33. ze-ra says:

    SEND ME INVITE ! me so jelly who has it, for now normal dota !

  34. crapman says:

    Because the mailbox is red.

  35. xzaxius says:

    i had DotA 2 too but just an average gamer…

  36. nCrazed says:

    Knowing your prefered region would be nice :)

    P.S. I don’t lie playing carries.

  37. Nig says:

    haha go and get laid faget and stop sittin on your computer like a fatass nerd also gimme your lunch money or your dead

  38. OmNi says:

    Just sent you an invite. If you want free wins you can add me to your party :)
    ID: OmNi♥Monshiro
    Reg. NA~

  39. Nashnir says:

    ID: Nashnir

    Please send me an invite

  40. raidragon says:

    Anti Mage is the strongest carry right now

    Sylabear will mark the come of chinese dota2 player….I hope DK.Burning can farm that 14 min radiance again

  41. shengar says:

    Well, my playing record is 139 wins with 121 loses so….is that count as good?

    add me bother
    Steam ID: vakarian/shengarthegreat

  42. anon says:

    people still play dota huh…

    I easily went 50 win streaks with my dota buddy on pubs (even going against inhouse bitches/pub stompers).

    That was two years ago. Was fun.

    Best hero is Syllabear on someone knows how to micro (my buddy would ALWAYS swap me, I am godly) ^^