DotA Recruitment

Most of my days are spent idling on bnet for someone I know to come on, and then get a few games in before they have to leave. Nobody on IRC plays dota, and generally shit sucks.

Thus, it’s high time to recruit some people to play with.

-Be on often. Very often. “If I’m not asleep I’m available to play dota” often.

-Live in NA or be willing to play on USEast.

-Use battlenet, east or west doesn’t matter for me. Garena sucks. I mostly play dotacash since THR died.

-Don’t be retarded/autistic/both(yes there is a difference). Bought a chicken? Share that shit. Support? You better get some fucking wards. Random a hero you’ve never played before? Trade it, ask for help, or repick. 3 carries already on the team? Don’t pick another one.

-Don’t be a jackass/faggot. I don’t care how old you are, as long as you’re not some raging LOLOLXDXD spewing emofest.

-Only play non-EM. EM is for noobs, get over it.

-Can use vent, I guess.

-Be patient, and willing to learn. Unless you’re better than me, I’ll probably have a few things to teach you.

Leave a comment if you’d like to play together.
Link your dotacash/THR stats page if you have one, and say something about your skill level/how good you think you are/what you think you could improve on, etc etc. If you’ve already got an inner circle of people that you play with and would like to invite me, that would be great too.

PS: LoL and HoN are both terrible games.

EDIT: Contact me, or give me some way of contacting you. is Feito @ USEast, or get me through IRC if you want to play.

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53 Responses to “DotA Recruitment”

  1. GG says:

    >Live in NA or be willing to play on USEast.

    Well, fuck.

  2. HollowBear says:

    DotA + Fansubbing? It’s gonna be a long story……. LOLzz

  3. Boku no Schooldays na Kanojo says:

    Haven’t played DotA in a year, live in Europe, got a full time job and resents being support in a team of randoms.

    Do i qualify?

  4. Commander Bubble says:

    LoL looks like a childs game, i’ll agree that it is terrible.
    but after playing hon for a year there is no way i can go back to that horrible WC3 interface. i tried it once. we aren’t gonna talk about that.

  5. nethzken7 says:

    duuude w8 for DotA2 ;D
    man, i go uswest and i play in garena, for now, cuz i need the cd key to go in…and yea i just copied it from my friend that’s why i need the key ^^!
    and yes LoL and HoN are terrible xD

  6. Rhastaroth says:

    I’m down. I use to play pretty competitively and picked the game up again about a week ago and have also mostly been playing DotaCash.

    I usually use skype for dota purposes, but Vent is better for a big group i guess.

  7. Kuro says:

    I’m down for playing some dota with you guys.

    I haven’t played in a while, so I’m probably really rusty, but I used to play it a lot and was pretty good at it.

    I know the game well and can use pretty damn well any hero (or at least I used to be able to, hah). I don’t think I have an ELO ranking on dotacash, though.

    I’d imagine I’d pick things up again pretty quickly.

    I’m Kuro72 on East.

  8. The Ghost says:

    I’m 1750 or so in HoN, do I qualify? (I have a cd key for battlenet as well)

  9. Kotesukesai says:

    I generally play LoL, and Koda now hates me for reasons I don’t even know. I’m also good.

    Do I qualify?

    PS, I am a 47 year old pedophile, who is looking to chat up young girls, and boys. If you are a young boy, that boosts my physical playing ability by approximately 20 times.

    Also I do have WC3 and play on East.

  10. teddybeer says:

    I thought you’re playing with dsp all day long?

    I would play but not on bnet,
    go dotalicious

  11. Keionyan says:

    I’ve been playing dota for 6 years since high school but i use garena because i don’t have an original tft account. I usually play on -apso modes only :) and i’m not in america…

  12. Random says:

    hahahahahaha i like the way you talk to bad i only play bored aussie ahahhahahahahah dam

  13. RaVeN says:

    LOL @ this page. Hahahahahaha…

    Go get some IRL friends and play with them, sif recruit through fagsubbing >.<

  14. Ausfaggot says:

    Ausfaggot who has played for about 6 years on and off. Stopped playing 6 hours a day 2 years ago. Ar mode only. Played on Garena/BoredAussie for years sucks, stopped playing because they started to suck, good DotA community that isn’t ‘pro league’ where?

  15. Tubby says:

    GG decides to make their website about LoL.
    Commie decides to make their website about DotA.
    SC2 fansub where.

  16. HKF says:

    Never played dota however, S2 is a piece of shit cant balance hon and the game over all is a piece of shit.I’m tired of sitting in 40+ min ques because of the people i play with mmr, And i want to play some dota before dota 2 comes out so if you want to teach me im down :|

  17. ... says:

    Stop playing and translate Baka to Test.

  18. iron says:

    visit clan lf. we have somne dota players hanging out here as well.

  19. HKF says:

    1800+ at hon

  20. Play says:

    Play Heroes of Newerth.

    Enjoy best GFX available for that game type, most features than any other game, and now free to play.

    • RHExcelion says:

      No, it’s shit, and I can give you 500 reasons why better graphics make the game worse.

      • HKF says:

        Hon is shit the attack animation is shit orb walkings garbage and the pathing is terrible anyways as i said im 1800+ in hon if you want to play some time for the lols

  21. Brickbreak says:

    Sure is GG in here.

  22. Scorpion says:

    “PS: LoL and HoN are both terrible games.”


    Let’s hope DotA 2 won’t be a big fuck up like these two.

    SC2 ftw too ;)

  23. Bré says:

    >He values bnet over ggc


    Seriously though…How hard would it be to get some guys and play some mid-lvl CW’s?

    Teaching people from scratch is out of the question then ofc.

  24. Bré says:

    >He values bnet over ggc

    Seriously though…How hard would it be to get some guys and play some mid-lvl CW’s?

    Teaching people from scratch is out of the question then ofc.

  25. Nika says:

    Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA
    å pushar på å smeker,
    med motståndet vi leker.
    Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA
    å springer runt å creepar,
    och motståndet vi sleepar.

  26. koala says:

    And gamescom starts today. Lets hope Dota2 will be how we want it to be.

  27. kohi says:

    have your heard of RGC?

  28. EmeralSoul says:

    e.e what is DotA?

  29. Shawn263241 says:

    Don’t let this game keep you from fulfilling your duty to the Mother Land.

  30. Sekundes says:

    Heyo! Im down with playing dota and im always on dotacash so you can check my stats

    this-is-madness @USEast

    Dont forget your releases of Steins and Dantalian though =)

  31. TheSpectre says:

    Just wait for DotA 2… Besides you can’t play garena when you’re living in US since garena was intentionally made for Asia.

  32. nope says:

    Less DotA, more Usagi Drop.