Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Review

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About the Game

Genre: Hack and slash, Action

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

Developer: Omega Force

Publisher: Koei

Platforms: PC (apparently), PS3, Xbox 360

Release Dates: (So many. What the fuck? I’m only gonna list Empires.)

JP: November 8, 2012

NA: February 26, 2013

EU: February 22, 2013

Dynasty Warriors isn’t dead yet?

Apparently not. The series is in the third iteration of its seventh iteration because we all know you have to make an XTREME LEGENDS version of every Dynasty Warriors game. But wait! There’s the Empires release now! I don’t know the differences between vanilla, Xtreme Legends, and Empries. Nor do I care to find out.

I played Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4 back when I was a wee teenager. Then I stopped because I realized every game was going to be the exact same. You pick a kinda cool looking officer and proceed to kick a bunch of ass until the ending credits roll… or something. DW7E comes with a shit-ton of characters this time around with plenty of new weapons, but once you get through like 30 characters, you start to realize a bunch of them are simple reskins.

Create your character is still here!

Yes, you can still create your own character and name him or her! And it’s actually kind of good! There are more weapon types this time, at least compared to DW4. You can change your characters outfit, voice, etc. I made a girl with Irelia-type (flying) swords. She wore some kind of slutty dancers’ outfit. She looked pretty cute.

Right. The options are awesome.

Politics? In my Dynasty Warriors?

I went into the story mode expecting to be dropped in and just kick some ass, but nope. There’s now this overarching strategy game where you have to buy perks for your troops, passive abilities, items, etc. Some gameplay variety is always welcome in a series like DW. That’s just it, though: Gameplay. I don’t want to manage my fantasy army like fantasy football. I just want to kill things in novel ways. Is that so much to ask for?

It does seem like this stuff will have an impact later, but it doesn’t, really. It’s just annoying overhead that I tried to learn at first before just giving up. I just randomly select things just to reach the map selection.

The Not-So-Silent Cartographer

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the pattern here. There’s a bunch of shit standing in between me and my senseless slaughtering of some damn Hans. (You actually start as the Hans, but whatever.)

There’s now a world map where you can see the potential conflicts. You have to win one battle to unlock others. Being the impatient bastard I am, I just mash X until I find a valid area.


Finally, the Yellow Turban Rebellion!

I’m probably just terrible at hack and slashes, but Chaos difficulty is fucking nuts. Five hits from the generic cannon fodder enemies will kill you, so you can’t really do much hacking and slashing until you level up. With my flying sword character’s seriously terrible swing animation, I had to resort to hit and runs, since I’d die in just a few hits. It’s really no fun, and I suggest sticking to Normal if you can. Then you’ll be able to get the most out of your Square-button-hitting experience!

It took me a good three hours (probably more if I including somewhat trying to understand the menus, map, and so on) to beat the Han levels on Chaos with a fresh character. I should also mention the campaign is linear, and you’ll eventually progress through the three kingdoms (+ 1).

TL;DR? It’s bad – 4/10. Unless this is your very first Dynasty Warriors game, I can’t recommend this to you.

What I liked:

-Good character customization (weapons AND physical appearance)

-Music is catchy rock and whatnot – standard DW stuff

What I didn’t like:

-Repetitive hack and slash gameplay everyone’s probably familiar with

-Little to no (closer to no) combat depth

-The camera is fucking balls

-The minimap is XBOXHUEG and goes hand in hand with the camera being fucking balls

-Confusing menu and level up system

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6 Responses to “Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Review”

  1. Gendou says:

    For me it was the first Dynasty Warriors game I plaid.

    It was fun playing through for the first time, after finding out which is a good weapon to use, but after starting another play through.. it seems really similar.
    Playing through and seeing if there’s something different that could happen seems like a chore.

    The weapons ‘level ups’ are basically same.
    The one play mode’s really short and repetitive.

    I wish I could defend the game, I wish it had been good.
    But it wasn’t all that great.

    I was hoping for a long game with lots of development towards my character growing stronger, but that didn’t seem to happen.

    The special ‘skills’ you unlock. (Such as building a base that gives you ten gold more at the end of the fight.)
    Weren’t really needed to play through the game.

    The game’s not challenging enough as it is. There’s not enough debt for the fighting for it to be challenging.

  2. Pantsu says:

    I’m surprised that the Dynasty Warriors franchise is still going.

    • Rarr says:

      Not all that surprising; this’ like japanese (or chinese, if you prefer) madden/fifa/f1/etc. Japanese seem to have a massive hard-on for this time period too.

  3. Minacchi says:

    Can’t wait for your Bioshock Infinite review.