Editor Recruitment Status

These are the email usernames which have been graded thus far. (again, first 3 letters*last 3 letters) If you don’t see your name on the list and have applied, contact me and I’ll try to figure out where it got lost. Applications run until the start of next season.

Commie Spring 2011 Editor Applications:

mar*[email protected]

cit*[email protected]

yar*[email protected]

neg*[email protected]

shi*[email protected]

m*[email protected]

ami*[email protected]

cor*[email protected]

yaf*[email protected]

tat*[email protected]

bra*[email protected]

con*[email protected]

kaz*[email protected]

met*[email protected]

dja*[email protected]

gof*[email protected]

bry*[email protected]

arn*[email protected]

ill*[email protected]

err*[email protected]

ars*[email protected]

bla*[email protected]

ulr*[email protected]

cra*[email protected]

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3 Responses to “Editor Recruitment Status”

  1. Cruel-Viper says:

    Graded and………

    • - says:

      Well, it says that applications will be accepted until the start of the new season. As such, they don’t have the final results and rankings.

  2. Cruel-Viper says:

    Second season is (almost) about to start.

    Were still waiting for the final results