Emergency Post Thingy

We’re looking for someone with a premium TAN account they’re willing to share, as the latest episode of Maria+Holic has Japanese people speaking French and is rather quite hard to translate.

Leave a comment and an email below if you’re interested.


Look this isn’t about being able to translate french or not. It’s about japanese people speaking french which is nigh incomprehensible even to our translator who already knows french.


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22 Responses to “Emergency Post Thingy”

  1. Green says:

    I don’t have a premium TAN account. However, I speak french. So, if all you need is to translate french, I can help you.

  2. Paxton says:

    Oh ? As French I’d love to hear them speak in my language :D

  3. Orane says:

    Hi there. I don’t know whatever a “premium TAN account” is, but I would probably be able to help you with the French parts in Maria†Holic, since I’m a native French speaker (and translator btw)
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can help~

  4. Thomas says:

    May I ask what TAN is?

  5. Green says:

    I don’t have a premium TAN account. However, I speak french. So, if all you need is to translate french, I can help you. Send me an e-mail at this address, if needed.

  6. Yume says:

    Why not just leave them in French? They were not meant to be understood since they are targeting the Japanese audience.

  7. Bulldoc says:

    I take it a french speaker won’t do?

  8. Floflo says:

    Okay, what’s a TAN account (Tax Account Number?? XD)

    Anyway I’m French so I may be able to help. I can easily get a raw and translate the French parts if necessary. Actually I’m downloading a raw right now. Will be done in a few minutes.
    Please tell me when in the episode are the bits in French if you accept my help.

  9. FrenchGuy says:

    Why not tying to find translators who could also speak French?

  10. Kyhz says:

    Looking for Flench>Engrish TL ( ´∀`)

  11. Teg says:

    I would guess by TAN account they want an account for The Anime Network (http://www.theanimenetwork.com/Watch-Online) to steal their subs.

    Unfortunately HorribleSubs isn’t doing MariaHolic 2 so you can’t steal it from them either.

    • kiwi says:

      From what I’m seeing on TT, HorribleSubs IS doing Maria Holic Alive, with subs from TAN, at that.


  12. Tari says:

    Oh God, it’s the menu items, isn’t it?

    • Tari says:

      Forgot to mention, it’s anime-original material there, so you can’t even cross-reference the manga translations. :(

  13. Green says:

    SPOILER… kind of…
    From 5:25 to 5:40, I understand (in order in which it appears):
    pâte brisée, caramélisée, crème patissière, framboise, ananas, orange. Kanako repeat two times “patissier”.
    From 9:50 to, they say: à la ficelle sauce béarnaise, sauce bois boudran, roti forrestière, oreille de mer, bleu homard sauce américaine, sauce béchamel.
    These are all the words I understand and I am sure about.

  14. Ry says:

    The Translator sacrificed his own money to sub a show for us… Your duties will not be wasted comrade. *salutes*

  15. -entropy says:

    Comrade Translator, i salute you

  16. phrev says:

    Comrade, I salute to you!

  17. Yume says:

    Couldn’t he have just gotten the Horrible Subs sub for free?

  18. RyanSaotome says:

    So is this ever coming out or should I just watch the Horriblesubs version?

  19. ulzeraj says:

    I don’t know if it means a lot but I was inspired with the translator’s sacrifice and just donated five dollah.

    Now get my trap show already s’il vous plait!