Emergency Recruitment – Latin/Italian Translator

We’re in need of a guy that can comprehend a Latin (Or maybe it’s Italian, hell if we know) song and make English out of it. It may be an existing song and already translated, and in that case, you’ll only need to point us to a translation.

lol the actual OP has the lyrics translated to kanji already

Song in question:

Leave a comment if you think you can help.

EVERYONE POSTING ON THIS STILL: you realize this is weeks old and we solved the problem, right? Thanks for the attempts to help but really, you’re wasting your time now.

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38 Responses to “Emergency Recruitment – Latin/Italian Translator”

  1. HorstDetlef says:

    Had Latin in school for 8 years and I understand not a single word.

    • RHExcelion says:

      The song’s title is “Cras numquam scire” if that helps.

      • Ashandorath says:

        Had it for 6 years, and i don’t understand it either. Mostly because I have trouble understanding any of syllables.

        btw, I think “cras numquam scire” is a case of “ratin”.

        the words mean:
        cras: tomorrow/future
        numquam: never
        scire: to know. And that is an infinitiv in latin.

        The closest i can get is “noone will ever know”, or “it will never be known”. Both violate the fact that “scire” is an infinitiv (for the latin guys: i think they screwd up the “akkusativ cum infinitiv”).

        if you have a transcription of the lyrics, i can help, otherwise good luck.

  2. HorstDetlef says:

    Gave up searching for the latin text after 20 minutes. Even with the title I couldn’t find anything.
    Translating it won’t probably be as difficult.

  3. Mr says:

    That’s not latin, maybe italian but not latin

  4. Mr says:

    btw the idiom of the song is french

    • RHExcelion says:

      Idiom? Care to explain more?

      • Sword of Retribution says:

        It seems that he is a Spanish native speaker trying to write “btw the LANGUAGE of the song is French”.

        There is a false-friend connection between “language” and “idiom”, because in Spanish we translate “language” as “idioma” (an “idioma” is written similarly to “idiom”).

      • someone says:

        I think he meant “language”. The word for “language” in French looks a lot like “idiom”.

        Oh by the way I’m a native portuguese speaker and I can recognize a few words but not everything so chances are it’s not either galician, portuguese or spanish, it’s a romance language far from it such as french, italian, romenian, catalan, occitan or latin, but then you already knew that.

      • Zero says:

        The song is not French, or Italian.

        I’m 80-90% sure that this song is in Latin, just very incoherent “RATIN”

        I went though a list of 48 languages, and couldn’t find a single one that came as close as Latin.
        Sorry I can’t help you guys out anymore than that.

        • Zero says:

          Scratch that after checking the verses “lune va que qua to stato adeguati solito” seems to be the fist phrase.
          Turns out that it is Italian (X_X )


          Good thing they already translated it into kanji.

          • derp says:

            >Turns out that it is Italian


            That’s latin.
            I can tell from some of the pixels and from being Italian for a quite few time.

            • herp says:

              >That’s latin.


              Latin word for moon “luna”. Word used in song “lune”. Kanji used in song 月 “tsuki” for moon.

  5. Tibsi says:

    sorry i can only tell you yes it is Latin and its called
    Cras numquam scire = something like “you never know tomorrow”

  6. anonymous says:

    probably misheard but the first verses seem to me like
    aque qua to stato
    adegua ti solito

  7. ExplodingLemons says:

    lol “ratin”. Anyways thanks for the release. And I must say that this is indeed an interesting show. Also I have to say I like the ED cause of how different it is

  8. Fabio says:

    I’m Italian and this is not Italian, having studied Latin for more than 10 yrs I can tell that the song sound pretty “latin-ish” but it’s hard to figure out the meaning, ’cause in a language like Latin you need to know all the words.

    Btw “cras numquam scire” means “to never know tomorrow”. Cras and numquam are adverbs so there is no subject (grammatically speaking is still correct). But IMHO they intended to write “tomorrow never knows” (it’s a title of a “the Beatles” song). But it’s just a supposition.

    @Zero: “lune va que qua to stato adeguati solito” absolutely doesn’t mean anything in Italian.

    If someone can figure some text out and post it here it would be helpful. :)

    • Zero says:

      Yeah, I checked a bit more and I know it’s not Italian. I made a mistake with the words since I was going by ear.
      I still think it sounds like Latin, but it could be a mixture Latin and something else.

  9. Bjorn says:

    More like old english; french and latin together in one language

  10. Fabio says:

    After listening a lot to the song, I can only say that it sounds almost impossible to me that what the singer sings is the Latin translation of what you translated from the kanji. It’s still possible that it’s Latin (with a bad construction and a worse pronunciation which made it impossible to figure anything out from that). I think we can only wait for the OST.

  11. mari says:

    It’s in Japanese.

  12. Karasu says:

    Ive found this translation but im not sure my friends
    Moon speaks in silence
    With a voice that nobody listens
    About the rising tide
    Which exists in my memories

    The stars speak in secret
    With lyrics that no one knows
    Of infinite swords
    Creating countless books

    The sky is too big for someone like me
    And the time is too fast
    Lost Forever
    The words brought together by nothing
    Rot in the ground

    Still scream.
    Raise my voice without knowing why
    At least its echo can reach the sky
    And before the sun will rise

  13. Karasu says:

    Also i think its mixture of latin, italian and french or portuguese

    • Rainyday says:

      I’m Brazilian. Brzilians speaks portuguese. I can tell you, it’s absolutely not in portuguese. Trust me

  14. Mish says:

    in most cases… the reason why people who learned latin for years can’t translate songs like these is because of the vocalist’s singing style or maybe the pronunciation of a japanese singer singing latin with an accent…

  15. Nova says:

    I am quite sure the lyric is supposed to be written in Latin.

    However , it is quite difficult to hear clearly what does the singer sings because of the style of the song or her Japanese accent.

    Although there is a Japanese version of the lyric, it is quite differ from the Latin one (liberal translation is in JP one).

    For example , the last part (I have tried my best to listen the song for many times , but I am quite sure there are something wrong[*] , just for a reference used):

    ” ego tamen clamito* ”
    incresco* sonum
    caelum tradita
    alto dierum

    We can see that the meaning in Latin is more simple.

    I hope more Latin professionals can translate this great song perfectly!

  16. Dirk says:

    This is not related to the original topic, but for those who like me were googling for the lyrics and ended up here:

    The subtitles are

    月 は 静か に 語る
    だれにも 聴こえぬ 声 で
    繰り返す 潮 の 満ち引き
    消えゆく 記憶 の 情景

    星 は 密か に 記す
    だれにも 解らぬ 文字 で
    無限 の 言葉 が 渦巻き
    千億 の 本 が 産まれた

    僕 に は 空 が 広すぎて
    時 の 刻み は 速すぎて
    何も 知ぬ まま 虍しく / 集めた 言葉 も
    土 の 中 に 朽ちる だけ

    それでも 僕 は 叫ぶ
    わけ も 解ちず 声 を 上げる
    せめて 響き は 天 に とどけ
    日 も やがて 昇る だろう

    My pityful attempt to translate it:

    The moon speaks in silence
    In a voice nobody hears
    About the ever incoming tide
    A remembrance being washed away

    The stars take notes in secret
    Using letters nobody understands
    An infinite whirling of words
    As a myriad of books are born

    The sky is too wide for me
    Time goes by too fast
    Knowing nothing, the fruitlessly / collected words are also
    Only rotting right in the ground

    But still I cry out
    To raise my voice in sole understanding
    And reach the sky at least with my echo
    I wonder when that day will come

    The text as sung transcribed by an Italian speaker, found on another site:

    lunae va qui qua to stato
    adeguati solito
    cureti ne disiste
    mimoscafna arno agra

    asta sca liquato sarraca
    omuschi adeguati solito
    ifoisi taco lunae va
    niva mi arenosche

    cariri cafa rinola
    tempo aduri afenaedi
    mi disse sina priradi
    co la siri acari silaca riporte

    imocra marbi iniusu
    mi sichi neghi co solito
    colti afirina criste
    navaso irato vo

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an invented language — after all, one would expect a mystical library to have books in languages that are long forgotten by ordinary humans.

    • Kira0802 says:

      Well, it does seems like a mix of languages…though I thought that it was latin, it looks more like Italian…

      Title is Latin, as well as words such as irato or lunae…

  17. Karasu says:

    Ive found this lyrics in of the song but not sure about the language

    Lune ocqui cr pos tatumn
    Homu aude cr dis Soenan
    Cure Tint le vid siesta
    Mimo scap ler nox grad

    Astr scrib cr pos arcan
    Homu scire cr dis Abesn
    Infor Sintac le tabu vern
    Gigan Leinau le nascour

    Cae lie imam plati nor main
    Tempo le imam celer or mint
    Nihil dis scio Igo rina nis
    Colle Sintact mi
    Sina cader plutien

    Igo clama re nihil minus
    Dis sciren ex Soenan
    Conti affir mia Celest
    Nova sol ie rad four

  18. Karasu says:

    I think is a real old language
    also the traduction is one of my replies my friends

  19. Nova says:

    the so-called official one
    i.e. “Lune ocqui cr pos tatumn” version must be wrong
    there is no language like that.
    lgo = ego
    i think the Lyricist is a japanese and does not familiar with latin and its collect pronunciation , how can “cr” be pronounced?

    i am quited disappionted because it is translated in a vy bad quality