Emergency Spring Recruitment

I want 3 typists by ThursdaySUNDAY. Yes you heard me, typists.
As in, people who watch a hardsubbed rip and type the subs into softsubs.

You must be available (on ThursdaySUNDAY) at 10:00PM CDT | 14:15 JST | 5:10 GMT (TL Note: These are the same times) for a solid 3-4 hour chunk. It probably won’t take that long (Here’s to hoping for 1 hour max) but just in case.


You are available on Sunday at the same time.

First come first served, comment below (Take a wild guess at the shows you’ll be typing) and join irc://#[email protected]

Oh, and at least try to have a WPM of at least 60, okay?

Edit: Fuck TAN, delaying a show that airs on Thursday to Sunday? Seriously, fucking outsource to CR.
Edit 2: Times updated.

Edit 3: Closed.

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12 Responses to “Emergency Spring Recruitment”

  1. Mr Lucipher says:

    Too lazy; Did not apply

  2. RESO says:

    So… that’s around 10 in the morning for me… HMMMM… I’ll have to think about it more.

  3. KKRais says:

    Well, I’d do it if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been K-Lined from Rizon even though I’ve never freaking used it before.

  4. Exo says:

    wtf do typists do?

    • Bizzerker says:

      It says it in the first two lines of the post.

      Watch hard subs, and then type it into soft subs.

      Applying once I get mIRC up and running

  5. Fag It says:

    I’d type for Steins;Gate if it would make you un-abandon it.

    • xgraphy says:

      CR shows are soft-subbed…

      So basicly they want people to type up Viz streams and similar.

  6. Random says:

    I wouldn’t mind being a typist for the spring season.