Exams over :3

That’s right. Well… mine at least.

I’ll spare you the faggotry of how much they sucked. Expect backlog soon.

This includes: drrr 17/18, yoyo 1v2/3/4, leaves 5, and whatever else I got randomly assigned to while I was busy playing Civilization 2 with the gang studying for exams.

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24 Responses to “Exams over :3”

  1. holo says:

    I see the link between the :3 and the lips but who’s the shoujo? She looks WAY too young to be as cynical as you guys ^ ^

  2. GL says:

    Where did that picture come from, and why can’t I stop looking at it?

  3. Editor says:

    She is so fucking cute… :3

  4. boeonoz says:

    yeah!! she is too cute.

  5. Unellmay says:

    That you?…..cuz your hot if is

  6. Unellmay says:

    Post more pics of cryptw !

  7. siaoidiot says:

    bunch of gullible faggots, you got trolld

  8. holo says:

    Fascinating. Then according to the XHTML page listing RHExcelion is actually named かわいい 十一 むすめ (さん) or ‘cute 11th daughter’. Who would have guessed? ^ ^

    • RHExcelion says:

      Totally not getting the Geass allusion here.

      • holo says:

        People were wondering who the girl is so I scanned the source code for this page, found a .jpg labeled ‘kawaii eleven musume’ for this section, then translated and posted it as a joke. Actually wanted to see if the forum took kana ;-) Keep up the good work!!

        • RHExcelion says:

          …..or you could have hovered over the image.

          • holo says:

            Nah, more fun to look for hidden comments in the source. Besides the picture probably came from Musume Central. Hope you guys did OK in the finals so you can keep subbing this summer ^ ^

  9. Unellmay says:

    Still kyun kyun

  10. Bruce says:

    I don’t do pigtails.