Fall + Future Things

Beyond fall there’s the HnG movie, S3, and ZnT S4.

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32 Responses to “Fall + Future Things”

  1. osiris5/cm says:

    fvck, just sub everything

    good choice btw

  2. J says:

    Safe to say I’m too retarded to really understand any of that.

  3. Ibitro says:

    *clears throat*
    Maria where?

  4. Rudo says:

    c cubed go

  5. kiwi says:

    Looking forward to those delays!

  6. middleschooler says:

    Droprate 30%.

  7. Lemi says:

    HnG movie? Yessshh

  8. jesper says:

    >Boku wa Tomadashit


    Only funny thing I noticed is that they started promoting Monster Hunter and some shitty VNs in 3rd chapter, without even bothering to introduce other characters. Oh and shitty art. And rageface “humor”.

  9. Xi Thau says:

    I tried my best at understanding it.

    So no Wagnaria? Lolool.
    Well, nonetheless, I’ll be looking forward to anything and everything!

  10. anony says:

    so what’s going on with nura?

  11. B22 says:

    Glad to see Boku wa Tomodachi.

    But no Working’!! Pfft.

  12. Brickbreak says:

    What’s with all the R-15 PTSD?

  13. JustSteven says:

    Hell yeah! Znt season 4, i love you guys.

  14. mondan says:

    What’s happen with Nurarihyon no Mago ? Do you guys drop it or its just late?

  15. B3hind4ll says:


  16. anon says:

    What series are you guys going to start but not finish for next season?

  17. p says:

    How about doing Maria Holic.

  18. slash says:

    ZnT S4? You’re joking right?

  19. slash says:

    Oh sweet Jesus its real

  20. shuff says:

    So you’re doing C cube and horizon? cool