Fall Recruitment


Requirements: pass the timer test. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Use TPP etc and email the timed script to:

Additional requirement: Not be in Europe. (Or those sandy countries south of Europe)

Edit: Due to the resounding failures of people outside of Europe I’ve decided to let Europeans apply, provided they’re willing to work the morning shift. That means like 6am to noon.


Oh and you should have somewhat decent internet to download workraws in a relatively short amount of time (~100MB in a couple of minutes).

Hint: There’s a timing guide in the guides section of the site.

For this season and next season and foreseeable seasons to come. Knowledge on motion tracking preferred but not required. We only do softsubs. Show us your previous works or: <- ts those, it’s the 1st episode of TWGOK (torrent is kinda dead so you might wanna try XDCC)

You will work on shows of collective choosing. You must be available at time of airing and gifted in both Japanese and English. A standard script is 250-400 lines and you will be expected to finish within a few hours.

To Apply:
Leave a comment here with an email you can be contacted at. There will be multiple tests involved.

About being in Commie:
You are seriously expected to be on IRC every minute of your waking day.

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6 Responses to “Fall Recruitment”

  1. Sword of Retribution says:

    No, thank you. Too much responsibility.

  2. Julius says:

    You seriously expect something from this? That requirement about IRC is retarded.

  3. smeeeeghead says:

    Hmmm, to be on IRC every minute of my waking day. I think I could substitute a bot and it might have more intelligent conversation than I usually have to offer. lmao

  4. john says:


  5. anony says:

    pretty sure the IRC thing just means they want you to be logged in. doesn’t mean you have to be at your computer…

  6. Ven says:

    I would like to apply to be a timer, please.