Who are you?


A small group of “dedicated” “fansubbers” “devoted” to bringing the “best” possible “releases” to the field.


You guys sound awesome, how do I join?


We’re usually recruiting at the beginning and end of a season (and we’re obvious about it most of the time), but if you’re a translator, just pop on in. If you want to just come chat with us, #[email protected] is the place to go (or click the IRC link at the top there).


You guys suck. Where can I file my complaint?


IRC. Be coherent.


I am offended by something you guys put in your subs.


A: That’s not a question.
B: Here.
B2: Here.
B3: Here.


I want to do a joint with you guys for X. Who do I contact?


Go away.


Can I use your subs for X?


Go ahead, just don’t be a dick about it. “Being a dick about it” constitutes doing it in such a way that if you fuck up, people bother us about your screwups.

Will you provide me with the sub file only, since I already have the raw? (Actual question we’ve been asked)


No, we’re too lazy to do that. Download and extract them yourself.
Use this
And this
Please note that we are not their tech support so if something bad happens, go to them.


Batch where?




Batching means fixing mistakes that weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Most of the time we just want a show to go away.


Are you dropping X because Y is subbing it/streaming it


When will you release X?


More coming soon!

487 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Silkie says:

    So, Haikyuu. Summer season is done now, can we still expect to see this released ever? Thanks for your hard work this summer!

  2. asckj1 says:

    Just wanted to inquire- if I get a ban on the irc is it permanent? Just made a casual remark on your addition of words to the Free Eternal Summer title on irc yesterday and suddenly got a ban. Was with the same name as this comment.

  3. Hellooooo says:

    Hi, I see your files for animes and they tend to be a lot smaller, but they don’t indicate the quality?

  4. Rizzorian says:

    Will ya’ll be subbing the new season of Buddy Complex?

  5. TheGourmet says:

    I was banned from the #commie-subs channel for making a completely innocuous statement… Are bans permanent? (´・-・。)

  6. dom says:


    I went to join the irc channel and was auto banned for having a *.rs domain. Can I know why is connecting from that domain forbidden?


    • johnny_dickpants says:

      >an actual serbian

      uh… wow.

      .rs was banned because 80% of the spam on rizon comes from serbian bots.

      • dom says:

        …. serbian bots…


        Didn’t know we had them, I mean I am not dissproving your claim in any way I just find it funny.

        Oh well, just wanted to know the reason.

        Thank you for the reply.

  7. Doubleswee says:


    Are you still working on the ping pong BDs? If so, do you have any idea of when we should expect to see them?

  8. Dark says:

    Sorry if this was discussed somewhere else but, what happened to Denki-gai no Honya-san?

    I really like the show and I liked your subs. I really don’t want to turn to HorribleSubs, plz tell me that it wasn’t dropped :(

  9. Jane says:

    Will you guys be subbing Ao Haru Ride OVA in the future?

  10. Someone says:

    Serious question: how does one get his mitts on some of your really fukkenold releases?

    I’m specifically thinking about Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (most of the earlier episodes are no longer seeded on Nyaa for some reason), but I expect this would apply to most older shows.

  11. anonymous says:

    so appparently there’s a reason why you guys have stopped fansubbing monogatari s2 BDs that I’m not aware of (fairly recently started watching fansubs using mpc hc mad vr reclock)

    did you guys drop it?

  12. spoopdogg says:

    Will you guys be subbing Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun BDs? Thanks in advance.

  13. anonymous says:

    WTF is everyone on nyaa associating you guys with “memes”?

    I watched your subs of Ore Twintail ni Narimasu and the only issue I had was with the Neptune robot’s lines being subbed as if he was some American N**** black gang member with the associated jargon.

    Again I’m still fairly new to fansubs, and out of the loop. Like seriously I’m a fan of memes from places elsewhere (reddit, twitch) but seeing all these pleb accounts on nyaa saying “commie and memes” is starting to make me despise them (the word memes being used).

  14. Grif says:

    On a whim, I did two searches and noticed something odd.



    38% of A+ torrents on Nyaa.se are subbed by Commie. Are Nyaa and Commie affiliated in some way?

  15. Alex says:

    Will you be releasing a batch for SAO II or do the blu rays?

  16. Sinner says:

    Do you plan to translate Yatterman (2008) after completing Yoru no Yatterman? There’s no decent subs for this anime, and I would love to re-watch original in better graphics. Think about that guys please.

  17. Dante says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering if you were planning on releasing Tsukimonogatari : Yotsugi Doll, always been a fan of your Monogatari works :-)

  18. LePetitMeow says:

    I absolutely LOVE Commie subs! Will you guys also be releasing the next volume of HaCha PreCure raws?

    • herkz says:

      The person who bought the first volume isn’t buying the rest right now. But I guess he plans on buying the rest eventually.

  19. ♠Mela♠ says:

    Will you do the OVA of Watamote?

  20. Boanz says:

    Do you do freelance subtitling work? I’m interested in hiring someone to make subs for some non-anime Japanese movies.

  21. iregalia says:

    Will you guys be doing the OVA of Shigatsu?

  22. Questionnaire says:

    I am trying to download Tamako Markets BDs but when i clicked the XDCC pack for them they go to a blank white page. I tried clicking on the recently uploaded Nisekoi 9 and it downloaded. There are also no seeders for the torrents. Is it possible to seed it for me?

  23. DZPt says:

    The B2 link in the answer to “I am offended by something you guys put in your subs.” question is to a video that was removed.

  24. cow_co says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, how long do IRC bans last? I think I was banned for using the word “lewd” which was classed as foul language by the bot thingy.

    • herkz says:

      To answer your first question, in theory forever. But someone usually clears the ban list eventually or it gets full.

      As for your ban, “.lewd” is a banword because it’s a dumb command people like to spam.

  25. Xiombarg says:

    Is there a place to check for/request a series? I haven’t seen anything obvious, so I thought I’d check here.

    Thanks for all the work thus far! I look forward top seeing more!

  26. Xiombarg says:

    Ok, then can I ask if the series “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou” is on your list of projects, or am I going to have to hunt it down elsewhere?
    Since it’s covered by Crunchyroll, and starts airing on the 9th, I’m hoping it falls into the right places for you folks.

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  27. cow_co says:

    I’m sorry to ask about irc bans again, but I got banned from irc after saying “lol xd”. Are “lol” or “xd” banned?

  28. inirakha says:

    Hello, will you guys be working on psychopass movie? If yes, it will be awesome! Love your subtitles!

  29. Psycho says:

    Hey, are you guys going to work with Psycho Pass Movie?

  30. ksg says:

    When are you going to release Teekyuu 4 BD?

  31. AP says:

    what’s the status of space dandy 2?

  32. LittleCat says:

    Hey, do you all know if you or anyone else plans on doing a RAW encode of the Princess Precure or subbing the BDs of it? I know it’s a popular season this year.

    • herkz says:

      the BDs are extremely unlikely to be uploaded anywhere, so i don’t think it’s possible even if we wanted to.

      • LittleCat says:

        Well, I’m ripping the Blu-Rays for HappinessCharge (only third and fourth volumes) and the first for Go!Pri. I’m using handbrake to separate the episodes, and was just wondering what specifications you guys use for the files? No matter what settings I opt for, the file sizes are always similar to TV raws, and aren’t as great in quality as your encodes…

        • herkz says:

          I doubt you can do much with Handbrake. Unfortunately, explaining how to encode would certainly be too long to fit in a blog comment.

          tl;dr it’s way too hard and unless you have a few months, you’re probably better off just uploading the BDs and letting other people encode them

  33. Alan says:

    Will you guys be doing the Nisemonogatari BDs? And also how about the Symphogear G BDs and on… are you guys not subbing that one? Thanks in advance.

  34. SisterWicked says:

    Hey, I just got kicked from the IRC, I believe it said ‘watch your language’ but I wasn’t cursing at anyone? Now it says I’m banned, could someone fix this for me? Thanks!

  35. SisterWicked says:

    No, I just wasn’t actively on IRC. Didn’t know I needed to be, since it won’t even let me join the channel. Any advice?

  36. SisterWicked says:

    Thanks! Keep up the good work ;)

  37. Omega says:

    About Koyomimonogatari that you releasing right now, I heard you’re looking for the BD. Good news, you can find it here. http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=827428&showfiles=1

  38. pintlemount says:

    Just a question, but have you guys dropped dagashi? I’ve heard nothing about it and it’s completely disappeared from the showtimes tab.

  39. ClisaEx says:

    Thanks for your hard work. Will you be doing the rest of the Valkyrie Drive OVAs from the BDs?

  40. Ridhwan says:

    Hello Commie Subs, just wondering did you guys drop the subbing project for Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road?

  41. NoctisCuadro says:

    Just a question. Is there any chance you guys will do Occultic;Nine? It has great potential but as of now, the available subs are only dooming that show.
    And thank you for all the good work.

    • herkz says:

      no, and for exactly the reason you stated. the official subs are worthless garbage and it’d be a ridiculous amount of work to fix them up and/or do an original translation.

  42. sora says:

    hi! what font did you used for Free eternal summer??? uhmm.. will u be subbing Free! starting days movie?? thanks!

    • herkz says:

      you can just extract the fonts from the MKV. and we probably won’t be subbing the movie unless it gets licensed, which seems unlikely.

  43. Asukafag says:

    Hey guys, any chance for Majestic Prince the Movie? I know you didn’t do the OVA, but maybe the movie? Pretty please?

  44. Joe says:

    I cannot access the XDCC listing on CS|Kuma.

    When will this be fixed?
    Or am i in some banned IP range?

  45. mm says:

    What’s with Kizu? Have you dropped it for good?
    Do you plan to release Owari Ge?

    • herkz says:

      no, not dropped. the second movie is almost done. i just have QC left.

      we might sub owari s2. depends on if the translator will be busy when it airs or not (hard to say this far away obviously).

  46. Rosen says:

    Hi, I’m really thankful for the subbing and stuffs. Really appreciate it. Just wanna ask. Are you all still subbing Symphogear AXZ? It’s a great series and I really hope that you all will continue working on it

  47. drunkatnite says:

    Will you guys sub kizu part 3? sorry if you answered this before. Couldnt find an answer.

  48. superdadidou says:

    Hello! Do you plan to release the OAV 3 of Haikyuu?

  49. Ain Ree says:

    Please, please consider re-doing Nichijou with the official subs from the BD-release earlier this year but using your format. The official subs are really good but there are some rough patches here and there. Like some weird placement of words, formatting error, etc.

    Hope I caught you in a good day, thanks.

  50. Zros says:

    Looking around the XDCC but withno luck; I’m guessing the Black★Rock Shooter (2012) subs that you guys did is gone since it’s beyond ancient at this point?

    Thanks for all your work either way

    • herkz says:

      yes. the XDCC bot only has stuff from the last 6 months or so.

      also, there are apparently BD releases with our subs for some reason, so you should try to find those.

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