Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 04


skiddiks: fuck sportsball

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14 Responses to “Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 04”

  1. Emiya Shirou says:

    So that’s why you were late again.

    10 hours spent on this pic. 1 hour for the sub?

  2. That Guy says:

    I’m speechless

  3. Minachi says:


  4. W says:

    I don’t understand, please explain further

  5. HyakuPercent says:

    The best. Did not disappoint.

  6. dannyboy says:

    If that pic was the reason this release got delayed, I’m not mad at all.

  7. Kyon12 says:

    awesome pic made my day thanks

  8. Anon says:

    I want you guys to use this pic for future releases

  9. MyHatsOffToYou says:

    Look how intense the dude was while saying that, and I wanna know what Sabre’s thinking too