Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 16


skiddiks: fucking zeroj

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16 Responses to “Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 16”

  1. Cezar says:

    Lightning fast.

  2. man00ver says:

    Thanks for the quickness!

  3. keemeef~ says:

    Thank you for that speedy release~

  4. Omegadark says:

    This is way too fast…

    Who are you and what did you do with the real commie?

  5. flupperman says:

    EPIC BATTLES! …. in the next episode

  6. dannyboy says:

    That was blazing fast! But needs moar “Tohsaka’s anus” jokes

  7. taz says:

    Tohsaka and Shirou interactions are the best

  8. Foobar says:


    There seems to be some green spots 09:46-09:49. No clue if they are from actual TV stream or from encoding, but probably worth checking before releasing batch.

  9. Kim Jong Bill says:

    Tohsaka Facial Expressions are the best part about F/SN UBW.

  10. hoang says:

    ty, this episode is so good :))