Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 19


skiddiks: I wanna touch her absolute territory too

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8 Responses to “Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 19”

  1. AMg says:

    Such speed.

    Could this scene be the longer version of the (crappy) movie?

  2. flupperman says:

    all talk and no fighting, i want to see some heads roll!

  3. keemeef~ says:

    Thanks for the Rin release. That absolute territory release pic though.

  4. anis says:


  5. Big D says:

    I would screw these legs.

  6. AMg says:

    Being (insert the Carnival joke here) is suffering.

  7. taz says:

    “I wanna touch her absolute territory too”
    Get in line.

  8. Kiyoso says:

    Tohsaka da best.