Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 20


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11 Responses to “Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 20”

  1. jameshriz says:

    is torn an M?

  2. flupperman says:

    a suffering emiya shirou is a good emiya shirou

  3. dannyboy says:


  4. keemeef~ says:

    Pls don’t bully Torn lol

  5. Catastrophe says:

    Fak u torn

  6. whereisgg? says:

    i feel bad for torn,
    shouldn’t he quit from being torn?

  7. Senfu says:


  8. Dariusdd says:

    I plead for ass! Tohsaka ass!

  9. Anon says:

    Imagine being the animators for that part. :^)