From Commie leader RHE

Nyaatorrents might have close to a million servers no wait who am I kidding they have one. They also have something like 13,000 staff no, nope, more like 20. We have one (and a half?) servers and 30ish staff.

Commie is the #5 hell if I know site on the web and serves a hundred thousand this I do know! people every month plus a bunch of dudes who never visit the site/stream/insert other atrocities here – with an average of 1.75 pageviews per person

Commerce is fine evil. Advertising is not evil no, wait, actually I’m pretty sure it is.
But it doesn’t belong here. Nobody clicked on them when they were up for like a month.
Not in Commie. Also I’m not filing no tax reports.
Commie is something special (we’re all autistic). It is like a library filled with stolen books or a public park parking lot. It is a place we can all go to think about chinese cartoons, to learn about chinese cartoons, to share our knowledge about chinese cartoons with other people who care about chinese cartoons.
When I founded Commie I didn’t, but imagine if I did, I could would liked to have made it into a for-profit company with advertising banners, but I decided to do something different mainly because aforesaid is seriously Not Possible- trust me if there was some way to make a living subbing chinese cartoons I would have dropped out of school a long time ago. We’ve worked hard over the years to keep it lean and tight. This sounds overly gay. We fulfill our mission, and leave lay waste to others.

Now if everyone reading this donated $20, we would only have to fundraise for one day a year be rolling around in so much cash. But not everyone can or will donate. Seriously, rolling in cash. And that’s fine.No, it really is. Each year enough people decide to give us a lot of headaches

This year, please consider making a donation of $5, $25, $625, or whatever you can another power of 5 preferably higher than 4 to protect feed and sustain clothe Commie.

Commie Leader

I forget what the point was, but I think it had something to do with sarcasm.

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120 Responses to “From Commie leader RHE”

  1. Baka-chan says:

    Now, that was a surprisingly cool story, bro.

  2. MountainGoat says:

    Yeah, Stay afloat guys!

  3. liliff says:

    and i thought this was going to be about censorship

    there, i donated, only since you asked nicely.

  4. zetsu says:

    You literally copied some of those sentences from the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales and edited some of it XD..


    The point is that I love you guys for subbing my favourite animes, and I would donate (now, if only I have any cash…) but I couldn’t. All I could give is thanks (YES I KNOW IT’S NOT ENOUGH) and keep up the good work !

  5. thank you for all the subs, I may donate some if I got some money left over after all my bills are paid :P

  6. leungclj says:

    *chuckling really hard*

    dang… i actually read all that?

    *commit suicide*

    still lol-ing about the chinese cartoon and power of 5 bit, LOL

  7. Lilo says:

    I am glad you chose to use the Steins;Gate theme I sent you. And because Commie is the best sub group, I donated $25 ^__^

  8. MagicPower says:


  9. : o says:

    lol so you becaome part of wiki now? xD

  10. Alarisia says:

    Thanks for subbing all the anime, if I have any extra money I will donate sometime! That was pretty epic by the way, a good read. :P

  11. outlawauron says:

    I’ve watched your releases for a few years now. Gotten considerably better with time. Donated some for you.

  12. Ibitro says:

    That was the best thing I’ve read in a while… I’ll consider it.

  13. Kirby_422 says:

    lol, do this moar often.

  14. Positron says:

    [citation needed]

  15. IG-1 says:

    Since you guys helped me out – as well as sub all of my favorite anime the best ways possible – AND because you’re all fucking awesome. I will donate $30.

    Thank you so much for all your releases, and keep on going – You glorious, glorious bastards, you!

  16. Peebs says:

    RHExcellion needs to put a picture of himself up on the banner just like Jimmy Wales is doing. Then I’ll donate.

  17. BidumBidum says:

    You need a pic that has a bit more of the constipated red in the face look . Jimmy Wales always looks like he’s being sodomized or on the crapper on those “personal appeal” pictures.

  18. holyshit says:

    I would if I could.
    >Implying I can’t

  19. XerBlade says:

    I would have donated, but the time it took me to read that already took as much time as I could bear to be away from my butterfly-catching addiction. Maybe someday when I get back (and I actually am not broke), I can–oo~~ Butterflies!

  20. Buildable says:

    Thanks for all the subs guys! I must say this is the cleanest looking subbing site, 2nd to Doki subs, but you’re all so close! Keep up the good work! You have my donation coming your way.

    • zach8012 says:

      lol. “2nd to lolDoki.”

      Apparently this guy pays as much attention to subtitles as Doki does to translating.

  21. 赤い兵士 says:

    for glorya mama Commie /

  22. 赤い兵士 says:

    for glorya mama Commie /

  23. erejnion says:

    >this post

    I congratulate you, RHE, you just made the best fundraising post I have ever seen.
    >$ 281 / 160 raised

    as I said, best fundraising post ever

  24. zohos says:

    and u r bieatching about donation and cash when poor koda is..RLY POOR!


  26. derp says:

    can’t believe i actually donated to you faggots

    enjoy ur 10 bux

    • derp says:

      I-it’s n-not like I like your subs or anything! I j-just had an extra $10 dollars around, t-that’s all!

  27. VanFinale says:

    I tried to donate just now but the link is broken now I will never donate again lol.

  28. Man In Black says:

    Wow. Their servers going down in the side, you made an interesting umm plea? Please write my essays! Seriously lol

  29. Heavyoak says:

    ok, i’ll donate $50.00 ONLY if you post the rest of maria holic s2.


    post maria holic 5-12 and you get $50.00 USD

  30. Chackary says:

    Donated, enjoy your $4.01. Since you asked for more than $4.


  31. Heisenburg says:

    +1 MARIA–>Fabulous DONATIONS
    $10 donation from me if Commie finishes Maria (soonish)…of course, BDs are also acceptable, at this point

  32. Reaper says:

    you guy’s actually call anime “Chinese Cartoon”
    i feel offended and to all pure Otaku’s out there >_>
    (well i get the feeling majority of people who watch anime are otaku’s and few for fun or to waste time)

  33. Smrth says:

    i would gladly donate.. that’s just money.. but, its impossible from my country.. u’ll see that srebia is not on the country list, and that’s required field for bank so i cant access my card…
    u’ll have to wait few more years until paypal comes to serbia :P

  34. Zaton says:

    I’ll donate once i get a job.

    Yeah, that might take a while.

  35. GrimReaperCalls says:

    Bwahahah, WIN! XD

  36. Sid says:

    I Donated $4.99 just because i wanted it to total $300 for the month

  37. ondi says:

    Woah almost $ 320.
    Good luck Commie.

  38. derp says:

    Koda is dying and you’re stealing his donations? faggots.

    • Sarukah says:

      Read that gg post again and you’ll realize that that post was made a full year ago.
      aaaand now you feel silly.

  39. Shawn263241 says:

    Congrats on getting almost double what you needed for this month in just one day. Now don’t you dare squander it; that money’s just for the server, not your Chinese food. lol

  40. Kageromero says:

    I honestly love you guys, you sub all my favourite animes, I’ve wanted to for a long time but broke atm, expect my donation in a month or so c:

  41. MNXBT says:

    Well i would like to donate but really cant

  42. Kazumi says:

    I’ll hit yall up with a nice Xmas donation on the 1st. Thanks for staying strong commie!

  43. shinyaslove says:

    I’m very happy I was the first to donate this month. Wish it could have been more. Maybe Xmas.

  44. chinese animated comics says:

    Lean and tight.

  45. asdf says:

    Can you please break down your budget? Cuz 30 ppl paying just 2$/month are plenty to maintain a server + webhosting.

    If we are talking about Xeon servers you’re greedy bitches and ppl who actually donate fucking morons.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Well, we could rent atom servers, but then each episode would take a week to encode.

      • asdf says:

        A fucking 80 $ quad core does the job fine. In fact any dual core would finish any encode before your translators, timers and etc have their jobs ready.

        But I’m guessing that the cheap way doesn’t fit your fansub policies.

        • RHExcelion says:

          Are you retarded? How are timers supposed to time to a raw that doesn’t exist?

          • asdf says:

            Lightweight xvid done in 2 mins?

            • RHExcelion says:

              While running a deinterlacing filter on 1080i source? Not happening with a dual core bro.

              • asdf says:

                Choose the interlace pattern and work with the fastest deinterlacing filter. Get the quality one for the final encode.

                BTW there aren’t such terrible raws/sources lately. I would say for years already or your cappers aren’t doing their work right.

                • RHExcelion says:

                  That is using the fastest. And if you were to change filters, then that would fuck up your timing due to keyframe changes.

                  All caps are 1080i, and we work with such. I don’t know where you get your information from, but this is the process I’ve streamlined from 2 years in the business.

                  A cap is downloaded to the server. It’s trimmed and workrawed. This takes around 10 minutes (on an i7). That’s passed off to the timer. He finishes before the final encode can finish, which usually takes around 2 hours. Now extrapolate that to a dual core. Now imagine doing 12 shows a week on said dual core. I don’t think it’s even possible to finish encoding the entirety of one week before the next one begins, much less having any sort of decent release schedule. Not to mention, having 100mbps internet is a bare minimum while trying to initial seed to 1000+ peers without complaints.

                  • asdf says:

                    Whatever dude. If you think that’s the better way to reencode simulcasts and donators are fine with it I’m not going pick a fight with you over it.

                    There’s a lot of cheaper ways to do it and I won’t get into your demagogy about seeding, cpu worths or schedules.

                    Now have a good night.

  46. Kyzoryn says:

    Fucking niggershit. Just because if this post. I shall donate $5 …after Christmas, but I promise a donation. Because I love my commie brothers (lean and tight baby)

  47. Harout says:

    Why don’t use put some ads and just ask to your true fans to disable adblock.

  48. vietwolf says:

    Kind of sad that this needed a post, but hope you guys can keep it rolling. Still the best group (and name). Had to donate just because of the pickle theme (though I’m back to TK theme now).

  49. Swaps4 says:

    I would donate but I’m in the same boat as you guys atm.

  50. Blunt says:

    Why I would donate when I could use the donation money in KFC ?