Group Associations

Here’s a chart of fansubbing group associations compiled through IRC channels, staff pages, and personal attestations. Each line denotes at least one shared staff member active in both groups.

Groups in red are hilariously accused of being an illusory “fansubbing cartel”.
Take it as you will.

For educational purposes only!

Disclaimer: Not 100% accurate due to this being the internet and all.

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  1. GhostWriter says:

    Interesting, but a slightly higher resolution would be much appreciated.

  2. Boku no Schooldays na Kanojo says:

    -Fansubbers working with crunchyroll


  3. Adamar says:

    Interesting stuff.

    Maybe make the image a link to itself, right clicking is hard.

  4. ... says:

    I knew subdesu was incorruptible. obviously this means subdesu>>>>>>>>>all other groups.

  5. the trooper says:



  6. Horo says:

    SubDESU is obviously the hidden menace behind everything.

  7. shiroverse says:

    you forgot hatsuyuki tsuki.
    they sub the Hanasaku Iroha

  8. Li says:

    SubDESU it’s like Kohaku, it looks innocently happy and shit but it’s the FUCKING EVIL MASTER MIND behind all this drama.

    But seriously, this shit about some groups trying to kill the fansub scene it’s just retarded. I might even say when I was talking with that Daiz guy on /a/ I kinda liked him (in a very homosexual way).

  9. Dark_Sage says:

    More like not even close to being accurate. You’re missing so many links and groups that it’s completely irrelevant to any point you could make.

    If you want to piss on Steven so much, it’s not hard to do. A contrived chart doesn’t exactly offer the “killing blow” that you were so desperately trying for.

    You say “active members”, but you include dead groups like MSPN and niizk.

    ElitistFags isn’t even a fansub group, so why are they here?

    Groups which have no current relevancy beyond their previous works are included, such as Eclipse and BSS.

    And I can’t help but feel that the staff lists you think you have are inaccurate – at best. You really think you have Doki’s entire stafflist correct?

    And there are people that are in multiple groups under different names. Good luck getting all of them to reveal their aliases.

    Nice try, but try harder next time.

    • Dark_Sage says:

      Regardless of my criticisms, this was definitely an interesting piece and I applaud you for your effort in compiling it.

    • randomfag says:

      >Disclaimer: Not 100% accurate due to this being the internet and all.

      • Dark_Sage says:

        I realize that, which is why I referenced that line in my original post.

        The important thing here is intent. The intent is to take the piss out of Steven by offering a great argument for why there isn’t some secret, magical cartel controlling fansubbing or w/e the fuck the original argument was.

        But when the picture goes from being 90% accurate to 50% accurate, it doesn’t really serve its original purpose.

    • Badskater says:

      it says not 100% accurate. Like THORA, we’re associated with around 20 other groups, so it can’t be accurate, since most of the groups don’t even have a staff page.

      > mfw quoting RHE myself.

    • Someguy says:

      Whoa, calm down.

      Just a joke.

      Remember, it cannot be helped.

  10. Mushyrulez says:

    Someone’s got too much time on their hands :v

  11. Auro says:

    Best. Cartel. Ever.

  12. nINJAkECIL says:

    Groups in red are hilariously accused of being an illusory “fansubbing cartel”.

    Is it because the issues between daiz and coalgirls, and the not-so-important-in-my-opinion-issues with coalgirls and nyaa?

    And what’s this fansub cartel anyway?

  13. NameShifter says:

    if i were a FUCKING EVIL MASTER MIND i would secretly change the chart where subdesu is the center point with all other groups connected to it >:D

  14. sb says:

    This was because someone asked for it on /a/ yesterday, isn’t it?

    Even down to the talk of ‘cartels’, this diagram mirrors that discussion perfectly. o commie

  15. LOL wat says:

    Some part of the group relationship is definitely wrong.

    The chart creaters are probably from someone in gg, commie or fffpeeps.

  16. Hifumi says:

    Why Doki and Ayako arent in red group i think that they deserve it they fansub many animes and i often watch animes translated by them.

  17. yakitatefreak says:

    Uh looking back at the 8+ years that I have seen fansubbing… I have heard of a lot of groups

    Its scary that I know so many groups associated with the so called cartel (and so many that aren’t…



    anyway some groups are dead, others are independent…
    etc, etc


    find more groups at animesuki

    • Paradox says:

      Dattebayo are dead. They did have associations with gg, though.

      • AkaSakura says:

        And don’t forget that SGKK is basically the reincarnation of Dattebayo (they’re the former Naruto team who took over Bleach when DB dropped it). SGKK said so on their website so twas kinda obvious.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          What? sgkk is just jecht from doki and whoever he conned into working with him.

  18. flaming shark says:

    looks just like linux audio implementations

  19. derp says:

    oh god
    gg is like, everywhere

  20. Nicky12 says:

    There are so many missing links, but I suppose it’d probably be unreadable if it was accurate (due to too many lines going everywhere).

  21. Lemi says:

    lol, why bakabt is black?

  22. Matteas says:

    It looks as though gg were pulling all the strings XD Though, maybe they do XD

    There are a few things I began to wonder about after seeing this graph. It only represents sharing members and close cooperation, right? Otherwise, HorribleSubs would have to have a very bold line linking them with CrunchyRoll XD
    Members of late Eclipse and their bros at SS, and some faGGots translate and edit and whatever for CrunchyRoll? That kind of makes sense and it is a very good move from CR. Why would you hire novices when it comes to translating anime when you can get some uberpros?

  23. Suzuku says:

    Now make a chart for why Kristen is so retarded.

  24. Andromeda says:

    lmao @ bakabt

  25. Korokun says:

    I’m tickled that we’re still ‘associated’ with Ayako. If said group didn’t push my said things to the side we’d be trying that moe moe kyun shit Kaitou Tenshi 2011. But ahh, I degress. However on an unrelated note, the leader still a great person. Minus all the shafting and shit.

    Since m33w really doesn’t ‘play well’ with others, we tend to have our own agenda with things, and since our bar is retardly high, well I guess fast releases are a thing in the past.

    Anyway appreciate the graph. Quite tickled honestly.

  26. fag says:

    >mfw all the good groups are associated with Crunchyroll and all the shitty groups are associated with BakaBT

  27. Fag It says:

    So many esoteric groups of yesteryear, makes me nostalgic. The denotation of “cartels” is particularly entertaining because it makes fansubs seem more like organized crime than they could ever possibly be.

    …or does it? (dun dun dun!)

  28. angie says:

    Fansubbing is dead but the cartel last forever ◔ ◡ ◔

  29. Zan says:

    >A high-detailed road map of fansubbing.

    The ball’s in your court Daiz, accidentally all of them.

  30. Kishi says:

    Oh god… gg is… everywhere…

  31. PiisAWheeL says:

    It’s smaller than I expected it would be.

  32. foxy says:

    This is a conspiracy of the big players like crunchyroll that inplement in our ranks to make chaos and steel good fansubbers to kill the free anime. XD

    • (ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻ says:

      No, I’m pretty sure that’s a butt-raep of the English language you’ve got there.

    • (ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻ says:

      No, I’m pretty sure that’s a butt-raep of the English language you’ve got there.

  33. Sum_of_Thunder says:

    Whoa! A very interesting chart, regardless.

    I’m going to need to extend my story lines.

    • Fag It says:

      Story lines? Is it because you’re chronicling Commie’s rise to supreme dominance?

  34. Peebs says:

    Very amusing. I could see some due to blogs, joints and whatnot, but others came as a surprise.

  35. jesper says:

    >conspiracies and tl cartel charts

    It’s like I’m really on /jp/

  36. kiwi says:

    I can’t believe that all this time I’ve liked Eclipse and hated CR.

  37. W says:

    I like how the cartel almost forms a pentagram.

  38. asgardian says:

    Taka, Kyuubi and Yibis were left out…lol

  39. M-Pop says:

    That’s pretty fascinating – looks like there might be a either a new addition with the Ahodomo/Evetaku connection, or the beginning of a new association chart. Subdesu is an island unto itself lol.

    Yeah, I was surprised about fansub groups working with Crunchyroll, too.

  40. aruman says:

    horriblesubs is connected to gg.
    gg is connected to crunchyroll ==> horriblesubs is connected to crunchyroll.

    btw i want umee back and alive :( u guys are connected, right?

  41. anon says:

    Koda confirmed for Queen of fansubbing.

  42. korol says:

    So someone actually made this after I asked about a ‘map’ of the groups on /a/.

  43. Fag It says:

    RHE’s introduction on NT wins over the other mods.

  44. mascthemoney says:

    i thought everybody in coalguys drank cool-aid and suicided after k-on ended.

  45. aza says:

    Chart is a mess around THORanime, you should move it lower to that empty area in Commie-IIsubs-FFFpeeps triangle.

    >mfw yesy is still alive

  46. Stephen says:

    Yesy’s better than any group of the “cartel.”

  47. aza says:

    Yesy dropped Polyphonica.
    4 years later I still mad (ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻

  48. Oh huh says:

    Oh, I should check here more often.

    Here’s something I made right after I saw that thread. I picked some groups and then whatever was on tokyotosho at the top at the time. Spent minimal effort on this, so I take it worth a grain of salt.

    The only thing I’m going to point out is that Nuke should have a line to gg as far as I can tell because Kusion is listed as a “core member” of Nuke and also does a good deal for gg it seems. Though, from what I can tell, encoders tend to get passed around a lot. Probably timers too.


    Looks and works better in excel where I have it

    • RHExcelion says:

      I didn’t include Kusion. Kusion is the biggest whore in fansubbing. He’s in like 50 staff channels.

  49. scizzer12 says:

    I just realized I only get anime from the cartel. Looks like someone’s doing something right.

  50. ljnl says:

    the name that I saw most in a fansub is DeathWolf, shame u didn’t include him