…while we work to bring you more of our your favorite animu.

Edit: We’re not dead nor dying nor anything similar what is wrong with you people (´_ゝ`)


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41 Responses to “GROUP IN STASIS”

  1. Milfeulle says:

    This is a completely necessary and useful post for the masses.

  2. SomeAnon says:

    it just me or i see something on that picture….

    and thanks for the forewarning this is indeed necessary

  3. Turo says:

    Shut up and get to work.

  4. macxxx007 says:

    interesting… thanks for the update

  5. Shampoo says:

    cool, commie is shutting down. it’s not like no one saw this coming.

    in during RHE lying to himself that this isn’t the end.

  6. Basement Dad says:

    Why does every quality subbing group royally fuck up (ok .. commies’ is a temp. problem I hope), but .. idk. shinsen-subs’ homepage died a few months ago and no one is fixing it, they get more and more stuck, frostii is damn slow (even for quality subs, and atm they don’t release shit I’m interested in), Anime-Kraze dead .. and so on. I have the feeling the people grow old, get work, don’t have time anymore and the following youngsters/new generation don’t know how to do shit. I get the impression the fansubbing scene is changing(damn I sound like my parents).

    • RHExcelion says:


    • nobody says:

      A lot of groups were set up on the old idea that they would not sub anything that has been licensed. Now that crunchy, funi, and even ANN have their own legal streams of shows, many of the old skool groups have retired. Like what happened with shinsen. Similarly, many talented translators who might otherwise have gone into fansubbing decided to remain on the sidelines. That has caused a lot of what we get today as “fansubs” to actually be rips from the industry streams. Anyway, what remained after the stream explosion were mostly groups who either sub because they hate the legal alternatives, or just want to inflate their e-penises with the praise us fanboys usually shower them with.

      To make a long story short, crunchy rolled the old guard of the fansub world, and now it is a lot harder to make and maintain a high quality group because of that.

      • SystematicChaos says:

        Cool story, bro!

      • Basement Dad says:

        Hmm, yeah could be right. But the crunchy subs are just baaaaaad. I didn’t expect with this explosion of streams from funi/crunchy/w/e it would turn out like this. I just thought anime would become only a bit more easier to access for the people who don’t want to learn how to use bt or irc. The rest that still do, I thought that they wouldn’t give a fuck about crunchy (so as I, because their subs suck anyway).

  7. Shuffleblade says:

    Take it easy guys, we’re waiting ^^
    oh and off topic, Shinsens demise is indeed a damn shame but parts of their crew is still active. I’ve seen some over at gg and others at frostii, very temporarily but still… Its not like they have completely disappeared from the fansubbing world.

  8. Anon says:

    I’m fine as long as you don’t drop TWGOK. Seriously, that anime deserves at least one quality fansubber. Anyway, hope you are in stasis just because you’re working on too many eps at the same time or something like that.

  9. Niku says:

    In stasis, huh? Who got knocked into the cryogenic freezing capsule this time?

  10. Tiggerz says:

    The reactions are so lul…

  11. Fag It says:

    Oh noes, the sky is falling! Quick everyone PANIC!

  12. nintan says:

    So are you guys going to complete episodes 8-9 of Sengoku Basara Ni?



  14. Alexeon says:

    Hurry, guys, kill the Commie cultists! Theyre trying to resurrect Cthullu!

  15. thesisidiot says:

    I see banding in there.

  16. banana says:

    You’re totally bananas.
    Stop trolling and get back to working on your subs.

  17. nicky_008 says:

    Don’t forget HeroMan, bros. {-_-}”

  18. TG says:

    The one time I point out an error in a fansub, the group goes into stasis… >_>;

  19. Dexil says:

    Yeah, sometimes I too have the feeling that the world is round. But that can’t be right, or else everybody who lives under would fall straight to hell. A friend of mine said that wouldn’t happen since he read on internet that there is something called gravity. But he is stupid cause you shouldn’t believe everything on the internet because 4chan might be trolling. So what do you people think? Is Justin Bieber really pregnant?

    • zach8012 says:

      @Dexil: That is the funniest most epic shit I’ve read in a long time. After a long 26 hour day (I have no idea how I’m still awake) I can go to sleep now. Thanks

  20. lett303 says:

    wishing you guys still live until the current shows you’re already doing finishes

  21. TheGreatOne says:

    Fuck Cthulhu. : :

  22. Dickwad says:

    Saying your group is dead then continuing to release at your own pace is a fabulous idea. No one will expect a dead group to release anything, ergo you eliminate the majority of “whres my lolheroes xD”-type comments and can focus your :efforts: on subbing instead of removing spam. Making the group release even faster.

    I’ll have to steal this idea before you patent it.

    • RHExcelion says:

      How many times do I have to say GROUP IS NOT DEAD.

      • Dexil says:

        Really is the group death?? OMG not you guys too??

        Just trolling :P I’m surprised that they can even watch fansubs when people clearly have problems reading.

        • Tiggerz says:

          Naw RHE just didn’t look up the correct use of “stasis”,
          thus inadvertently, and brilliantly, resulting in said trololo ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ …

  23. Commie Subs: The Terry Schiavo of fansub groups.

  24. Milfeulle says:


    I don’t even anymore.