Party's Over

>haven’t read manga in a year
>summer, good time to catch up
>catch up with 3 series
>all 3 are caught up in scanlation
>catch up with Id
>last Id release was in March
>go to scanlator’s website
>no release/projects/status page in sight
>forums require registration
> >forums nope.avi
>IRC channel link
>go to channel

* Now talking on #a-team
* Topic for #a-team is: SHUT UP FOOL!! // site: http://www.ipitydafoo.com/ // Latest: Breaker NW35 // bots: death // knight64 is a decepticon, he transforms into a dildo; ama is as well.. cept he turns into anal beads
* Topic for #a-team set by bambi64 at Wed Jun 29 22:51:35 2011
[RHExcelion] Did you guys drop Id
[Kuthrow] !kb RHExcelion
* Stalkers sets ban on *!*@76b3cfb.2430b3da.kimsufi.com
* You have been kicked from #A-Team by Stalkers (Requested)

Yep. Real friendly.

Here’s a chance for a little fun.

1. Click here. (irc://webchat.irchighway.net/a-team)
2. Ask for Id.
3. Post results below.

PS: I really just want to know the status of Id.

PPS: We would never ban you if you asked for Maria. Promise. ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥

Edit: So apparently they didn’t have a translator. Perhaps if they didn’t ban everyone that asked about the series, they might actually find one. Perhaps.

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18 Responses to “Party's Over”

  1. kyonyUU says:

    Protip: It’s not manga. It’s manhwa.

  2. euric says:

    ID4eve: where ID?
    curmet: what’s Id?

  3. Katsukasa says:

    So, seems like all we got is the silent treatment.

  4.   says:

    Asking for ID in the channel resulted in nothing. I PMd Kuthrow about it and got kb’d.

  5. hurr says:

    Is that mango any good? Might as well check it out.

  6. Josh says:

    Oh hey, I remember this group. Time to read Happy Negative Marriage again.

    Wait, they’ve only put out one chapter since the last time I read it.

  7. Siz says:

    OMG, a fellow Id fan, and here of all places. It’s been such a long time since the day I started that series, (like, years). I’m tempted to say that it’s been equally long since a new chapter appeared but that would be an exaggeration. Kinda.

  8. Sword of Retribution says:

    * Now talking on #a-team

  9. God says:

    Hey guys any chance of an estimated release day for TWGOK episode 12? I mean then I could just shut up and come back on that day for it instead of asking each day.

  10. pacman2 says:

    lol RHE did you see me idling there?